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Self Help Audio – Can it Really Help?

So you’ve gotten to the point where you feel you need to make a change in your life. Whether it’s to quit smoking, improve your self-esteem, or just get your memory working, you set out on the road to self-improvement. But with your busy lifestyle, you don’t have the time (or money) to seek out a therapist, or take relaxation classes, or anything like that. And so you find yourself at what seems like a perfect solution – self help audio! But can self help audio really help you change your life? Well, it depends on what you’re using.

Self-Help audio books are extremely popular for the average joe. You have someone telling you all about the great things in life that you can listen to on your way to work. Although there is a great deal of advice out there, people still find themselves failing using self help audio books. Why? Well, getting there takes action and a change of habit, which many find very difficult to do consistently.

Then we move onto hypnosis. Hypnosis is very much seen as a very popular solution to changing your life. By allowing yourself to enter a trance-like state, your brain is then receptive to powerful suggestions to help you beat whatever habit you’re trying to kick. The key here, however, is you have to allow your brain to relax to respond to the suggestions. There are people that just can’t relax enough to allow hypnosis to truly work, and they become frustrated when it doesn’t work for them.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if there was a self help audio solution that broke past the “habit” barrier? Something that removed the obstacles of traditional self help audio that would allow you to change your life with minimal effort?

What if I told you such a solution existed?

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Anxiety Online Self-Help Program

One sensible option is to try self-help initial and seek outside facilitate if self-help doesn’t’t work. Self-help programs are effective ways that to treat anxiety at home and include the subsequent, Including any combination of the following suggestions into a daily routine can often cure anxiety while not extra help.

o Increase your exercise. If you increase daily exercise to just 30 minutes a day, studies show that doing therefore will relieve anxiety as well as taking medication. Exercise relieves depression too; a problem that usually accompanies anxiety. Daily exercise doesn’t’t should be completed in one long session; it will be broken up into smaller ones. Running for three short ten-minute burst works as well as 1 longer 30-minute walk.

o Create sensible dietary changes. Sugar and caffeine have a negative effective on blood sugar and will cause anxiety and depression. Common mood effects of poor diet include nervousness, fatigue, lack of concentration, and a imprecise sense of unease A good set up to is to eliminate sugar and caffeine entirely and eat more and more contemporary fruits and veggies, lean protein, nuts, and whole grains instead.

o Observe meditation. You don’t have to take extreme measures or modification your faith to profit from meditation.

Short meditation sessions of five or ten minutes in the morning and once more at night can create a massive difference. The type of meditation you decide on is a smaller amount necessary than making a commitment to practice daily.

o Try self-hypnosis. Many self-hypnosis MP3 recordings are accessible for download on-line and are tailored to a big variety of hysteria symptoms. Richard Mackenzie is a fashionable hypnotist who offers dozens of these MP3 tapes at his web site, as well as different options for using hypnosis to cure anxiety.

o Many individuals use online self-facilitate programs. Many effective treatments for anxiety and panic attacks will be round online. These programs value between $67 and $one hundred fifty and can be downloaded quickly. Two different advantages of self-help programs are complete confidentiality and ongoing support. Take into account the Panic Away program, the Linden Technique, or the Straightforward Calm method.

o Try thought stopping. Thought stopping could be a means of stopping worry by stopping fearful thoughts. Thought stopping works by merely stopping immediately when you have got a negative thought and replacing it with a positive one. Analysis shows that thoughts come before feelings and set up how you’ll feel. When you stop negative thoughts, you also stop the negative feelings they create.

Finally, it might be time to take a listing of your current lifestyle and ask if it is healthy. Take a look at your routine and build an inventory of everything that stresses you out. Take a heavy study your gift routine and list the things that stress you out. Can you safely eliminate any of these things?

If, when all of your efforts, you’re still suffering, do ask for professional help. Treatment for anxiety disorders, that are very common, is typically focused, short-term, and effective.

Ask for help for your anxiety problems without concern or shame. You can get facilitate for anxiety. Resolve to seek out the correct kind of help for your specific problem and take back your life.

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An Important Principle of Vedic Self Help

Indram Vardhanto Apturah

May we enhance our strength and progress!

One phrase denotes the most fundamental principle of Vedic philosophy – Life means growth. So far we are growing, we are working in sync with life forces. The moment we cease to grow, we are in hands of forces of death. Now this principle coupled with the first principle implies that bliss can be maximized by maximizing our growth. The moment we limit our knowledge or understanding of truth, we limit our level of bliss. We abandon the opportunity for further bliss. We enjoy illusion and ignorance, because we consider them as truth, and hence acquire limited bliss from them. But if we have to increase our bliss further, we need to enhance our knowledge further, break the shackles of illusion and ignorance, and extract more bliss. This is an ongoing journey in life, and the only natural way to live – healthy and blissfully.

The moment we stagnate, the moment we stop this process of knowledge enhancement, or try to put limits to it, or try to reverse it, we are working against our basic nature. To put metaphorically, we are digging our own graves. In pursuit of momentary bliss, we are forcing ourselves into the dark pit of frustration, tension, sorrow and grief. It is impossible to restrict the nature. So this urge for growth channelizes into all sorts of areas – some very undesirable, some less undesirable and some simply self-defeating. Thus we see so much of terrorism, warfare, drugs abuse, pornography, wasteful living, addictions, psychopathy all around. These are nothing but manifestations of attempts made by soul to cope up with this force to nature that demands us to grow, progress and come closer to truth.

An average soul spends bulk of its life tackling this urge for growth, without understanding the source of problem, and keeps fighting throughout the life in a variety of forms. Sometimes it will drown itself into various variants of ignorance and bliss, sometimes it will try to express itself through regressive means, sometimes it will indulge into sensual pleasures that numb the senses, sometimes it will tend to progress further and then again reverse the direction due to other compulsions. And finally when mortal death takes over, the story is over.

Normally, we tend to believe that phase of growth ends with completion of our physiological growth (growth of body). It is approximately then that our education also ends. And we continue living in illusion that phase of growth is over. However, if you have studied a bit about the human brain, you would realize that it is the most complex system known to us in the entire universe. We hardly know anything about human brain and how it works. But from whatever we know, the potential of human brain to learn, acquire skills, and gain knowledge is virtually limitless. And we also know that brain is like other muscles. The more you use it, stronger it becomes. Stop using it, and you are leading yourself towards dementia. This provides the greatest clue towards purpose of our life..or direction of our life – to grow further, know further and reach closer to truth.

Self Help Ebooks – Learn How to Save Your Relationship!

Self help ebooks can be found anywhere you turn on the internet. Many people do not have the patience to research their problems, instead by the first product offered to them in order to improve their life and/or improve their problems. Many people face the problem of an unhealthy relationship. An unhealthy relationship can be detrimental to your brain, cause you not to think, your ideas fail, and all your money go down the drain. It is very important to maintain a healthy relationship and if you are currently in an unhealthy relationship, you and your partner need to change right away! Stress self-help is a great way of solving stress problems in your relationship. Many relationships face stumbling blocks and trying to solve many disagreements.

To be successful in the anxiety self-help industry, you must develop ground rules for solving relationship arguments. Disagreements happen frequently in relationships, it is just a fact of life. No two people are perfect, and sometimes fighting is healthy, but not fighting daily. Below are some tips to help build your relationship stronger.

1. Sit down and discuss each person’s behavior. What sets both of you off? Find your problems and solve them. There are many exercises to help build your relationship and this is one of them.

2. Tell each other you love them. Share all your feelings and what is on your mind. Be completely honest with your significant other. Instead of attacking each other and jumping down each others throat, try saying you love them and care for them. It works!!! Trust me!

3. Put the past behind. Focus on the present and leave out the past. Bringing up the past only causes more problems. I am sure you have heard the saying 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Well that saying is completely true. 2 wrongs definitely don’t make a right and if your partner is in the wrong try being in the right.

These 3 factors can help you establish a healthy relationship and build your mind power instantly. You will be able to think clearly, develop new ideas, and live a healthier life just by building your relationship into a healthy one. Never jump to conclusions when in a relationship and don’t accuse your partner until you know the hard facts. Sometimes you may think your partner is lying through their teeth, but come to find out they are actually telling the truth. Try giving your partner the benefit if the doubt. It works trust me!

There are many free self-help ebooks out there, the problem is finding the right one that will guide you in the right direction based on the problems you are facing. Any problem you need to overcome can be found on the internet. Having patience and learning every self-improvement technique will greatly increase your chances of improving your brain power. You must find techniques to clear your head and enable you to think more clearly. I wish you the best of luck down your path to success!

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Panic Attack Tips – Self Help Tips For Overcoming Panic Attacks

If you are dealing with panic attacks then you know how hard it is to overcome them. Best choice would be to start therapy, preferably one that does not include medications. But on your way to final cure you could use some tricks on how to ease your panic attack and overcome it easier.

Here are the few tips that you can try using while having a panic attack:


Whenever you feel that another panic attack is on the way and you start recognizing symptoms, distract yourself. If you are at home then start doing something, for ex., wash dishes, turn on the TV or a computer, focus on what you are doing. If you are out in public then go away from a crowded place and call somebody to talk to or if you are in a supermarket just take a breath and focus on your grocery list and things you need to buy.

These are only examples but the point is to just do whatever possible that will stop your panic attack develop into a full blown panic attack.


Deep breathing is always a great way to lower your heart beat and relax your body. Try to deeply inhale on your nose and slowly exhale on your mouth.

Be positive

Sounds like a cliche but it helps! Keep telling yourself that nothing bad will happen and that you will be ok any minute.

Because that is the truth. Panic attacks can not harm you in any way.


I know this tip will sound funny but burping will immediately ease your panic attack and it will lower your heart beat. If you have difficulties burping, drink some soda.

Comfort pills

If you are using medications I would recommend to try a therapy that doesn’t include pills. But for your own comfort have them with you always, just in case but try not to take any if possible. Just knowing that you have something that can help you, can ease your panic attack without actually taking the pill.

Hope this tips will help. But better sooner then later to start your treatment since these tips are only temporary solution.