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Caring For Your Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are painful and may not be easy to treat. This is a condition of the rectum or anal, internal or external, wherein multitudes of veins are strained and inflamed due to prolonged standing or sitting. Having this condition may cause the rectum to be itchy and painful most of the time. Treatments are usually given for external hemorrhoids. To treat this condition, there are lots of possible treatments to choose from, but just make it a point that the treatment applied is recommended by the physician.

External hemorrhoids are sensitive and can become very itchy and painful when irritated by clothes or by doing some activities. In treating external hemorrhoids, the main concern is to soothe the itchiness and to ease out the pain. For fast soothing relief using natural alternatives or home treatments, many people try the Sitz baths. This home remedy treatment requires you to sit down or dip your lower body on a tub filled with warm water. This will help you clean and soothe the itchy part. Washing with warm water also helps a lot. Some people even add a bit of white vinegar for fast healing.

Repeating a sitz bath two or three times is fine. You don’t need to do them for long periods at a time, ten to fifteen minutes may be sufficient to get relief. Once you soak the area thoroughly pat the area dry with a clean, soft cloth. Never rub vigorously as this will case the area to become further inflamed. Always be very gentle, and keep the area dry to prevent any abrasion or soreness from over drying the area.

Also remember that when you are trying to sooth hemorrhoids that you should look into wearing light loose clothing. Ideally skirts that are light in fabric with all cotton undergarments are ideal. This will allow the area to heal quickly and cleanly and this will also likely be the most comfortable option for you. Wearing khakis instead of jeans can also go a long way towards bringing you a great deal of relief.

It’s never to late to change your diet. Changing your diet will help to reduce the chance of hemorrhoids reoccurring as often. Start by adding grains and fiber to your diet. This will help your body digest your food better, and put less strain on your body during bowel movements. Everyone reacts differently to food, and you may need to analyze what you’ve been eating. This will help insure that you don’t have to deal with hemorrhoids again in the near future.

Since hemorrhoids are a common condition there are many ways that you can treat them. Decide which one will work best for you, and remember to try and keep them under control and reduce the occurrences through your diet.

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