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Cordless Phone buying Guide

Especially as technology makes them more reliable and cheaper cordless phones are becoming more common in the office and home. Cordless phones technology has been around since the 1960s, it wasn’t until the 1980s however domestic models were first introduced.

An analogue signal was what the first cordless phones used between the base and handset so quality and range was not great. With an extended aerial out of the top these original phones also did tend to be quite large. The first cordless phones had another downside as they were also very expensive.

Cordless modern day phones are now all Digitally Enhanced Cordless Technology which stands for DECT. Basically this means cordless phones have instead of the old analogue signal a digital one. This gives enhanced range in which the phones can be used and clarity to the calls.

DECT phones at first costing nearly as much as 200 a time were very expensive at first. Nowadays DECT cordless phones however can be bought for as little as 15 a time.

The size of cordless phones is another change that as happened as it has reduced dramatically. The aerial extending and huge compartments for batteries are not required in the handsets either.

Manufacturers such as Siemens, BT and Panasonic now produce cordless phones with a variety of different shapes and features. Weatherproof handsets are now available with some models even having Bluetooth capabilities for wireless headsets.

As technology gets better and prices reduce many consumers purchase extra cordless handsets with phones. The living room or bedroom are just some of the places these phones can be located. People can then communicate freely with calls made between the phones.

In fact you will rarely find a corded phone in use in most people’s homes nowadays. A preferred choice for the majority of people is a cordless phone. It is always wise however to have a corded phone in case of a power cut as back up.

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