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Online Dating – A New Era Of Dating

The era of ballroom romances, swirling dresses is almost history, with the tech oriented online dating sites .Until last few years you could shop for clothing and tickets online, but finding love online seems like a breakthrough in the world of computers.

There are umpteen websites that promise to find partners in the virtual world. The concept of online dating sites arose in the 90’s and has ever since become a rage. These websites is to provide a network for individuals to communicate through the internet with an objective of developing a personal relationship.

The websites require you to register with them by providing some of your personal information such as age, gender, cell phone number. A lot of these online dating sites also make it mandatory for the users to upload their photographs and browse photographs of other members as well. They use all such information to feed in to their database and then compare individuals that meet the criteria.

The users register themselves against a membership fee. The profiles can be further upgraded by becoming a premium member with increased fees as well as access. The USP of these dating portals is that the payment is accepted through credit and debit cards and for those who find it hard to pay all at one time, the options of instalment payments work wonders.

The concept of searching potential partners online has provided an altogether new approach to romance. Besides the online dating sites, now you can don different avatars and be a part of the virtual dating circuit. People who do not prefer to meet personally often resort to virtual dating which allows them to interact in a virtual venue. For those who think “seeing is to believe” there exists the concept of video dating. In a video date, prospective partners can see each other, chat with the help of webcams. The latest to join the bandwagon are the social networking sites. One can share personal information, photographs, hobbies and interests on these sites. The best part being you can share your views and thoughts in the form of posts and it allows your friends to comment on these posts as well.

Overlooking its rave reviews, even online dating has a few drawbacks
The sites often do not allow the members to preview or search profile until they pay the membership fee
Some expect the sender and the receiver, both to be paid members, in order to send or receive any messages.
At times the site owners create bait profiles to attract members
These sites often lack authenticity. People pretend to be single, when they are married and even misrepresent facts to allure other members.
In the past there have been lot of incidences where online predators have posed as potential singles and harassed their online partners.

Even though online dating is great concept for singles, but one needs to be wary of the information released online to ensure that the surreal world does not harm your real existence.

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