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5 Ultimate Dating Tips for Men

Men can easily acquire the right traits to become a dating expert. Sadly, a lot of men fall victim to the humdrum of single life.

Instead of getting up and starting to search ways on how to become effective dating companions, they end up sulking in one corner and making more awful mistakes in getting to know women.

If you deal with intimacy by looking at naked women in magazines, you really are clueless. You need to take a good look in the mirror and decide what your good points are and capitalize on them. If you need improvement, join a gym, get a new haircut, buy some new clothes. Be proactive.

Begin by deciding that you are dateable. If you think and act as if you aren’t worthy of a date, you won’t get one. You don’t have to handsome, just lovable. Women like nice guys. You are one, aren’t you?

Work on being well groomed and taking care of your home. No one wants to see your dirty underwear or socks lying around. Know that you are a good person and worthy of being loved. Let go of past relationships and don’t talk about them.

If you are looking for a mommy, you won’t find many dates. Women want men who are equal partners, not someone who needs help getting up in the morning. No matter what happens when you approach a women, treat it as a learning experience. Learn what works and what doesn’t work. When you do get a date, make her feel special. After all, she is, she’s dating you.

Focus on the lady you are with. If you don’t listen to her she’ll know and she won’t be happy. To be fair, would you be happy if she wasn’t listening to you? Watch her body language. You can tell when a woman is receptive and when she isn’t interested.

Women like men who are attentive without being intrusive. A sense of humor is an invaluable asset for a man. Everyone likes a good joke and a good laugh. Keep your date entertained. If she looks like she’s losing interest, change the subject, or ask if she would like to go somewhere else. The first date should be all about the lady.

The best way to win a woman’s heart is by complimenting her. A simple compliment such as, “You look beautiful in your dress,” or “You have a great smile,” can score you unlimited points in the dating arena. Woman like feeling appreciated, and that’s the exact thing that you make them feel when you throw them a compliment.

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