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Bathroom Cabinet Organization

When you get ready for work in the morning, can you find what you need in a snap? If you have never considered your morning routine and the storage within your bathroom, you probably have tons of items spread all around in random fashion. When you begin to determine what you need to actually get going and out of the door quickly, you are on your way to creating more order in the bathroom!

Once you have taken a tally of what you actually do every morning and every evening, you can begin to organize the tools you need to complete each task. Are the items you use regularly in a convenient location?

When you begin any organizing project, there is always a moment when you appear completely disorganized. In fact, you are! You need to take everything out of your cabinets and spread them all over the counters and possibly event the floor.

You need to begin sorting your items in to categories. Think about your routines and split the times in to morning and evening. The remaining things should go into other categories such as medicines, makeup etc.

You will inevitably find things that you have no idea where they came from including a random loose aspirin or sticky piece of gum. Once your drawers are empty clean them thoroughly. When you fid pennies and other loose coins find a small bowl or box and keep them separated from the toiletries. Eventually, you will need to develop a zone to keep loose change. This place is usually best when it is located close to where you undress at the end of the day.

Clean out your drawers and take a tally of what items you have not yet moved into groups and make quick decisions about where they will best fit into the mix.

It is now time to begin to place items back into your drawers. Make sure to put the most frequently used items in the top two drawers or most easily accessible space.

This method is considered storing by function not by ‘like with like’ and, in my opinion, works well for daily routines. There are many other methods you can employ to organize your bathroom. Take this advice or create your own system; the main idea is to have a system and not random landing zones in your bathroom.

For those with a pedestal sink and not a single drawer in the bathroom, it can get tricky and require a great deal of creative thought to find the perfect organizing solutions. A common way to increase your storage space is to go vertical. Take into account every inch of space you have open on the walls and ceiling. Perhaps you can hang a basket from the ceiling above the sink to hold your hairbrushes and other items. Maybe you can squeeze a shelf above and behind the sink.

If you don’t have any wall space by the sink, there is always space above the commode. Use a pre-made toilet shelf or install several shelves above. If you have a recessed area, consider going wall to wall with your shelves for maximum storage. Hang as many as possible about 12 inches apart and at least 12 inches deep. If you can squeeze in18″ deep shelves, you can also easily use this area for towels, washcloths etc.

Women who inherit this type of bathroom with a pedestal sink are the hardest hit. A basket or container that can be placed on the sink in the morning might have t suffice. Finding a small shelf or table that fits in between the sink and the wall might also become a good solution.

Finding a place to store makeup is a big challenge if you do not have bathroom drawers. Do not feel like you have to put on your makeup in the bathroom. It might be easier to use the top of your bureau. Install a lamp or overhead fixture so you have nice lighting and you might end up liking it better than your bathroom. An ingenious client uses a tabletop jewelry box to store her everyday makeup. She saves tons of time each morning by opening the shallow drawers ad accessing her makeup quickly and effortlessly.

Have fun and get creative – there is no one way to do anything but always a way that is best for you and your daily routines! The trick is to experiment and keep refining your storage until you have used your space to it’s fullest potential!

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