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Ten Top Tips For 2010 – Improve Communication at Work and Handle Difficult Conversations

The bad, bully or difficult boss who manages by exploding – uses fear as their motivating weapon. The truth is they are operating from fear-expressing their feelings instead of communicating. I don’t advocate working with emotionally explosive bosses, but if you find yourself in this position there are few strategies you can implement until you find an alternative career opportunity.

Dealing with an explosive boss is similar to walking a mine field – there’s no telling when your next step will be the wrong one. In extreme cases, any interaction might set off his or her fuse. Keeping this in mind, try to determine what ignites explosive reactions most frequently. Is it lateness, errors, bad news, missed deadlines or lost business that generates a response fueled by feelings? Do not avoid these situations, but prepare for them. Understand that fear is the underlying emotion and control what you can-your response.

Take a moment to focus on your own feelings before engaging with your boss. Are you experiencing fear before every encounter? Is your fear realistic? In other words, if you fear losing your job is that really true? Are you concerned about the yelling escalating into violence? Are you afraid you won’t be able to control your own response? Use this moment to realize that these scenarios are unlikely and that the yelling is simply “acting out” much like a toddler who can not yet express themselves. Breathe. Realize you have control over your response.

US workplaces increasingly have a mixture of individuals who grew up in different cultures and countries, so small differences of this type easily arise, especially if a co-worker, employee, or supervisor hasn’t been in the U.S. very long. These differences have nothing to do with someone’s professionalism or competence, but when they lead to misunderstandings or judgments, they can negatively impact workplace relationships and performance evaluations.

Being for a time the “crazy gringa” in Mexico, who, despite my best efforts, made frequent amusing or offensive mistakes in communication because of gaps in my cultural or linguistic knowledge, changed forever how I view these situations.

Working with an explosive boss is unproductive and unhealthy. Practice this strategy until things change for the better-your boss gets enlightened or you get a new boss. The latter generally happens before the former.

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The High Definition Home Experience – Sky Tv

Christmas is just round the corner, and the season is warming up to the festive spirit. All retailers who bombarded you with offers and compliments last season have more variety and reason to trouble your choices with this time too. Sky TV, one of the biggest providers of satellite TV, broad band and telecom services in the UK has spiced up its deal for Christmas with a multitude of exciting offers. As part of is Christmas promotion package, Sky TV has come out with packages to suit every wallet and household. Irrespective of you being an existing user or a new one, all stand to gain if you place your order online through the Sky TV web portal.

A few years ago, the only options that most fans had was to either try and find a way to listen to the game on the radio, to actually hope that it might be picked up as one of the national games of the week, or to call a very patient friend back home and ask for a play-by-play. These days, with the internet and all of the different ways that people can send information, it’s a lot easier to stay connected, but who wants to spend the duration of a football game sitting in front of a computer, hitting refresh? Certainly, there are better ways for someone to keep up to date on what’s happening with their favorite hometown game.

The period of this offer runs till December 17 by which time you need to have subscribed online to this exciting package to avail the free voucher. The Sky TV package is so designed that you only pay for the channels that you view. The channel fall into six packs themed as variety, knowledge, music, style and culture, children, and news and events. The variety pack costs 18 per month and you can add the other packages for 1 per month to complete your pack. The premium packs namely the Sky Movies and Sky Sports can be availed at additional cost.

There is an option of going for a Sky+ box combined with a Sky+ subscription (free to Sky digital subscribers) for who so ever would want not to subscribe to the HD package. This box, just like the HD box has recording and storage capabilities. It can store up to 40 hours of your favorite shows and play back at the press of a button.

Sky Multiroom is all about taking entertainment to every corner of your home. You could add on 7 more connections to your main line and expand your scope of viewing pleasure and that too under one mini-dish. Each additional connection will be charged 10 per month. Sky is also offering a bundle pack with Sky broadband and Sky Talk.

Subscribers will get access to all the games played on Sundays through this special dish network channel, the NFL RedZone. A large NFL Network coverage will introduce you with even the small market teams and players who have not received a lot of notoriety as such. This way, you will enjoy watching dish network NFL RedZone in dish tv from various aspects. So, set your mind today to enrich your Sunday evenings with this exclusive dish telecast.

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How to Overcome Stress in Your Life – Alpha Brain Waves

I have a confession to make. I cut down a tree. I’m 100% sure it was illegal, but then again I’m not sure that it wasn’t. You know what though… it was worth it! It’s Christmas time and I’ve been flat out for the last 2 month working on getting a new website and advertising campaign together. Everything finally fell into place 1 week before Christmas. So I clicked “play” on my campaign and then devoted the next week to spending more time with Ellie, my wife, and getting into the Christmas spirit.

We’d been looking at Christmas trees for a few weeks. Ellie kept asking me when we were going to get one. I kept putting it off. To be honest I didn’t feel like paying someone $20-30 for something that I could get myself for free. So yesterday I grabbed the saw and went for a drive.

We live in Queenstown, New Zealand. It’s pretty remote place and you don’t have to drive far to get into the wild. So 10min later I was out of town and within 30min I was in one of my favourite spots down by the river with lots of wilding Pine Trees all around me. I must have spent 30min running around the rocks and through the bush trying to find the perfect one. I found it perched on the side of the cliff overlooking the river. So I cut it down, dragged it back to the car and cruised back home with the window down, sun shining and music pumping (yes folks its summer for Christmas down here in the Southern Hemisphere).

Exercise regularly. Move and be physically active every day. Movement is essential to our health and well being. Regular exercise strengthens the efficiency of our immune systems. It gives us energy. It helps reduce excess stress hormones. It builds strength and the ability to respond to challenging situations more easily. Balance work and play. Even for adults, play is important. Allowing time for play helps us recharge emotionally after we have worked hard. Play renews our spirits and enables us to meet the challenges of life more creatively so they feel less stressful.

These programs are being offered online, in classroom format or in the seminar format, and can vary in the topics or areas of teaching. Ranging from life-stress management, job-stress management, managerial stress management, and financial stress management, you will surely be able to find one that will fit your need. As mentioned before, not everything will be effective, some will be more useful than others, that’s why it is very important that you assess your particular need first before jumping into this program, as you wouldn’t want to end up with another useless technique that you will probably have no use for.

Just for the record I am not advocating doing everything yourself. If you do that with your business you’ll never have time for your family. Too many people pay others to do the fun stuff for them while they get stuck with the boring things. Give the boring stuff to someone else. * Hire an accountant to look after your accounts. * Hire a cleaner to clean your house. * Hire an assistant to do your paper work and filing. Then instead of paying someone else, leave the fun stuff for yourself. * Go cut down a Christmas tree with your family. * Take the dogs for a walk yourself. * Spend an extra day each week with your kids. You may feel like it is costing you more to do it this way in the beginning. BUT, I guarantee you it’ll work out better for you in the long run. You will be happier, more energetic and love what you’re doing. And when you are resting and spending time with your loved ones your creative mind will be growing and you will come up with new and exciting ways to expand your business. You won’t feel trapped by your business. You’ll feel free. You won’t resent the interruptions from your loved ones. You’ll Love them. You won’t be stressed and constantly tired. You’ll be Joyful and at peace.

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TNT the Power Within You by Claude M Bristol and Harold Sherman – Critical Book Review

It is an almost must to set aside a portion of your business-building budget for personal development. You might spend that in any number of ways from CDs, to books, to conferences, to dinner invitations with mentors. What is the purpose of all this stuff? It is continuing education. I’m sure you are aware that teachers, doctors and CPAs all need a certain number of course credits to renew their license each year. If network marketers want to be regarded as professionals, shouldn’t we do the same? If you want generate the type of “walk-away” income that the leaders have, you too need to continually invest in your people skills, mindset and posture.

I Sought It- This is the time in your life when you become focused on a thought, a desire, a revelation. This happened to me after I first heard about how people were making money on the internet, changing their lives, tapping the power of the growth of the web. Since the real estate market had spiraled down so quickly, this captured my attention. I often contemplated, “Why can’t I do that? I can do that. I would like to do that a whole lot better than what I’m doing now. What’s stopping me?”

Five Messages in Beach Money that Spoke to Me 1.The Road to Success is Filled with Potholes. From Beach Money: Jordan Adler failed or quit at 11 network marketing companies before becoming a legend in his current company. What I took away: Success was always inside of him. Success requires tenacity and devotion. The skills of network marketing take time to acquire and master. The only way to acquire those skills is to keep going. After all, most entrepreneurs in ‘traditional’ business go out of business the first time. Nine out of 10 start-ups fail. Without a few ‘learning experiences’ behind them, many venture capitalists won’t even fund an entrepreneur. Facing, learning from, and moving past adversity is an essential trait in a leader. 2.Multi-Level Marketing is an Investment. From Beach Money: If your life is yardstick, the time you spend building your network marketing business is only a few inches. What I took away: This got me thinking about a typical day. The time I devote to reading, listening to CDs, and talking to leaders in my lifetime is very much like the time I spend reading with my kids in any given day. It is a small percent of my whole day, but it will have a lifelong impact and no one can ever take it away from me (or them). Education is always an investment (not a cost). Stop looking at the cost of that book, cost of that conference, cost of that training package and start thinking about how quickly you can apply what you will learn to get the greatest return on your investment.

Finally after all of these interviews, the King did not have the answer he was seeking until a small slip of a girl presents a very old and tarnished medallion. The elder reads it aloud with this final message: Wisdom is not in the having. Wisdom is in the seeking. Always seek wisdom and ye shall have it. The King becomes very excited about this revelation and encourages all in the kingdom to embrace the sharing of wisdom.

I Sought It stage: This is the sweat equity stage. You become like a maniac on a mission- you can’t think of anything else. He writes that you have that look in your eye. You have the eye of the tiger on the hunt. This was the most dynamic and exciting stage for me. I can see my dream. I can feel it, put words to it, measure it. It’s alive. It’s a driving force that makes waking up a new and fresh experience again. Life is purposefully renewed. I Got It! You’re there- living your dream! You’ve paid the price and are reaping the rewards. And you’re so happy that you really did it- the feeling of accomplishment. You sleep better. Your life is not crippled with the cancer of regret. Franklin writes,”My worst fear is to be sitting in a rocking chair forty years from now saying what if?” I don’t want to look back on my life and see a bunch of lost, discarded dreams in my wake… a crumpled heap of what ifs. I want to be able to say “I got it.” Don’t you?

I Taught it. Now it’s time to teach it, to give it away, to mentor and empower others. Jentzen asks, “Who are you mentoring and who is mentoring you?” Which step are you at in life? Which step would you truly like to be pursuing? Is there a way? Is there someone who would lead you? Is there still time? Jim Rohn says, “People have to experience one of two pains in life- the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The pain of discipline eventually goes away. The pain of regret never does.” The choice is yours. (Thanks and ‘perspective writing credits’ go to my wife Lynn Anne who has been instrumental in this endeavor with undying support. Without her love and friendship, this journey would have never begun. I love you Baby)

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Using Isochronic Tones For Success – How to Astral Travel

Why in the New Testament are there four Gospels? It is an important question. These are not photographs of Jesus. They are better described as portraits. Each has a slightly different emphasis We were considering and meditating upon the reasons as to why John wrote his Gospel. John wants us to believe and to believe correctly, and to believe what is right, and to believe what is worth believing.

Counsel/Way/Presence of the Godly & Love of His Word (vv. 1-2) As the first and second verses ascribe to the negative and positive, we’re to be careful who we spend lots of time with. It seems a device of first up command in wisdom literature tradition–something a young man or woman needs to be aware of. We must seek the consistent council/counsel/way of the godly persons in our midst. There are various ways the parallelism of the lines of this first verse could be viewed. Progression is favoured: the godly person walks; they see the godly and stand–having gotten his/her attention; then, they sit in “council” with them. (Though negatively set, I’ve tried to transpose it positively.)

Spiritual healing can help clarify things a little bit more for them. Healing spiritually requires a lot of meditation and thinking over how success has molded you and how it has changed you as a person. You may be financially stable, but still arrogant. Being boastful (not in a good way) of what you have is not a good thing, and this also requires some form of healing so that you can help get rid of that arrogance and replace it with generosity and humility.

For the person who has been hurt many times in life. Everyone carries some hurt in one way or another. Life is never perfect, and so you are bound to experience something painful at some point in your life. When you do, sometimes it can be hard to recover. Spiritual healing is needed so that you can move on, because in order to forgive the people you have wronged you, you may first need to forgive yourself.

(Conditional on Input 1) God’s Provision of Water, Feeding the Tree of Life (v. 3) The ‘tree of life’ is mentioned variously throughout the Bible and importantly it’s a bookend at both ends in Genesis and Revelation. Pivotally, it’s also alluded to no less than four times in Proverbs. But, this ‘tree of life’ is not just about source–where we go to. Our lives are metaphors of plant life. Whether we wither and slowly die or we grow and thrive depends on input one. God has set up the conditions for us to realise the divine prophesy in our lives provided we do this. He orders the flow of our lives hence; in the presence of water our burgeoning fruit thrives–ready for a season that yet awaits.

For the person who has hurt a lot of people. The hurtful person has always been misunderstood. Many people are under the impression that these are people who are mean, cruel, and quite simply put, bullies. However, this may not always be the case. More often than not, you will realize that most “bullies” will claim to have a lot of baggage and issues that often make them mean and angry all the time. Many people who intentionally hurt others have been hurt themselves. Bullying is a sign that spiritual healing has not yet happened and needs to happen before the person really hurts someone else. It is especially frustrating and painful to see a hurt person coping with the pain by hurting others to numb it. Therefore, the person needs to accept the past and move on with optimism for the present and the future.

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