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Overcoming Anxiety – It Can Be Done

If you suffer with anxiety or panic you are not alone. There are nearly 40 million adults in America that suffer with some sort of anxiety, including panic attacks, social phobias, post traumatic stress disorder and many more. This total is almost 20% of the total adult population – quite a staggering figure.

A very common thing to happen to someone that suffers with anxiety is a panic attack. These panic attacks tend to come on very suddenly and can give some very strong symptoms, like sweating, feeling faint, rapid heartbeat, tingling in feet and hands, and the feeling of losing control plus others. Once these panic attacks hit, you will tend to take yourself away from situations that you know can cause them to start.

Cognitive therapy has certainly helped many people in overcoming anxiety attacks, panic attacks and other anxiety related disorders. It is a system that takes practice, but it certainly worth taking a look at.

Having anxiety or panic attacks can fast take over your life, so you need to find ways of overcoming anxiety so you can carry on with life.

When you think about the symptoms that you can suffer when you have a panic attack, you certainly need to find a way of overcoming the anxiety that is causing the panic attack.

Whatever is causing your anxiety you need to be able to deal with both your psychological and your physical response, and there are methods of overcoming anxiety which you can learn.

Anxiety is nearly always caused by the way we are thinking about the situation. So you need to understand the feelings and thoughts that have caused an attack to start. Then you can begin to challenge those thoughts. Although only a tine part of the therapy, this way of dealing with anxiety is known as cognitive therapy, and although not a cure that will happen overnight, it is a recognised way of overcoming anxiety that is proving itself to be very successful.

It is a system that definitely needs practice, but it’s definitely the best way of overcoming anxiety in the long term.

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