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Mobile Gateway Questions

Q: What is a GSM Gateway, Fixed Cellular Terminal (FCT), Mobile Gateway or SIM Server? A:It is an intelligent box, which contains a number of mobile SIM cards. It sits neatly in-between your telephone system and your telephone lines. It diverts calls made from fixed lines to mobiles through internal SIM cards, making them mobile to mobile calls.

Q: Who is it for? A: Any company that spends over 2k per year calling mobile phones. It is also used extensively by companies who divert their office phones to their mobiles.

Q: How will it benefit my business? A: The biggest benefit of this product is cost saving. The average cost of a call from a fixed line to a mobile is 9.5p per minute however with a GSM Gatewayl this cost can be cut to an average of 5.5p per minute. A saving of almost 50%. It is also popular as a means to give your business back-up should your landlines fail or become faulty. This way you can always make and receive calls so it becomes part of your risk management because it ensures business continuity. Approximately 25% of all mobile calls are made from your offices. Within your office, the terminal can be configured to work with your company’s mobile handsets. Then when someone makes a mobile call in your office, it uses the far cheaper landline network instead.

Q: Who makes the GSM Gateways? A: We only use hardware manufactured by proven mobile manufacturers such as 2N, Novatec, Quescom, Nokia and Ericsson.

Q: Who do I contract with and for what? A: We arrange all contracts for you. You will have one contract with the mobile network for the usage and one contract with us for the supply, maintenance and management of the FCT equipment.

Q: Which mobile networks accept the use of GSM Gateways? A: We have a transparent relationship with Orange and Vodafone for the supply of SIM’s in the GSM gateways we provide. We do not under any circumstances provide SIM’s on O2, T-Mobile or the 3 network.

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