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Other Dieting Strategies

With the long and colorful history of dieting, countless weight loss strategies have come into existence. Most do not become popular diet programs such as the South Beach diet and Atkins diet have achieved. However, it’s still interesting to know these less popular dieting methods. Not to mention some of the concepts might actually help you in ways beyond just weight loss.


This is one of the last methods for weight loss that would cross your mind. Hypnotism is not only used for bizarre cartoon shows, but can actually be of help in real life.

This method would require, you too visit a hypnotist who can administer the procedure. You are placed into a state of mind in which you are able to control your food cravings and suppress your appetite. This of course then leads to weight loss.

Because of the mystique stigma attached to hypnotism most people laugh at the mention of this kind of dieting method.

Subliminal Messages

Subliminal messaging has also be used in weight loss. Subliminal messages have been an issue for a long time. There are still institutions that believe the human mind is capable of receiving subliminal messages that are embedded on various kinds of media. Its like having someone whisper in your ear over and over and over…until you believe everything that is being whispered to you.

For instance, you can listen to an audio tape or music that subliminally tells you to control your appetite and not eat fatty foods. The messages that you want to get can vary depending on your need. There are companies that actually render this kind of service. All you’d have to do is tell them what you want to achieve and they can embed a subliminal message to your favorite band’s music!

This is one good way of getting motivation, especially if you lack it so you can exercise.

Stomach Stapling

If you’re really into extremes, one weight loss method would be stomach stapling. This entail undergo a medical procedure known as Vertical Banded Gastroplasty. Although it is a Medical procedure, that is used to manage obesity, the whole surgery itself is considered to be dangerous and is only used as a last resort.

The procedure literally involves staples along with a band. This is used to make a small pouch in your stomach. At the bottom of this pouch, there would be a 1 cm hole in which the contents of the pouch could flow into the rest of your stomach and continue further to the rest of your digestive system. The aim of this procedure would be to regulate your metabolic rate along with your calorie intake.

Acupuncture [I:]

Acupuncture therapy is another alternative method. Traditional Chinese medicine says, people tend to have excess weight because of an imbalance within their system

With acupuncture, certain pressure points on your body are targeted to bring back the normal function of your liver and spleen. The therapy would target the well-being of your endocrine system, which can leave you with a happy disposition.

Massage Therapy For Weight Loss

Believers in this kind of method claim that getting a massage can actually help in weight loss due to various reasons. Since massage can enhance one’s blood circulation, it is thought that it can increase a person’s metabolic rate. along with a increase in ones metabolism, the release of “held toxins due to stress” is also a benefit. Some people have made claims to loose as much as one pound after a massage.

It improves the strength of your muscles, which makes them more fit when exercising. You should understand that getting a massage is only considered to be a support for weight loss and not really a main activity for shedding weight.

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