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The Benefits Of Using Prepaid Cell Phones

If you have a teenage son or daughter that wants their own cell phone you may have serious concerns regarding the potential monthly bills. If this is the case then prepaid cell phones may be the answer. Also they can be useful if you want a phone kept to one side for emergencies or also if you have a bad credit rating.

Prepaid cells are useful for people that do not want to sign up for a long contract with a particular company. Most such phones will have a variety of services that suit most people’s needs. It is not possible to get penalized for extra use as can happen with regular phones.

They are very easy to sign up for; many local retail outlets can provide you with them. Currently in the US more than ten per cent of cell phone users have prepaid plans and around 60 per cent of these are women.

When you buy a prepaid cell phone you can choose which services you require, this includes text messaging and picture messaging. You can use it for as long as you have enough minutes of time purchased, as soon as these have run out you will not be able to make any more calls until you buy more.

Before getting hold of a prepaid cell it is beneficial to understand the various benefits and drawbacks. The greatest advantage is that they offer flexibility and freedom then cannot be had with a regular cell. There is no limit on the number of calls you can make as long as you are topped up. You can make many calls one month and then very few the next without any problem. Usually any unused minutes will automatically get carried over to the following month. The actual prepaid plan that you are using can easily be altered to fit your requirements.

Of course there are some drawbacks. For example the cost per minute of making a call is most likely to be higher than with a regular cell. Another factor is that the minutes you buy will have an expiry date, this could be 90 days or as little as 15. Also, if the phone gets deactivated due to lack of use, or expiry of minutes, then sometimes you may lose that particular number. When you reactivate the phone at a later date you may be given a new number.

To summarize, prepaid cell phones are very useful for specific people. They can keep costs down and are easy and flexible to use.

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