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Eight Steps Of Effective Giving

A new experiment is completely changing lives in the rural areas of India by bringing luminosity where there used to be darkness.

The New York Times published a piece named, “Husk Power for India”. Power, which is common in the lives of most in advanced countries, is a rare bonus in far-flung areas of underdeveloped countries. What was once cattle feed is now used to generate power – rice husks.

Being brought up in the pastoral Bihar State, Manoj Sinha knew what it was like to be without light at night. Being an engineer with Intel Corporation he had all the competence to bring a lifelong idea to fruition. He led the creation of his power generation equipment from rice husks and other wastes from farms and now he sells power to rural areas across India.

Sinha is what could be called a social entrepreneur because he feels business is a solution to key social issues. “Business leaders must realise that the world’s poor need investments more than handouts,” he says, adding, “these are customers, not victims.”

The article motivated me to think about offering things in a different way that made me ask myself, “what is the most perfect form of giving?” Is it edification, commerce or disaster aid? There are so many ways to create a difference. One way of giving can seem more productive or practical than other ways depending on the way it is given expression, viewed or put into practice.

I then came to define there were eight parts to giving as a way to look at this. So, let me map out the eight distinctions; which in effect are often ‘stages’ of giving as well.

Stage one: Necessity – saving and helping others who are afflicted by natural catastrophe, contagious diseases or other unmanageable conditions.

Stage two: Relief – providing relief from long-standing hunger, poverty, diseases, handicaps or discrimination which otherwise would continue or worsened because of the lack of information, education or resources.

Stage three: Healing and protection – mentally, physically and emotionally. Many people carry traumas that may be invisible but severely limiting their lives. Giving the healing to release the deep-rooted pain creates more opportunities for them while giving suitable protection gives them a sense of security.

Phase four: Edification – giving better edification, awareness and skill imparting to create empowered and innovative solutions to generating resources while helping people to discover their exclusive talent to succeed.

Stage five: Creative investment – lending a hand, money or resources to those who have great potential to make a difference. This gets leveraged many times as the resources increase and passed on to many others who again make more out of the opportunities given.

Phase six: Maintainability – working collectively involving the people in the local surroundings, creating maintainable society – ecologically and communally.

Stage seven: Empowerment – empowering and inspiring the people to unleash their true potential and motivation to make a difference. In this group of giving, the aim of giving changes from ‘giving to the people who are in need’ to ‘giving people opportunity to give to others’ and to the community.

Stage eight: Cherishing – just doing whatever we like to do to tend and care for others. No approach or expected upshot exists in this stage of offering. ‘Giving’ does not even exist here in the physical sense of the word, as there is no sense of owning or decision or craving to modify things. This is where we do not even have to consider anything, we give out of a sense of our own fulfilling sensations.

What we also perceive is that at each one of these eight stages of giving there are distinctive things that the donor gets back.

One: Sense of connection

Two: Sense of comfort

Three: Relief from pain (our own)

Four: Gratitude for our own knowledge, skills and circumstances

Five: Long-term sense of contribution and satisfaction for our own life

Six: Improved environment for our own life and for the lives for all those we love and care for

Seven: Soul gratifying encouragement and devotion to our own purpose

Eight: Love

Sharing has many stages and sensations based upon the donor and getter. And the ‘phases’ do not detail which one is of more importance than the other. All are mandatory.

I was lucky to have an experience early in 2008 while journeying with a group of devoted entrepreneurs across India to see how we could be more productive in our helping. I was particularly happy to have one outstanding encounter that led me to think about what ‘actual giving’ really meant.

We were in a small town one day. Four of us had just called a taxi to take us to another town in the vicinities. We bargained with the driver with care as our hotel staff had told us beforehand that we could be duped since we were not local.

We chose to stop in front of the local train station for a short interval en route to the town. While the others went to use restrooms, I struck up a conversation with the driver of the taxi, standing nearby. With his limited English vocabulary and a smiling face that showed his black front teeth to advantage, he told me that he lived in the outskirts of the town and that he had a young wife and two kids who attended the local school – I began to feel a relationship with him.

I congratulated him on having such a loving family and told him that I also had two children similar ages to his. When the others returned he spontaneously invited us to come to his house for lunch. I thought it was just a friendly courtesy he wanted to show at first. However, after dropping us off in the town centre, he insisted that he would wait for us until we finished our exploration in town. And he did. I was actually quite surprised to see him still waiting at the side of the road standing next to his taxi more than hour later. We jumped back into the taxi and he zoomed off up the road to where his family lived.

When we landed there we were quite surprised to see the way he was living. It was in fact quite similar (if not worse) to the existence of the slum dwellers we had visited before that. From the bright new taxi he was driving, who could have pictured this

As he drove into the narrow unsealed street between small houses that were made with roughcast concrete blocks and mud painted walls, we almost regretted about saying yes to his invite. For a brief moment I felt pangs of guilt. “How could I go to this man’s home who didn’t seem to have anything and I didn’t even bring any food or gifts for his family”, I thought.

As we got into his house, we saw a small pot and a stove on the mud floor. His shy sweet wife smiled and blushed at the sight of visitors and vanished into the cupboard sized storeroom of the house. As I looked around, I saw the man’s neighbours giving the woman a few cups over the crumbling concrete walls. They simply didn’t have enough cups in their house. There was just a single small room that had a lone cot and an old galvanised trunk adjacent to it.

The cab driver swiftly took out three hand-woven rugs from the galvanised box and placed it neatly on the small space of the mud floor keeping one on the bed.

Hot cups of tea came pretty fast and so did some snacks. His kids as well as all the little ones in the neighbourhood came to see us and stood around near the door. All six of us were totally wedged into the small room. I asked him with surprise where all his children slept. I thought they might be having another space somewhere. To my utter surprise, he pointed the chest and happily said that it was their sleeping space.

He happily told us that he was an amateur dancer in the town and showed us some plaques on the sill above the bed. Enthusiastic to show us his dancing proficiency, he ran outside all at once. From somewhere music came flowing into the tiny room. He had no apparatus for music within the house, it was coming from outside. Surprised, I looked around to see him reversing his vehicle towards the back of his house keeping the doors open with the radio of the car blaring forth!

The time quickly passed (dancing together and having more cups of tea) and it was finally time to say thank you for their great hospitality and head on our way. As we stood up to leave and thank him and his wife, he reached to the best looking rug on the bed, rolled it up and handed it to us. It was one of the only few things he had. I could not believe he offered it to us.

We all politely declined his gift and walked out saying goodbye to all the people waving at us. We got confused about this whole thing. Should we have given some money to the family as their life obviously looked very limited? Should we have accepted his prized gift?

As I was thinking about this awe-inspiring experience after a few days, I considered our begging off his gift. He looked crest-fallen that we didn’t accept the gift. It wasn’t only the rejecting of the gift that remained in my mind.

I realised that the feeling of restlessness I felt was in reality the result of seeing him as less privileged. I was feeling that I couldn’t probably receive anything from someone who owned too little.

But did he actually have modest means? Maybe he had other things – a lot more.

Maybe the perfect gift we could have given him then was to accept his gift in total surrender and gratefulness.

Every act of sharing and taking are indispensable for us to fill our world with profusion and satisfaction in equal measure for both sharer and taker. We can start doing this instead of evaluating and validating one over another. The beautiful act of sharing and taking requires no additional elucidation.

Manoj Sinha’s words resound in my mind once again, “these are customers, not victims.” I can visualise the eager faces of the village people who are now thrilled to have current in their hamlets and their little ones who now can now read and write and learn even at night.

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The Secret Of Abundance – How To Manifest An Amazing Life

It is safe to say that the majority of people in the world are looking for a key to change their life. They are looking for the missing secret, that once they have it, it will provide them with all the riches they have every wanted. Most people spend years and countless dollars trying to get their hands on it. Here, right now, you are going to be given that secret. That’s right, your search is over. The thought has consumed your mind, pushed you to keep looking to try to attain it and the universe is now delivering.

You need to understand, however that an abundant life is not one filled with money. There are three areas of life that means living an abundant lifestyle. These are money, health and relationships. Some individuals may argue this point, they may even say that to live an abundant life you only need more money. However, they are fatally mistaken.

For instance, if you are a multi-millionaire, yet you lack in health with only a few days to live, you spend your days staring at the ceiling, then what good will you get from all that money. If you have good health, but have no one to share your life with, how can health create abundant living? You need all three of these components to live an abundant life.

The secret can bring you abundance in health, wealth and relationships. Your thoughts and emotions are the real secret to abundance. Your thoughts and emotions work to create your life, since they powerfully influence that which you desire in your life as well as influencing how you life your life right now.

Many individuals reading this may shake their head and tell you this is a lie. If the secret of abundance depended upon your thoughts and emotions, that everyone would have an abundant life. These individuals are correct. If everyone has the power to create an abundant life, then why is he or she not doing so?

The list of reasons can be very long. However, they all center on one fundamental issue. Most people would rather live as they are and complain about it all rather than trying to live an abundant life. For instance, Donald Trump never felt sorry for himself. Bill Gates never doubted he would be a millionaire. They both knew what they wanted; they never doubted their power to make it so. Their minds were set upon creating an abundant life. They knew they would live an abundant life and they became the masters of their own life.

There is no reason to believe that the secret is so simple. Remember, everything you see and use started as a thought that someone manifested into reality. The car you drive, the seatbelts you use while driving, the deck you enjoy, the toys your child loves and the space shuttle all started as a thought.

You can create the life you desire right now! You need to figure out what it is you really want. Be detailed and specific write it down even. Determine what it is you want and then find those things you have right now and be thankful for them. Remember, if you do not appreciate what you have now you will not be able to make things better for yourself.

Consider what you want to create and then allow that thought to consume you. Allow it to burn wildly in your heart, soul and mind. You need to be excited about it, since emotion will add more power to the thought. You want to send out a message to the universe that is more than just a small wave; you want to create a Tsunami. To get what you want you have to believe in it and that it is coming to you. Then make sure that you do what you need to in order to make it so.

The hidden secret of abundance is locked in your head between your ears. It is your brain, your thoughts and your emotions. Change the way you think and you will change the life you are living.

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Remember Your Past Lives With Regression Therapy

Are you suffering from feelings of abandonment? Do you have an addictive personality? Does it seem like you are always the victim of an evil person? Do you have issues with rage or anger? What are your relationships like; are they healthy? Do you feel like something is missing even though you seem to have it all?

If you are having one or more of these problems and nothing has seemed to be effective in resolving the issue; with these problems continuing to plague you then this article is for you. You may not have considered it before, but regression therapy could be the answer you’ve been seeking.

According to the Past Life Therapy Center, Regression Therapy means facing the dark to encourage the light. It is a category of hypnotic therapy wherein the client is being assisted by a therapist to return to his past experiences with his mind still being conscious.

These previous experiences include episodes of one’s adulthood, adolescence, early childhood, and the period wherein the individual is still inside the mother’s womb.

Many people however are regressed to a time beyond this life; past life regression focuses on remembering past existences.

This is not a concept that everyone can accept. ‘Conventional’ science tells us that this life is the only life we experience and when we die it is the end.

Some clients for example have reported detailed memories of fighting in a historic war, others speak of hunting in the Stone Age and yet others recall their present spouse from a former life.

By exploring old records, many people actually manage to verify everything that they remembered from the past life regression therapy session.

There are scientific studies going on around the world showing well documented cases of children remembering everything about a past life. Often this past life was just a few years before their present life and so they are able to meet friends and family still living who they have amazingly accurate memories of.

The experiences that we have had in these past lives can help us understand the way that we are now – there is a much better perspective to be gained on one’s behavior with this kind of insight on the past.

Regression therapists coined a term called ‘Faulty Thoughts’. These are the negative thoughts that the individual himself has created in the previous life therefore carrying over emotional baggage and bad ‘karma’ into the present life.

Only the individual who have created this negative feeling can release the same feeling so that he could re-model his energy field into something positive. Some of the ways to release this is through forgiveness, karmic repayment, and re-patterning.

The concept of forgiveness is simple – every schoolchild (or anyone who once was one) remembers the Golden Rule: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Karmic repayment is the process of changing your negative behaviors to right the wrongs you have done.

A person must use remedial action to transform the energy field into one of gentleness, care, tranquility and harmony.

Although it could be really tiring at times, Regression Therapy is said to be life changing. Most of the clients testify that going through the procedure resulted into a positive attitude, a renewed outlook in life, and a stronger individuality.

But of course, to achieve this result, every client must have a tough commitment to know himself thoroughly and change the way he is expecting his life to be.

Regression therapy is an intriguing idea, and if you are experiencing troubles in your life, it could be very helpful. On the other hand, you may just be curious about who or what you were in another life, whatever the reason you should sincerely think about trying it.

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Trial And Error:Overcoming Low Self Esteem

Overcoming low self esteem can be difficult but if handled well can leave a positive mark on your life. We should start by letting you know that it’s okay to have self esteem issues. It’s a common problem, even though it may not feel like it sometimes. Everyone has days where they feel insecure; it’s the way that you deal with it that makes it worse.

The first thing you should start doing is see what type of people you surround yourself. The relationships you have with people impact the type of person you are. The basis for some relationships is jokes. In this scenario you and your friends call each other names because it can be funny, and then say you do not mean it. Consciously you may actually not mean.

You should know that this is not a healthy relationship to be in. This is because if someone calls you fat, even if they take it back, in the back of your mind you will wonder why they used your weight instead of something else. When you are surrounded by this it will make you really insecure. You should stop this by either telling the person to stop, or distancing yourself from them. You should also write down some of the negative things they say.

There are other types of unhealthy relationships, like when your friend constantly points out a flaw you may have. You should know that everyone has flaws, but the fact that someone keeps reminding you of the fact makes you insecure about it, even up to an unhealthy level. You should write down everything they say to you so that you can remember it for the next step.

The next thing you have to do is address all of the things they have said. How do you feel about them? Do you want to change them? If you can’t change them how will you accept it?

Before we finish, I wanted to talk a little bit about cosmetic surgery. Even though you are insecure and feel a little liposuction is your answer, it most likely is not. There are other issues at stake than just how you look, sometimes how you look can change how you feel about yourself, but if you have low self esteem you may become the most beautiful person in the world, but it may not be enough for you.

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The Characteristics Of Very Successful People Revealed

Is there a secret to success? Is there more than one? Yes! Let’s find out what successful people, consultants and business pros believe and do that help them achieve their optimal potential. What is it that they have in common, whether its in their beliefs or in their actions that makes them successful? First of all they use resources available to them including publicity, self-promotion, branding and marketing to create their outstanding advantage in the marketplace. The rest comes naturally. The major opportunities go to the ones who are visible, making a difference, seen and heard by their target market.

Want success? Get ready to take action and take responsibility for your own achievements. Keep in mind that people are only limited by their committment to their success and their knowledge how to make it happen. You can have tons of committment but without the knowledge on how to get the things you want you will only be half-baked. People who make it big know this and never stop learning new strategies. They are ready to invest in their learning, both in time and money as they know they are their best investments. To make it in business, one of the secrets is to create a set of services and a business model that is optimized to deliver the outcome your target clients want to buy. To be successful, you need to pursue it each and every day, all day long.

Showcase your knowledge. Showcase your talent using media outreach. Your clients will love seeing you out there in the media sharing what you know and commenting on the issues. They like to know they are working with and hiring a pro. By doing publicity, marketing and promotion, you let your clients get an idea of your knowledge, wisdom and experience. You client will want to hire you. Clients want certainty. They want to hire the best. Their choice is not always about how much for you cost but made by how you can help them.

Content is critical when showcasing yourself and your knowledge. When you appear in the media be sure you do an excellent job and share lots of great info in your newsletters and marketing pieces as well. Be sure your website helps you educate your visitors and your clients. Success is in your own hands. If you blame others you fall into the trap of thinking other people can make your successful when it is you who makes you successful.

Have a terrific attitude. Commit to proven publicity, branding and marketing strategies. Do not fight success the whole way. Be optimistic. Then it will seem like everything you touch will turn to gold. Have confidence in yourself. Go with your gut, your intuition and your instincts when making choices. Be high energy. Be ready for success & take action. P.S. Don’t stop until you get enough success!

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