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Various Available Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma is an altered form of Six Sigma Training, but also a process all its own in many capacities. Knowing the vital differences that come with Lean can prove to add more to your quality improvement projects than you might have thought possible. There are basic fundamentals of Six Sigma that will not be absent in the Lean process, but there are also a few additions to the process that make it what it is.

The eight elements of waste is the focus of the Lean Six Sigma Process. It has been proven that by simply removing these areas of waste, the company will actually improve quality. Below you will find what the Lean process considers wastes, and examples of each.

-Wasted Human Talent: This category includes any employee that is not pulling their weight, thus slowing the process down. It also includes anyone without a specific job function within the process.

-Defects: Any product or process that is not working properly. Before they can be eliminated, however, they will require a fixable solution.

-Inventory: This is when there is to much work that is on a waiting pile. For example, If you are a doctors office and you have to many patients waiting to be seen at one time.

-Overproduction: Having too much of anything before it is needed can get in the way of efficient process operation.

-Wasted Time: many times you will find that you can not go any further until you receive a product or piece of information from someone. Instead of sitting around waiting, this time would be better spent on processes or activities that may need some extra assistance.

-Motion: Simply put, too much unnecessary movement by people. For example, a clinic that sends patients to triage when they have booked appointments is wasted movement because they can go straight to the exam room.

-Transportation: Any form of ineffective transportation that is used to move people or a product. If it is not necessary then it is wasteful and not needed.

-Process Waste: Things that have to be done, but don’t add value to the process, product, or service at hand. For example, a bank manager has to process a lot of paperwork, but this doesn’t help customers or increase the banks ability to serve those customers in most cases.

By utilizing Lean Six Sigma and understanding the areas of waste, you are sure to improve the quailty of the product that is produced by you company.

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Looking For A Job? Here Are Some Helpful Hints

Finding yourself unexpectedly out of a job can be one of the worst feelings you may ever have. If you start looking for a new job right away there are many missteps that you can make which will make the process of finding a job even harder. If you need to find a new job the best thing you can do is avoid these missteps by following the advice below.

The first thing you need to do, if you are looking for a new job, is to come up with a plan, and stick to it. It is not uncommon for people who are recently unemployed to panic, and just start applying for jobs and postings resumes without giving any thought to what they are doing. This is a big mistake. You need to take your time to consider what you are qualified for, what training you have, what training you may want to obtain, what type of industry your are looking for a job in, what type of work you would want to do and what type of work you would be willing to do. You should then try to contact everyone in your professional or social networks who may be able to help you find a job, or provide references, to see if anyone can provide some assistance. Only then should you start looking at available job openings.

Internet only. Too many people think that the internet is the next best thing, and they want to use it for their job searches. However, when you don’t send out cover letters, resumes, and check other places for jobs, you won’t be nearly as successful. You cannot limit yourself because you have so many great resources available to you. The internet is great and offers a lot of comfort and convenience, but there is nothing better than going out and meeting people, and then seeing what they have to offer.

One-by-one searching. Too many people assume that they get a nibble and they should pull the rest of their lines. They will pursue one opportunity by itself without keeping other options on their plate just because they see hope. When you get so discouraged, it’s easy to forget that the light doesn’t always keep shining, and you need to keep your options open. However, you should know that the more options you have, the better your chances of success will be.

These are the three most common missteps that individuals can make when looking for a new job. You can’t rush right into to applying for a job, you need to stop and make a plan first. You should try to look for jobs anywhere you possible can, do not just search on the internet. Finally, until you formally accept a position, do not stop looking for job opportunities. If you follow this advice you will put yourself in a better position to find a job, which is so important in these tough economic times.

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