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The Effect Of Cosmetics Advertisement On The Teen Market

The industry of cosmetics covers a large range of products and beauty supplies. It can apply to any number of make ups, beauty products, and skin care. The definition of the word means different things to people. They are a big part of the feminine lifestyle.

The advertising market for today’s beauty industry is full of campaigns that feature beautiful women with perfect features. Consumers are then told they can look that way too, if they buy the product. This type of marketing has garnered a bad reaction from the teen market.

These advertisements show girls getting flattering attention from males while looking flawless and beautiful. This type of image makes girls think the only way for them to get that kind of attention is for them to be beautiful. While it sells the product, it also lowers the self-esteem of the customer.

Teenagers are left feeling depressed due to this kind of advertisement. Most companies have cleaned up their act and stopped using this type of campaign. Some have not though. The individuals hired to perform in these commercials is the bigger problem.

One such example of this problem is in the skin care line. They hire beautiful models or actresses to portray girls or guys with skin problem. While they may not all be actors and models, it is more probable that most are. Their skin is said to be flawlessly beautiful, and you have girls and guys hanging all over each other. This sends a very wrong message.

When teens see commercials like that, they think they have to look like what they see in order to be happy. That is an unrealistic outlook, and should not be allowed to be sent through television or other mediums.

Commercials on TV are not the only culprit. Fashion magazines, and those geared towards teenagers are worse. They advertise using models and celebrities that are shown to be flawless. Even if the consumer bought the product, there is no guarantee that they are going to look exactly like the model or actor being pictured. These pictured models are more than likely airbrushed to look perfect.

Companies are taking a stance against low self-esteem. Perfection is not used in any of their product media. The act of using real customers to advertise their products is becoming more common place. This is the best form of advertising. Though celebrity endorsement is still popular it’s not the only form being used now. It is good for teenagers to see individuals just like them using the products they might use.

The next time you’re flipping through your favorite fashion magazine, sneak a look at the cosmetics advertisements. If you have magazines from earlier than 1990, take a look at how the industry has changed. You will be greatly surprised.

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