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Switching To Snowboarding After Skiing

If you know how to ski and now you want to snowboard, then first of all, you need to understand what the difference between the two sports is. The basic dissimilarity is that while skiing, you stand on two skis but while snowboarding, you stand on a single snowboard. You are already aware of the feeling of sliding across the white snow with your feet attached to some equipment, now you have to learn to make adjustments so that you can do that on a single board in place of two separate skis.

Instead of spreading your weight across both your feet that may stand apart as much as you feel comfortable with, you need to learn keeping your balance while standing relaxed on a snowboard with your weight on an edge. Because you will not have any poles to hold yourself in snowboarding, you may take a little time to get used to it. For this, the first thing that a new snowboarder has to learn is the art of falling. When we are out there to learn snowboarding, we may fall several times over the snow and even injure ourselves, but we have to learn from our falls and learn how to fall safely without getting any injuries or bruises.

The bindings of snowboarding are also different from those of skiing. Ski bindings are standardized but snowboard bindings are of two common kinds: first are used with soft boots which are simple strap bindings ratcheting over the boots’ top and the second are step-in bindings which are more suitable for high performance snowboarding and are available with quick release lever. If you are going to use step-in bindings, then usually you will need to purchase step-in boots also from the same manufacturer.

While transiting to snowboarding from skiing, you will need to adjust with the stance too. In snowboarding, the snowboarder has to stand on the snowboard with his feet sideways in the surfing position. Basically, there is no standard stance for snowboarding and you yourself have to choose the distance between both your feet and their degree of angle.

If you are a skier, you will very easily and quickly become a snowboarder as there are only a few adjustments that you will need to make. You may also take snowboarding lessons through which you will be quickly able to gain confidence at the sport so that you will be able to slide through the snow fields without falling.

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Cost-Effective Ways To Snowboard And Ski

It is winter, the favorite season for skiing and snowboarding lovers. But this year, you may be thinking that you will not be able to go on your expedition, as the economy is under constraints and every person has been affected by its impact. But it is for you to understand that through wise choices, you can still enjoy your skiing or snowboarding vacations, even if you are tight on your budget.

The first thing is to choose a destination that is not very far from your home and is less expensive to travel to. This will save you a lot of travel time as well as cost. You will be happy to know that some resorts also offer special discounts to the local people.

If there is enough time with you, then you should choose to travel through any other mode of transportation, except through air. Even if there is no other option but to go by air, you should choose to travel to and from the airport through shuttle service, rather than through an SUV rental. In this way, you will save a good amount of money which you would have spent on insurance, gas and other fees that you have to pay with an SUV rental.

If you have a limited budget and your snowboard or ski equipments seem to be snuffed or worn out, then hiring from a renowned company is a better option than purchasing a new gear.

To get better transport and resort packages, try to give flexibility to your trip schedules. You will find better deals during low season than peak season and during week days than the weekends. Also avoid planning your trip during holidays like Valentine’s Day, New Year, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and MLK Day.

You will have even more better deals if you are flexible with your choice of your accommodation options. Do not forget to compare the prices by making several phone calls and surfing over the internet. Also make sure to ask about the special deals available.

Opting for package deals is also a good way to go for snowboarding or skiing trips on a limited budget. Several travel companies, hotels and airlines offer such deals for attracting more and more customers and for increasing their business. Through this, they get rid of their excess inventory at lower costs. Then, why not take advantage of these deals for our own benefit. Usually, transportation, air transport, meals and lift passes are included in these package deals. Many travel websites also offer these deals at cost-effective prices. Choosing last minute options of traveling can also get you some really beneficial offers available at the time.

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Teaching Skiing And Snowboarding To Your Child

The image of your child sliding across the snow fields is the ultimate of pleasure and you must be looking for ways to hone the skills of your child in skiing or snowboarding. Teaching any kind of sports to a child requires time and patience and teaching him how to maneuver over snow or water require even more.

If you have already taught other sports to your child, then you must know how your child is able to learn new things. You have already witnessed your child honing his skills in other sports and activities and thus, you are already aware of his tolerance and frustration level for learning new concepts. Whether he should learn skiing before snowboarding or not is a decision to be made by you only as a parent.

If you want your child to learn skiing at least for a week before learning snowboarding, it may be a good idea to begin with. Your child does not need to be an excellent skier before he can start learning snowboarding. But by learning skiing first, he will come to know about the basic moves used on the snow such as stopping and turning. In this way, he will become comfortable on the ski and learn how to slide across the slopes easily.

Once the child has learned skiing fully or at least he has become aware of the basics, then it would be better for him to start learning snowboarding. It is true that kids take longer to learn sports like snowboarding even if it is on an easy slope. It is not wise to teach snowboarding to a child below 6 years of age as the experience can be more frustrating for the child.

If you have a 2-3 years old child and you want him to have some fun over the snow, then enrolling him to the basic skiing classes would be a great idea. These classes will teach him the basics about skiing from an early age, the time when kids are more capable of learning new things easily and quickly.

You should remember that kids have less stamina and smaller attention span. They are growing physically also and therefore, skiing or snowboarding lessons can be a tough challenge for them. It would be better for them to wait till the age of at least 7-8 years so that they can learn and enjoy the sports at their best.

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Advantages of Taking Skiing And Snowboarding Gear on Rent

If you are planning to go for a skiing or snowboarding trip and you still have not decided about your equipments, then buying the required gear seems to be the best option, but its cost is perhaps the major drawback. If you are a beginner in the sport, then getting the gear on rent is a much better option for you.

Renting the gear is also an affordable option for you, especially if you are not willing to spend a large amount on buying them. As carrying them in your car or plane is also a troublesome activity, you will also be saved from this if you rent the equipments. Plus, because human body is always prone to become thin or fat, you cannot afford to purchase one again and again and thus, renting the gear is a better choice. Keeping in mind all these points, hiring the skiing or snowboarding gear seems to be better than buying a new set.

Now that you have made your mind to hire the required gear for your sport, it would be wise to book it much before your scheduled trip. This is more necessary if you have chosen to go out during the peak season. Waiting till the last day may cause you a lot of inconvenience and hassle, as you will have to search around a lot for the perfect equipment as per your size and requirements.

You also have the option to rent the gear on the mountain itself. This is beneficial as you will not need to carry the equipments all the way up. But for this, you will have to arrive at least an hour before your ski or snowboard schedule so that you get enough time to get into your equipments and get ready for the expedition. But if you are going to rent it from somewhere else, then it would be better to get it at least one day before your adventure.

The type of snowboard or ski equipment you should hire depends upon your body weight. The shoes that you rent should also be of the right size and gear should be of right weight.

While signing the contract for hiring the equipments, the company will also offer you insurance over the gear, the cost of which is usually a single dollar for a day. This comes to 3-4 dollars for one trip. This cost is much less when we compare it to hundreds of dollars we will have to spend if we damage the rented snowboard or ski.

All these tips will prove to be very helpful to decide which ski or snowboard equipments to rent, so that we can head towards our expedition all set.

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