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It’s Impossible to Understand Guys!

Much of your time as a single girl will be spent hanging out with your closest friends and discussing members of the opposite sex. This is not so much a requirement as a tradition and it is based on the fact that it is extremely difficult to understand guys at the best of times. How can you understand what they’re thinking deep down within, especially as they do not reveal their emotions. Many a lengthy session around the coffee table will try to get to the bottom of this!

Men are not like women, are they, even though we might think that we are cast from the same mold. It doesn’t take much time to understand that we are very different from them and it can be almost impossible to understand guys, to work out what they’re going to do for their next trick.

If you try and put yourself in their position, it appears that men have less time for emotional reflection and rather, need to “get things done.” If you give them clear directions and help them understand, guys will tend to react almost instinctively as they tend to be less of a dreamer and more the actor.

You need to know that a man will start to lose interest in you unless you have some authority and have a position of confidence. Unless he views this confidence, he will not feel as if he is performing correctly as the alpha male. Even if you don’t understand guys well, you have to understand that this is an inbuilt and deep down feeling and so you shouldn’t show him that you are uncertain or unhappy too often.

How is it possible to understand guys, when they seem to spend so much of their time behaving out of character? For instance, you might find them ogling at other girls when you take a trip to the shopping center, which can be so frustrating. Understand guys need to exhibit this element of their persona from time as this may be just an inbuilt trait of theirs.

Don’t become obsessed with trying to understand guys and be careful how much pressure you put on this. You have to be laid-back and philosophical about any relationship and don’t expect them to put the kind of effort into it all as you do.

The man in your life may consider the “finer” things to be very different from what you have in mind. He will want to spend time with his friends “on the town” or visiting a sports match for the afternoon. You might have other ideas but so long as everything is in balance and you have an appropriate time together, you should understand guys in a very basic form and leave them to their own thing.

Deep down inside, the man in your life is emotionally fragile. Don’t expect him to show this at any time though, as it is somewhat “taboo” for males to exhibit any weakness. This may play to your strengths occasionally though and might help to convince you that it is worth trying to understand guys even though they seem to drive you crazy!

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Is It Okay To Date a Separated Man?

Our innermost feelings are very difficult to understand, let alone control. When we look across the room and see that guy for the first time and it sends a little flutter through our system, then we know that something is going on. We know very little about him but cannot wait to find out more.

A potential love interest is full of secrets waiting to discover. This process of discovery can be part of the adventure of a relationship and why would we want to accelerate it? In certain cases you do need to know what those fundamentals are before you go too far and you especially need to know if it is okay to data a separated man, even if you feel that you want to.

If you date a separated man, you face a certain number of challenges, for sure. Are you really willing to go down this path as it will probably be a lot more difficult than dating someone who is free. If you truly feel something special for the guy at the beginning, then you should trust your heart and explore more.

You will need to play a lot of detective work if you want to date that separated man as you must know what his long-term intentions are. Listen very carefully to all his answers to your questions and be prepared to read between the lines.

Many of us know what it feels like to be “on the rebound.” We are maybe trying to make up for lost time and can be much more outgoing and care free than we should. You need to beware of a guy who may be in this situation and do a lot of detective work, so that you can find out what he really feels about his wife and whether there is likely to be a reconciliation.

Ultimately, you only need to answer to yourself, but understand that if you date a separated man, acquaintances and part-time friends may have plenty to say about the situation. You will need to weigh up all the pros and cons and ask yourself whether you are prepared for the negative feedback.

If you ever feel that you have a hint of jealousy in you, think very hard before you date a separated man. You can be sure that there will be times when she is in the conversation, or when he sees her. If you can feel jealousy boiling to the surface, this relationship may not be for you as it could end in heart break.

Don’t be prepared to go down a very lengthy road when you date a separated man, as divorce must be in the near future. This can be a very touchy subject and very unfortunate, but all parties need to be treated fairly in this regard.

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I Need Some Good Advice About Men!

If you just don’t know what to do after you’ve gone through a series of relationships and really are not getting anywhere, you just might be at your wits end when it comes to dating in general. How can you research to find out some more advice about men, before you go back into the playing field and find that your heart is broken once again.

Don’t think that there is a book of rules that will allow you to get straight onto the dating trail and find success. Remember that we are all individuals and it takes a lot to make a relationship of any kind work due to the complexities which we will face. You can seek some expert advice about men by all means, but always remember to tailor this advice according to your circumstances and position.

One of the primary things you should remember when you are reentering the dating market is that no matter what your financial position, especially if you have been affected by this recession, you should always make sure that you look 100%. You have the advantage as a woman in being able to turn heads and even though you may not feel you have the hottest fashions, make yourself look great.

Playing hard to get may seem a little alien to you if you are truly lonely, but it is a good approach to remember anyway. Don’t rush all over yourself to give him everything he wants to know right away, as if you are a little secretive you will give just enough fuel to make him want more.

In the early days of your dating, stand back and see what he’s made of. Does he have any of those good old-fashioned displays of chivalry and generosity? Don’t expect him to shower you with all kinds of goodies, as this is hardly fair, but you should see how things unfold before you progress. One other point — don’t bring up all your dirty laundry either and leave those ex-boyfriends where they belong, in the past.

It’s good to be selective and available only on your terms. Guys love to chase, it’s part of their very makeup and you should not make yourself available at the drop of a hat, whenever he suggests. Exhibit some resistance.

Remember that if you are dating online, a whole different set of criteria is in effect. Do be careful what you say virtually as it can be misconstrued and you should never give too much information out until you have met, in public, and embarked on several exploratory dates first.

If you can be open-minded, cool and sophisticated you are really off to a great start. Just don’t put pressure on yourself too much and you may find that all that advice about men that you have recently learned comes pretty naturally to you anyway.

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