Ambition and Success



Orison Swett Marden

Ambition and Success Cover

Chapter I

What is Ambition?

“Ambition is the spur that makes man struggle with destiny: it
is heaven’s own incentive to make purpose great, and achievement

In a factory where mariners’ compasses are made, the needles, before they are magnetized, will lie in any position, wherever they are placed, but from the moment they have been touched by the mighty magnet and have been electrified, they are never again the same. They have taken on a mysterious power and are new creatures. Before they are magnetized, they do not answer the call of the North Star, the magnetic pole does not have any effect upon them, but the moment they have been magnetized they swing to the magnetic north, and are ever after loyal and true to their affinity. Continue reading “Ambition and Success”