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How I Almost Ruined My Game With Pick Up

My vision became blurred and I began to the world in terms of targets, obstacles, wingmen, AMOGs, etc. Social dynamics were at the forefront of my mind and I didn’t see else.

The over focus HURT more than it helped. I was obsessed with pick-up and it was far from attractive. Learning social dynamics was only ONE ASPECT of what I needed, I was viewing it as the world.

Armed with my routines, tactics, and strategies, I did get some results. Girls laughed, were attracted, made-out with me, even went home with me…but I was far from reaching my true potential. I was still the awkward, nerdy guy that needed community in the first place, and I knew it. I wondered if my inside view of myself was ever going to change.

Then I got insight that changed my way of thinking.

* Form unshakable character, integrity and personality. That stuff is the “substance” that women feel when they meet a man of true value … versus a clowny, over-zealous, scripted, overly cocky, or outright “weird” pick-up artist.

* I understand the importance that voice is power, and when you own your voice you own your power. Your voice is a powerful tool and simple tricks like removing “uh” and “um” and replacing those with a deep breath will make all the difference in the world.

* Peacocking with “color pop” in place of of over the top pick up garb. It is as simple as incorporating a vibrant color into your outfit. It is a subtle way to peacock that is powerful!

After I started to incorporate these methods into my game, there was a change, a relief, that came over me. I was no longer trying so hard, and my mind became at ease. Try these tactics out, and be confident knowing your game is on its way to the next level.

Neil Strauss wrote a book that changed the world of pick up, The Game. You can check out his website of free pick up artist videos to help you maximize your success with girls.