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Cheap Data Processing Made Easy By Use Of Netbook Computers

Netbook computers are the small nine to ten inch laptop computers that are being seen in many stores today. The concept of the netbook computer is not new, but technology to make them at an affordable price has increased their popularity.

You will not find many of the items in these computers that you would normally find in a notebook or desktop computer. The first thing you may miss is the optical reading device. Instead programs are downloaded from the internet or through a USB drive.

Some of the netbooks do not even have a hard drive, but use a solid state memory device that is like the memory used in a thumb drive. This memory is more shock resistant than a hard drive as well as being smaller in size and lighter in weight, however, the memories are much smaller than that typically used in larger laptops.

The good news is that the machines can use USB hard drives if there is the need for more memory. Prices for external hard dives with more memory have dropped in the past few years. Now a 1 TB (that is 1000 GB) hard drive can be bought for under $100.

Also missing from many of the netbook computers is the phone connection for a phone modem. The netbooks do come equipped with a WiFi internet connector that can be used with a home wireless router or in one of many hot spots. Some are also able to connect to wireless phone internet servers too.

Early in the sales of netbook computers, there was some disagreement and most producers of operating systems insisted that they be released with something other than the then current operating system. Now the most of the computers are being sold with the current version of Windows. The current version of Windows 7 on netbook computers is a special version used just for these computers.

Around Christmas of 2008, the price of netbook computers dropped to under the three hundred dollar mark. Black Friday of 2009 saw the prices drop to the one hundred fifty to one hundred seventy five dollar range.

The small size and weight of these computers makes the easy to carry either in a woman’s handbag or a man’s briefcase.

As more applications become web based, netbook computers become even more useful. With web based applications, files can be stored on a web server from a desk top computer and then accessed using the netbook for a remote meeting. You can work from anywhere you have an available connection. Mobile internet service allows you to connect to your files from almost any location that you have cellular phone coverage.

Netbooks are becoming very popular as a first computer. Their smaller size makes it easier for little hands to learn the keyboard and teens like the computers for the small size and convenient carrying. Online features give access to favorite online games, research and many other resources. When homework is prepared on the netbook, it can be printed on any printer that can be accessed through WiFi.

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