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Angel Investors: Up To 300%+ Returns With Pre Public Companies!

Stock investors will typically go with whatever stock play their broker recommends. You’re banking on the broker to know what they are doing so you don’t have to spend all day and all night draped over charts, statistics a buffet of TUMS.

Your broker will most likely pitch you the stock that his or her boss has pressured them into promoting in this morning’s meeting and unless all the stock pushers cooperate with a collective effort, they will not achieve the desired result of the stock price jump that will yield a modest profit.

Traders with a conscience find it hard to work under this type of pressure that places them in the gray area of securities ethics. As an investor, you need to stop and observe the obvious, it’s your money and to make more money you simply need to take the initiative to diversify your investment portfolio. Every investment portfolio boasts the same prototypical elements: stocks, FOREX, IRA, bank savings all seasoned with modest microcap investments. A small minority of ‘in the know’ investors have a secret weapon.

Some investors have stepped outside the cliches of investing with the masses and sought out the diamond in the rough, the mother of all investments and that investment is ‘seed’ capital in pre-public companies. I’m not talking about pump it and dump it Pink Sheet garbage but I mean the home of the prosperous, land of the lucrative OTCBB market.

These affordable and powerful stocks should exist in every portfolio but buying discount stock as an initial investor in a pre public company that is in the process of qualifying with the one SEC guideline that has made some modestly wealthy people, extremely wealthy and that qualification is that in order for a company to go public they must have a minimum of 40 seed investors whether they need the capital or not.

Being one of the 40 investors in a promising, cutting edge pre public company can, many times, mean that your small initial investment can increase by 200%+ in an extremely short time. Seek out the ultra-lucrative pre public companies and watch your net worth skyrocket!

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Investor Finders Are Moving To Pre-IPO Ventures

Where Are All The Good Investor Finder Services? Companies raising capital whether trying to get a loan, raise equity capital with a private placement memorandum or go public on the Pink Sheets, OTCBB or any other platform has no doubt been told to find a good investor finder. Sure there are multitudes of membership databases like ‘Angel Funding Project’, one of the industry’s largest and many others but where are the ‘investor finders’ that everyone’s CPA and CFO are talking about?

I’ll tell you where, they’ve discovered how valuable their portfolio of active investors actually is and they’ve teamed up with consultants that take companies public and they provide the 40 initial investors needed to qualify for a public offering and they also help supply the capital that the consultants need in order to facilitate the ‘going public’ process. They have gone from making $2,000 here and $10,000 there, to making $100,000 here and $500,000 there by getting involved in the ultra lucrative world of pre-IPO finance and technical facilitation.

They are going from the headaches of trying to get investors interested in placing money with a goofball who doesn’t think he needs a business plan or PPM to raise capital to getting the red carpet rolled out for them at every term by investment bankers, global broker dealers and companies that desperately want to go public but are working with minimal liquidity.

Quality investor finders are becoming more and more valuable as the economy declines in some regions and remains stagnant in others. Good investor finders no longer sell their services, instead clients and strategic partners must sell them on why they should break open their contact base on their behalf. As the global economy changes, new opportunities are popping up everywhere. Investor finders are being heavily lobbied by Chinese and Indian companies who want to merge their foreign corporation with a public American entity.

Any solid consulting firm can take a company public but few have the contacts to be truly considered full service. If you are interested in taking your company public and have a solid business model, find an IR consultant and sell them on your corporate strategy and if they take you on you’ll be raising capital with lightning speed.

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Strategic Alliances Help Your Company Raise Capital Faster

When an investor is looking at your business they are obviously looking for the basics: an executive team that has worked with other companies in your industry at the exact stage you are at now with a solid track record of success, an active advisory board that is eager to help and has a solid comprehension of your industry, a board of directors that acts as your company’s strategic think tank and action center where the tough issues get dealt with and questions get answered. Investors also want to see that you are in a growth industry and that all involved have the discipline to step out of the emotional ups and downs of a start-up or company seeking capital and look at the business objectively.

All this said, the one aspect to creating a salivating group of investors is your massive and powerful strategic partner database. These partners are able to enhance your company is ways of distribution, sales, contracts, legal, tax etc. The partners that you team up with are often build off of and initiated by the rapport of your executive staff, board of advisers and board of directors. Your corporate attorney and accountant should also contribute heavily to helping you build strategic alliances with like-minded companies in their client base. These companies that you are teaming up with allow for rapid expansion and optimal eye candy for people that are interested in placing capital with your company. Having some big names in your corner with the label ‘strategic partner’ just sweetens the pot. Companies thrive and dive on relationships.

If you are considering raising capital with a Regulation D exemption like 504, 505 or 506 (also referred to as a Private Placement Memorandum) chances are, your company will be funded by angel investors, private investors and other private equity money sources. Having a powerful partnership base is like adding a blanket and warm milk to your business plan and PPM when handing if off to the investor, it’s soothing and comforting to see that you’re not alone but you have some big names helping you on the road to success.

Are you thinking about taking your business public? The same thing goes. The public wants to see that you are in bed with big names who can step in and help your company out of a tight spot and that you can co-op advertisements and promotional campaigns together.

Raising capital is easier when you are moving forward with establish partnerships to ease the weight of the load and stress that comes with a growing company.

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Need Venture Capital? How To Speed Up The Process, Guaranteed To Work!

So you’ve created a widget that’s going to change your industry or you have an idea that could make millions, no you need the money. The truth is, creating a ground shattering concept with multiple avenues of capitalization potential is only 1% of the equation.

Before you start trying to raise capital you have to look at your company as a whole. Are your corporate executives in place and who are they? Are they friends and family or are they the who’s who of your particular industry? Unless your brother is the premier and most sought after CFO in the widget manufacturing industry, he needs to be replaced with a professional CFO; the same goes for other executive positions.

When a VC reads the bio section of your business plan their eyes need to tear up as they see that you’ve strategically collected the best of the best in the industry for your company’s launch and you’ve just succeeded in passing the initial test of the VC. You must have an elite and specialized executive staff with a tried and tested career yielding success in previous business relationships with companies at the same stage as your company.

The next thing you have to look at is your board of directors. Again, each member must have a full bag of tricks and contacts that they intend on using liberally to help you grow you company at a rapid pace. After your business structure is sound and your board of directors is ready to start moving forward with their strategies, you need to use the contacts in the portfolios of your executives and board members to start creating strong and long term minded strategic alliances and partners that will enhance your company. These alliances must be solidified by contracts spelling out what each party will contribute to the relationship.

Leave nothing to chance, unless they are willing to sign a contract with you, it’s not a relationship that can be taken seriously and will only convert into negative baggage that will haunt you down the road. Now with all this in place, you’re ready to put together a business plan. Find a consultant who can not only author a premium grade business plan but also offer corporate structuring and turnaround services to look for holes in your business model and correct them. The author of your business plan is playing a vital role in your company’s ability to raise capital and grow. Choose your BP author wisely.

Now that your company is structured and your business plan is done you’ll need a way to distribute equity that protects you from lawsuits and gives the investors the comfort of knowing that you are ready for funding if they decide to invest, you need a PPM (private placement memorandum). Your business plan author is the natural ‘go to’ consultant for this as they already have an intricate knowledge of your business and have the writing experience to author such a technical document. After all this is done you are now ready to start talking to venture capital firms. Don’t leave the success to chance, hire a consultant that matches companies like yours up with the global venture capital market. Go to Google or another search engine and search for “investor finder” or “Venture capital finder service” these investor finders are a elite group that has substantial contacts in the funding world and can often match you up with investors and equity firms who are seeking investment opportunities like yours.

Raising capital is the last thing you do after you’ve gone through the process of structuring your company properly, now that you have, get out there and start raking in the cash! Here’s to your success!

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The Anatomy of A Business Plan

With legions of halfwit, template loving business plan wannabe writers polluting the web it’s no mystery that companies are having a tough time getting funding. It use to be that when a company was ready to get down to business for serious expansion they would call a consultant that would help them bring all the pieces together in a strategic fashion and then this consultant would take their extended industry knowledge in combination with the unique concepts of the client’s business and he would author a business plan.

This business plan would include everything that the venture capital firms, angel investors, private investors and institutional lenders would need in order to make a quick, no nonsense decision about whether to fund the company and how much equity they would get in return.

Today with the cancerous cloud of predatory consultants seeking out startup business prey to suck dry that businesses are too broke and exhausted to move forward with a solid consultant after they have been through the costly obstacle course and fun house of mirrors set up by wannabe consultants who reel in their prey with a few big words and industry terms and at the end of the day, they are going to put your business plan together with some cracked template software that spits out overly generalized business plans that receive laughs and snickers before being tossed in the trash by investors and venture capital firms.

If you want a real business plan, call a consultant that is completely submerged in the venture capital industry and has experience with plugging businesses into the capital machine. An consultant will first give you a consultation so he can assist in any corporate structuring or turnaround issues that need attention before the business plan is together. After the company’s structure is complete with executives, solid management, strategic partners, advisory board and board of directors, there is still one more thing to do before the business plan. You must decide what mechanism you’re going to use to raise capital. Are you seeking debt or equity investment or both, how much equity you will give away for the amount of cash you’re seeking. How many shares does your corporation currently have and so on. You’ll most likely need to put together a private placement or consider taking your company public on the otcbb. After all this is done then it’s time to write the business plan.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot, don’t write the business plan yourself, when you’ve found a consultant, here are the topics that should be covered in the business plan (this knowledge will help you audit their work before you even hire them). The table of contents should read, at a minimum, like this: executive summary with objectives, keys to success and strategic advantages; Market, Market: Growth and Development Analysis with Industry Analysis and Location Based Services; Current company position with Company overview and vision, key successes to date, technical achievements and commercial position, include info about your technology platform. Talk about your management team, product and services offering, competition, market entry/ Five Forces Analysis, barriers to market entry, comparable business model, target market needs, target market characteristics, market demand drivers, PEST analysis, SWOT analysis, marketing implementation and strategy overview and tactical components, process development map, financial model and projections.

There you have it, the process to follow before the business plan is written and the concepts to be covered in the business plan so that you get the attention you need from investors and the money you deserve for your business.

For Corporate Consulting or Investor Finder Services, call Princeton Corporate Solutions at 267-233-0183Take Your Company Public the easy way!

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