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Burn Fats By Eating Fats – Yes It’s Crazy But True.

We have all been programmed to believe that all fats are bad and should be avoided.

You see, contrary to popular belief, some highly fatty foods actually help you to burn fat!

Yes, when I made that statement, it sure shocked lots of people.

Now let me just share with you the Top 3 fatty foods that actually help you burn fats, even the stubborn belly fats.

1. Avocadoes. This is my all-time first choice fat burning food. This amazing super fatty food is so easy to add to anything. Once you add it, you find your food taste creamier and tastier. And don’t worry, those fatty, creamy taste actually contains a wonderful cocktail of vitamins, minerals and those amazing antioxidants.

Avocadoes contains healthy fats that you want to eat. These fats help to regulate your appetite as well as control the fat burning hormones resulting in higher fat burning rate.

So how do you start benefiting from this super food? Simple. Just add slices of avocadoes or use the avocado dips like the Mexican guocamole to anything like your burgers, sandwiches, salads and eggs. Your body will thank you for it and start burning fat faster.

2. Egg yolk. Now egg yolks have been slandered and labeled unhealthy due to the high fat and cholesterol content. But what you don’t realize is that the cholesterol is actually GOOD cholesterol which helps balance the ratios of good and bad cholesterol in your body.

As for the fat content in egg yolk, you can actually get the good omega-3 fats if you choose eggs from free-ranging hens (don’t choose those from hens that are caged their whole life). Free-ranging hens produce egg yolks with high omega-3 fats that you want.

The fact of the matter is that egg yolks are nutrient-dense food source that consist of a variety of minerals, trace nutrients and vitamins. In fact, if you try listing all of these amazing nutrients, it will fill up an entire page or more.

So banish the fallacy of egg yolk as being a bad food source. On the contrary, egg yolks, especially from free-ranging hens, are fantastic foods that burn fats in your body!

3. Grass-fed beef. Beef that you find in your grocery stores remind me of how sad the state of our food system is nowadays. You see, these beef comes from cattles that are fed grains or even meats. We all know that cattles are herbivores so feeding them meat really shows the mess in our food system.

Now these grain-fed cattles has lower levels of nutrition and are not in their best of health. Their fatty acids ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 are sky high. We want the reverse – higher omega-3 fats instead of omega-6 (we get too much omega-6 anyway).

Grass-fed beef on the other hand, have high omega-3 fatty acids and contains way more vitamins and minerals. More importantly, grass-fed beef has higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which is a healthy fat that helps in building muscles and burning fats.

So there you go, the top 3 fatty foods that actually help you burn fats. Go ahead and indulge yourself a little with these fantastic fatty foods that burn fats all over your body soon.

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Given Up Trying To Get Flat Abs? Try The 6-1-3 Ab Building Formula Instead

Alright its time to get the real facts about how to get flat abs fast.

The short answer is simply wrong information. As a result, all their time and energy goes into doing things that simply don’t work.

Ok so let’s set that right.

I have simplified the whole process into what I called the 6-1-3 Ab Building Formula (TM).

With this formula, the path to how to get flat abs fast will unravel clearly in front of you.

So let’s begin.

The 6-1-3 Ab Building Formula (TM)

6 – The Six Lies To Avoid

1 – The Truth About How To Get Flat Abs Fast.

3 – The Three Steps You Must Do To Get Flat Abs Fast

Now let’s review the six lies:

1. Go on a diet. (This is simply wrong advice).

2. Eat diet pills. (This is dangerous and totally not needed).

3. You must do lots of ab exercises or buy expensive ab gadgets. (That is not true)

4. Only eat foods with labels such as low fat, slim etc – the so called “health foods”. (These are just blatant marketing terminology and are not as healthy as they purport to be)

5. Perform long cardio sessions several times a week. (Nope. Cardios are ineffective to get flat abs)

6. Blame your genes. (People tell you this if nothing you do works but it is totally untrue)

These six lies are responsible for countless miserable lives out there of people who failed to get flat abs. Be sure to give them a miss and focus on what works next.

This is what you need to know:

You get flat abs if and only if you lose fat from your entire body and not just your belly!

That is the truth my friend. If you focus on losing fat through exercises that work your entire body, you will get flat abs. So just doing thousands of ab crunches will not do the trick if you want flat abs.

Now what you need to do is just follow these three simple steps:

Step 1 – Imagine what the new you look like and picture the things you must do to get there.

Step 2 – Eat right. That means eating natural foods and cutting out junk foods like fast foods and all those processed foods you find at the grocery stores (including those with the so called “health” labels)

Step 3 – Focus on fat burning workouts (not cardios)

That’s it. Just 3 simple steps. Now let’s try to understand it again.

Start with the right information. Avoid the six lies to avoid the failures that you have experienced so far.

Next understand that to see your abs and get it flat, you must burn fat from your whole body.

And lastly, just follow the three steps that works.

That’s really it. Simple as it goes. Just the right information to make a difference.

The 6-1-3 Ab Building Formula shows you in simple terms how to get flat abs fast. Follow it and you will get flat abs in no time at all.

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