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Chakra Clearing And Cleansing- A Recipe For Success!

In the modern world it is very important to keep on reinventing yourself to ensure that you can achieve desired success, equally important is to refresh the energy and desire in you so that you can push yourself to do your best.

There are various other determinants of uninterrupted growth which include the body strength as well as the mental makeup and the passion within the heart of an individual. A fairly crucial part is played by centres of spiritual energy in your body as they help in development of the persona of an individual.

These points in your body help you to channelize your inner strengths into actual performance to help you attain the results you want. But even your inner strength can form rust if there is no regular development or timely refreshment and clearing chakras is a process that renovates your energies to bring out a new you.

Since each chakra in our body has relevance with various aspects we need to understand and ensure that all of them are paid adequate attention, the seven chakras in your body lie between the bottom of your spine and the head.

While you are clearing the chakras you get away the negativity from the body and bring in positive energy, stabilizing it in the body.

Your body movements that are anticlockwise are said to be movements that help the removal of negative energy while clockwise movements bring in the positive vibes.

On most occasions people can feel pain at various points however it should not be concerning as it only proves that energy flows in and out.

The chakras collect the energy from the heavenly structures and they use it for the apt functioning of the human skills and abilities.

Once your chakras are cleared you will find a newer self in front of you, while many practise this on a regular basis, the intervals do vary as per the need and intent of individuals.

Once you clear the chakras and ensure that the positive energy gained is stabilized you would discover that your mind is filled with creative thoughts much more than what you would have previously thought. It helps the others familiarise with the different aspects of your life and thoughts.

At the beginning you can start off with concentrating on the chakras individually and also see that each chakra is correctly exercised in order to enjoy make the most of the talent and skills you have. Once you have cleared your chakras you would feel that the mind is at ease and the experience is also quite relaxing.

In order to understand which chakra you need to clear you will not need to know rocket science but just feel the reactions of your body parts and then work on the chakra it relates to.

Todays competitive world demands a lot of agility and awareness and without the right approach and the correct balance of all your energies making your abilities count as performance would be quite difficult.

Over a period of time many practising the methods to clear and refresh their chakras have found this to be an advantageous affair. This has led to an awareness and interest in the methodology and the pros of the chakras.

You can bring a lot to your life in terms of happiness, satisfaction, achievements and success if you can practise and implement the fundamentals of chakras. A lot depends on how you approach it, chakra clearing would help you to approach your goals with a freshness of mind and body!

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Chakra Healing Can Enhance Your Whole Life

A Chakra Perspective

A chakra relates to and broadcasts the energy of life force; it is a point of alignment in the body. Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word that describes a constantly spinning wheel or the sphere aural energy we each have. Hindu text tells us that there are many thousands of chakra points in each of our bodies. The most vital of these chakra points are those which run along the spinal column up to the crown of the head. These are the seven chakra points.

The root or base chakra, the sex or navel chakra, the stomach or solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the brow or third eye chakra and the crown chakra are the seven major chakras of the body. These main chakra points of the body can receive and transmit energy to and from its universal surroundings including various elements and the individuals around it. They are able to influence the spiritual, mystical, emotional, intellectual, corporeal and psychological activities of an individual all by themselves.

Whether you chose to take on a point of view that comes from the Hindus mystical perception of the external and internal experience of an individual, the modern psychology of explanation of the consciousness and thought patterns or Chinese medicine, you will find a common thread within them all. This point is that the chakras are distinct when it comes to their explanations or definitions.

The chakras are in perpetual motion whether we are awake or asleep. Continual activity does influence the glandular processes, physical disorders, structure and appearance as well as our actions and deeds. When one or more of the chakras malfunction for different reasons this will cause an imbalance, it then continues to make it known in other areas.

Each of the seven chakras associates with a specific endocrine gland of our body. Imbalance to the proper functioning of a chakra it will impact the emotional and physical processes of the body. Eventually, it will expose itself as a disorder of some type in the normal patterns of activity and or behavior in the associated endocrine gland.

Chakra Balance Maintenance We can safely assume by using the point above as a starting place that for the most part our chakras are related to any type of ailment, illness of disease we may encounter. Although, we may not recognize the appearance of an illness or imbalance there are still concerns or emotional issues that result from our youth that can and will hold bearing on our emotional, physical and spiritual senses.

Generally speaking, the repressed or elapsed emotional balance that comes from experiences of past trauma is one of the main causes of imbalance of the chakras. The cellular level of the body is influenced by the emotional toxins that are habitually buried inside the subconscious of anyone. This is the reason that we should deal with our emotional baggage as this will aid us in maintaining a good balance of the chakras which in turn influence the healing process of our physical being.

Our Body deserves Chakra Healing. By making use of such techniques as color therapy, aromatherapy, Reiki healing and balancing the chakras while using crystals, gemstones or a pendulum we can influence our chakras directly.

The performances of yoga breathing and physical exercises are beneficial to maintaining chakra balance within the body and it is something that many individuals enjoy participating in.

There are various methods of chakra healing. These include focusing the mind on awareness or thought or even an object for a particular amount of time, the use of CDs or audio tapes of a guided visualization that will enhance natural healing and relaxation techniques to reduce the influence of stress while channeling the power of the mind and relaxation.

Although, we may not be able to see or touch our chakras, the do work continually to maintain the body.

The body needs nutrition in order for there to be balance of the chakras and the pleasure of good health. There are particular foods that aid in maintaining the balance of each of the seven chakras.

Root vegetables and foods that are rich in protein and spices help to nourish the root chakra. The sacral chakra that associates with the sexual and creative being is nourished by such foods as sweet fruits, nuts, cinnamon, vanilla and seeds such as sesame and caraway. Spicy mints, dairy products, yogurt, pastas, bread and cereals nourish the solar plexus chakra that inspires our sense of self confidence and self love.

Green tea and green leafy vegetables nourish the heart chakra. Consuming a lot of water, fruit juices and tangy fruits such as peaches and apples nourish the throat chakra.

The brow or third eye chakra which enhances our sharpness of third eye sight and an in-depth sense of our own psychical gifts is nourished by consuming grapes, blueberries, grape juice and wine.

Detoxifying the body is beneficial to the crown chakra which is our emotional and spiritual center. This is done by the ritual inhalation of incense and herbs and by fasting.

When we stimulate our chakras we directly influence our health. We move towards being more responsive and spiritual as we attune ourselves completely with our surroundings and the elements of the physical and metaphysical world in which we live.

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