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Some The Benefits Of A Personal Growth Coach

There are times when a person gets so caught up in the process of caring for, and meeting the expectations of others, that we lose sight of ourselves. We forget who we really are, what our goals are, what we really want. In some cases, people even forget that at one time in their life they had expectations of their own. This is when a Personal Growth Coach like Niambi Dennis can be of invaluable assistance.

The videos, training materials, and discussions that are provided to an individual joining the group will provide the impetus for change that is needed. With an individual personal coach to teach the methods and techniques for being successful, an individual will quickly begin to feel empowered in every aspect of their life.

With the help of your personal growth coach you will learn the simple steps to take to begin to relax and surround yourself with more positive outcomes. For many people the program begins to help them achieve a feeling of fulfillment and reward in their daily lives and an ability to feel calm in the midst of their hectic schedules.

A segment of the training will include empowerment training. You will learn to the steps to regain control of your inner and outer life. Working with the coach, you will learn the techniques to accurately identify and address problem areas in your life and gain the control over negative situations that may occur.

The goal of your personal trainer is to help you to achieve a fulfilling and rewarding life through the development of a positive life plan. With a plan and direction identified and a course established, you will be able to make the choices needed to become more successful in your personal and work life. Your personal coach will work closely with you as your success partner and assist you in achieving your objectives more easily.

With a dedication to helping you to set your goals and objectives, you will find that achievement will be much easier. Sessions are conducted both through the Internet and individual live-chat. Through the dedicated efforts of your personal growth coach, you will receive all of the information, training and tools that you need to become successful.

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Top Tips To Overcome Fear

It is said that the only thing you should fear is fear itself. With fear, your whole life becomes negative and it creates a degree of self suspicion in all of efforts. A pro-active struggle against the fear is intensely needed. Below are certain tips which you can use to beat your fear.

Before you overcome any problem, it is first vital to know what causes the problem in the 1st place. The same goes for your fears too. It makes no sense to put in constant efforts and realize later it wasn’t the actual area of doubt. It is exceedingly unremarkable sight to find folk afraid of things like height and water. Just about always the reason for the fear is something else than what is presumed.

This suggests that before you start any efforts to overcome your fear, you need to identify all the things you fear. Fighting fear involves deliberately exposing yourself to things you are afraid of so if a person is frightened of water, he should show himself to water by sitting by a river or pool. For those scared of public chatting, they shouldn’t let any public talking opportunity pass, even in parties etc. Such exposure definitely helps.

Confidence is also a must if you want to counter your fears. People who have a better self esteem are able to ward off their fears in a much easier manner. Boost your self-confidence by making affirmative statements like I will do it” or “I am not scared any more every day.This will help you believe in yourself and face other challenges that exist in the future.

Read positive learning material on self development. Expert steerage always helps particularly when you are struggling with your fears. Reading positive material may help you analyze your fears better. With the aid of such material, you could be ready to figure out the exact cause of your fear. Also, such positive books help you grow as a person and bolster the areas you are feeble in.

Most of the things that are great are not done alone. Your struggle against your fears will be a lot simpler if you team up with someone. Your chums and and family will be highly beneficial if they are involved. They can bring in great support and effective proposals. Aside from that, you need to find a role model, someone you can look up to. This can help you struggle tougher for your goals.

Last but not the least; trust god. It’s important to feel the link with god and this doesn’t always come from transforming into a sage. For this simply take out a little time on daily foundation for your interaction with the god. You may follow a regular routine of going to church and praying more than you usually do. This could go a great distance in giving you the inner strength and the positive point of view that’s necessary to keep fear in check for long.

With these tips, you can undoubtedly conquer your fears.

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Understanding What Dream Control Means

For most people, dreams are mysterious ‘mini movies’ that play in their minds while they’re sound asleep, seemingly without their control, with some being rather pleasant, and others, not so much. However, we now know that it is actually possible to make dream control a complete reality, bringing about what is known as lucid dreaming.

What exactly is lucid dreaming though? How can you start using dream control? Are there benefits associated with being able to sit in the directors chair for your dreams? In this article, well look at how dream control works and what it can do for you.

What Is Dream Control?

Dream control, or lucid dreaming is when you are completely aware that you are dreaming while you are doing so; and in control of the events which take place within your dream. Even while your body is sound asleep, your mind knows that you are dreaming and you are in the directors chair for the proceedings.

Dream control can be a great help to people who suffer from recurring nightmares. The simple, yet powerful technique of lucid dreaming can enable these people to get a full nights sleep.

Common Methods of Inducing Lucid Dreaming

A newer and very effective method of bringing about lucid dreaming is binaural audio. Binaural audio involves listening to two different frequencies at the same time. The effect of this listening is to tune the listeners brainwaves into the proper frequency to achieve the state needed for lucid dreaming, REM sleep.

Before the availability of binaural audio on CDs and DVD’s, the methods of choice for bringing about lucid dreaming were meditation and self-hypnosis; these are effective methods, but it can take a long time for people to master these techniques to the extent necessary to have lucid dreaming experiences at will.

Other than these methods, many others have been used by psychologists and sleep researchers. However the mind is trained to assert dream control, the object is the same; to enable the dreamer to realize that they are dreaming and to begin taking the reins of their dreams.

To do this, we must, of course, begin while we are wide awake, with the key being to remember to do or say something in a dream, which will trigger the recognition necessary within the mind and allow us to then control what happens next.

You may be able to do this by simply telling yourself as you are falling asleep that in your dream, you will do or say something and then you will know that you are dreaming. Once you know that you are dreaming, lucid dreaming has begun.

This method of learning dream control was developed by scientist Dr. Stephen LaBerge and is known as MILD (sort for mnemonic induction of lucid dreams). This technique can let you control the course of events in your dreams; you are only limited by your imagination!

A dream diary can also help you to get started with lucid dreaming. Immediately after you wake up, write down each and every detail that you remember from your dreams. After doing this for a while, you’ll train your mind to remember your dreams; this is the first step to dream control and soon you’ll start having lucid dreams!

You can beat back those nightmares, go anywhere, do anything and talk to anyone you want in these dreams. There are no limits except for your imagination to your dreams once you have mastered the techniques of dream control.

The experts say do that there is, however, one potential drawback to lucid dreaming, as much like anything in life, too much of a good thing can actually have the opposite effect. The main reason for this being that one of the most valuable aspects of dreaming ‘naturally’ is that it often tell us important things about ourselves that otherwise would have remained hidden forever. So enjoy dreaming lucidly. It really is an amazing experience, but remember to give yourself a few nights off!

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The Incredible Potential Of Your Mind Powers

Mind powers are much more important to you and every other individual out there than you think. These help you produce an unlimited supply of change that can have a positive influence on your life.

It’s safe to say there are two types of individuals in the world; negative ones or positive ones. People who are negative usually expect the worst out of their day while positive people are the exact opposite.

Take for instance the individual who wants a better paying job. He or she can use their mind powers to make it a reality. If they decide to take a defeated approach, the negative nature will transform into bad things happening. So the goal is to keep your mind from accumulating all this doubt. The individuals who can harness their mind powers will be able to change their day-to-day lives. Those who choose to be content with their circumstances will never progress in life.

The perception of society is based upon how everyone views you as an individual. A prime example of this is if you go to work and the employer doesn’t believe you have faith in your own abilities. When this happens they will either let you go or just keep you in a mediocre position.

On a positive note, if you know you can do the job better than anyone else and have the right attitude, the place you want to work for will recognize that confidence and therefore put their faith in you and give you the position. Your mind powers have the natural capability to produce a happy life full of luck and abundance.

While positive thinking is the key, your mind powers can also form negative issues. Whether its depression, heartache, or a life full of tragedies, we attract circumstances in our lives just by the way we think.

Take for example the individual who wants to lose weight. If they don’t think they can lose weight, then the self-doubt has already set itself in this particular person’s mind. Then when the time comes where he/she passes by something like a fast food restaurant, the mind says; “Well, I’m not going to be able to keep up with this anyways so I might as well indulge myself.” If you want to exercise to shed the pounds it is even more difficult. Often time’s people will just give up due to not believing it’s possible.

However, you can change this just by taking advantage of your mind powers. This is what fuels you in everyday life, and when combined with physical action you can achieve anything. If doubt forms then you must remove it before it manifests into something bigger.

In the end it’s your mind powers that control everything in life. How many times have you or someone you know have an argument with a spouse after work. Most likely the initiator was already upset before they walked through the door. Maybe they had a bad day at the office or traffic was a disaster, but if you can learn to hone these temptations the evening will be more present.

I’m sure you’ve looked outside what day, saw it raining, and just thought to yourself; “Oh great, another fun day in the rain.” Then when you went to work you felt as dreary as the weather and everyone could see it in your work. This is the mind powers playing tricks on you. See, we all have negative patterns that surface. Lucky for you it’s an easy thing to change when you unleash the power of your mind.

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How Low Self Esteem Affects Us

This article explores some of the consequences of low self esteem among young adults. Unfortunately, many of society’s ills can be traced back to insufficient parenting and the lack of confidence building, among a myriad of other factors. There is little research done to suggest that mending self esteem alone can prevent bullying, teenage pregnancy or drug abuse, but many psychologists feel that programs to help people develop self esteem need to be more widely implemented in schools and communities across America in response to some of the problems we face as a nation.

As reported by a recent newsletter published by National Association for Self-Esteem, young children usually base their self-esteem mostly on the feedback they get from others, with the parents exercising the greatest influence. After the age of four, they begin to consider their capabilities at various activities. By age seven, kids typically base their self-esteem on three areas: academic success, social acceptance and physical competence. As they approach adolescence, they shift from the need for input from parents to feedback from peers. At this age, their degree of self-worth is usually founded on six domains or contingencies: social acceptance, inherent abilities, believing they are unique and worthy of respect, feeling in control of one’s being, moral virtue or integrity, and one’s attainments, including academic success. How an individual appears to others, physical abilities, and popularity become especially significant at this age, although these are all external sources for self-esteem.

The prevalence of acquisitiveness is a result of low self worth for a number of individuals. A recent study discovered that low self-esteem actually caused more materialism, however, the converse was likewise a fact — that increasing self-esteem could diminish consumerism. It was established that teenagers were normally gaining self-worth from the ages of 8 to13, yet undergoing low self esteem from 13 to 18 as they transitioned towards being an adult. By the time children arrive at early adolescence and undergo a reduction in self-worth, the foundation has been laid for the use of material possessions as a coping strategy for feelings of low self-worth. By priming high self-esteem, the study concluded, it is possible to turn around the big decline in self-worth experienced by young teenagers, thus lowering the steep rise in consumerism among this age group.

Psychologists have long studied the connection between individuals with low self esteem and bullying. In his 1997 book Evil: Inside Human Violence & Cruelty, Roy Baumeister suggests that the most hostile group of bullies actually have high esteem but are unstable. “These people think well of themselves in general, but their self-esteem fluctuates,” he explains. “They are especially prone to react defensively to ego threats, and they are also more prone to hostility, anger and aggression than other people. The bully has a chip on his shoulder because he thinks you might want to deflate his favorable self-image.” A number of violent crimes occur in response to self esteem blows like insults or humiliation. In the household, abusive husbands typically came from backgrounds of less affluence, less education and less financial security and therefore use violence as a way to put their wives down and assert their “superiority.”

Approximately 8% of all Americans suffer from some sort of eating disorder. Of those people, 100% suffer from low self esteem. For people with eating disorders, researcher HC Steinhausen states, “A profile of self-concept components that are characteristic of low self-esteem are insecurity, negative mood and depression, poor body image, feelings of inadequacy, social and personal withdrawal, poor adaptation skills and unrealistically high aspirations.” Anorexics and bulimics often begin to suffer from poor esteem as they go through puberty and their bodies change. Life transitions to new schools, new social peer groups, new work-loads and increased stress can also have devastating effects on young men and women. People with eating disorders generally see physical manipulation of their bodies as a means to happiness and the curing of all their problems, much like people who become addicted to plastic surgery.

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