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“Stephen Richards Explains Why The Social Anxiety Industry Drag Out Your Treatment”

We’ve all seen it, so many so-called therapists peddling their cures for social anxiety disorder. Yet what are the chances of a real cure? Downloading file after file of expensive miracle cures adds to the cloak of mystery shrouding what in fairness is just some means to extract money from you. Oh hang on, what about all those free bonuses that come with this instant tranquillity… they are all packages designed to whet your appetite, but in reality they are all bulking agents to make you feel you have got something for your money.

They start off by luring you in with some kitschy sales talk, laying it on thick, then after the premise of a cure they move on to the price. Starting at an overstated price, and then slowly coming down in price, even offering you useless add-ons for free, which you will never ever use! Well, I suppose they have to make you feel comfortable and get those endorphins zapping about inside of your head. That is when you are hooked on what is a supposed cure for panic attacks and they have your money for something that is completely ineffective.

Examined in the cold light of day these downloads, MP3s or instructions are not worth the media they came in or on. Oh yes, they also tempt you to subscribe to other useless so-called special ‘one off’ offers that will expire within 24-hours or so if you don’t act fast. The industry supplying these overly priced fixes really go to town in throwing the hard sell at you, and many buyers fall hook, line and sinker for the ploys used. So do be careful what you buy when it comes to fixing your social anxiety disorder or you may well succumb to another social anxiety attack.

Former therapist and now global best-selling writer Stephen Richards adds comment by saying, “Most of these products on offer to cure social anxiety are nothing more than ‘snake oil’ pitches, just made to entice the weak willed and unwary into buying useless products. These goods do little more than mask the problem for a short while, not targeting the actual areas in the mind that are in need of retraining. Basically it is all a waste of money.”

Over the years the social phobia therapy business has pulled in big bucks by taking advantage of the instability of those seeking treatment. To start undoing the onset of where these panic attacks started from first requires a modicum of acknowledgment that you have a problem and then being prepared to tackle it head on, and in a direct way.

How on earth can you get through all those CDs supplied for one treatment, then there are what seems like reams of paperwork accompanying it, well that is if you decide to print it all out from your download. Oh, and they throw in more than the value of the product you have just bought as a sweetener! Then you have some testimonies from so-called past anxiety sufferers. You are supposed to get through all of this paraphernalia you are now in possession of on your own, and then go out and put it into action. The lists of cures these products are supposed to clear (all tied in with panic attacks) are: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Agoraphobia, Self Harming, etc, etc!

In the way these ‘cure all’ products are pushed at you and in such quantity it is no wonder the amount of panic attacks is on the increase. By virtue of the amount of products out there it is easy to be caught up into thinking that it is a fashion to actually have such a disorder.

With some of the methods on offer, that supposedly cure panic attacks, you could actually fill a shoe box up with the paraphernalia that goes with it. The real situation is that medication, relaxation exercises, hypnotherapy, psychiatry or other such treatments are not the solution to anxiety and panic attacks. Yet some audio CDs use what is called embedded subliminals, these go below the level of your conscious awareness.

Now for the good news, what if we could do away with these hard to hear subliminals and replace them with something that was audible? What about hypnosis? Hmm, just try using that when you are in a fix. Hypnosis has to be administered over many sessions to get the desired results for a social phobia fix!

The real groundbreaking technology that has made a breakthrough in the cure of social anxiety disorder is very, very simple! In the most advanced cure for social anxiety phobia, International Best-selling Self-help Author Stephen Richards has done away with the need for self-hypnosis or the use of subliminal messaging.

During therapy sessions with private clients Stephen Richards has had massive breakthroughs when it comes to helping others overcome panic attacks. He developed a system that would do away with expensive and wasteful downloads. Downloads that were and are very costly. He has done away with any form of hypnosis whatsoever. His “Releasing You From You From Social Anxiety CD” uses technology which targets the exact area in need of help.

Stephen Richards has developed a method to help overcome social anxiety disorder that is so simple. Just one 20 minute session can do what others claim to do in tens of hours. One other criterion he stipulated was that it had to be inexpensive so that anyone could afford it. After working on this project and fine tuning it, Stephen Richards was happy to proceed to the stage of where it became available to the public for less than the cost of a film DVD.

What others claim to do as a fast fix is now actually a reality. What other methods take hours to achieve is achieved on the “Releasing You From Social Anxiety CD” in just 20 minutes (track 2). Oh, and in challenging all of these other products on price, Stephen Richards wanted it to be affordable to everybody, without any hard sales pitch or starting off at a high price and working its way down. “This,” says Stephen, “is something I want anyone to be able to have, and I am not prepared to go down the road what others have.”

“The way that some social anxiety treatments are dispensed by ruthless sellers is exploitation of those desperate for help. It is chaotic that anyone without a background in therapy can just put these things together, and they are then taken on trust that the product is ‘good to go’. It is obvious to me that there is a clear objective to why they do this. It is not with the sufferer of social anxiety in mind, that is for sure. I believe in a low-cost, but professional, fix,” says Stephen Richards.

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