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Increase Relief Of Stress And Anxiety From A Massage Chair

What is stress? Stress is our response from a stimulus in the environment. Your body uses stress as a way of preparing the body for action. When you react to stress your body kicks into a higher state of alert. Everybody reacts differently depending on the type of stimulus, but the symptoms of stress are fairly consistent across individuals. Most common are aches, stiffness and pain in the back and shoulder areas. Massage chairs provide various massage treatments to reduce the tightness, soreness and discomfort.

Unfortunately, our advanced intelligence enables us to often spend too much time ruminating over situations or life experiences that help to increase our stress and anxiety. We may be caught up in perceived situations or problems and cannot find immediate solutions to them.

Relationships is a major contributor to stress and anxiety. Whether it is simple things like running late to a meeting, or more complicated like getting married. We know when we are with certain people and our behavior doesn’t match the situation, then stress and anxiety kick into high gear. Our perceptions of what we believe can make these situations last much longer than they need to in most cases.

When we come under stress our bodies respond by releasing hormones like adrenalin and glucocorticoids. These two hormones increase heart rate and energy. These hormones produce the fight or flight response to provide the strength to fight or flee from danger. However, when your body is under this kind of stress over a longer period of time it causes both physical and psychological changes in your body.

There are also psychological effects produced by stress and anxiety. Some psychological effects are immune system suppression. With your immune system suppressed, you become more susceptible to getting sick or becoming infected. It has also been linked to erectile dysfunction or ED in men and can also disrupt the menstural cycle in women. In situations where stress is chronic, this can impact the brain and impair normal learning, memory and judgment. It is obvious, certain functions of the body do not work well under stress.

Physically you may feel the effects of stress and anxiety with tight muscles and other aches and pains. Stress points tend to concentrate in the back, neck and shoulders. These areas become very tight as the muscles are held in a stressed position. As the muscles are flexed over long periods of time they become tight and fatigued.

Massage chairs are very effective to help relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety. A massage chair is equipped with many massage techniques that perform different modes of massage. Some are designed for deeper tissue relief, where others are for invigoration and others are for soothing. The back, neck and shoulders can be targeted for focused relief at the touch of a button.

The flexibility of your muscles need to be restored when you are under stress or suffering from anxiety. The muscles are tight from the stress. They need to be soothed and stretched. The stretching can sometimes become painful, if the muscles have been taut for a long time. As flexibility is restored, then the discomfort goes away and the fatigue ends.

A massage chair is an excellent asset in relieving your stress and anxiety. A massage chair helps your body to relax which in turn helps your mind to relax. Stress can impair our judgment, so we need to clear our minds and bodies to better deal with these situations. Massage chairs provide a haven in turbulent times to relax the body and mind.

Stress and anxiety seem to be with us in the modern age. Our challenge is to find a consistent means to release the effects of stress and anxiety. Massage chairs provide the most convenient method of relief as it builds up. Periodic relief from massage chairs help to balance out the incoming source of stress with an outlet for the stress.

If you are looking for effective Stress Relief, then see how a Massage Chair can make a crucial difference in your life. Top massage chair recliners perform many massage therapies and can be targeted for precise relief. One touch button does it all.