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Forgiving Your Partner

To err is human, to forgive is divine. But still, the majority of us find it tough to forgive, especially when the person involved is your partner. You may wish to hold the grudge and continue to not be on good terms with your other half for the rest of your life. But, if you want the relationship to go on, then forgiveness is a must. However, this is easier said than done. Forgiving your partner might not be all that easy after all. But, it isn’t impossible either.

The 1st step towards forgiveness is to discuss the situation. And, by discussing we mean speaking, instead of screaming or throwing stuff like bottles of your favorite Clearpores Skin Cleansing System over him. Both of you must deal with the issue as mature adults and express what you feel in the most civil manner possible. While you give vent to your own feelings, you must also lend a patient ear to what your partner has to say. Talking about it will help you feel lighter and also make forgiving simpler for you.

Give each other space by staying separately for a few days. Go away somewhere on a short holiday. This will permit you to think more clearly and anything crucial that previously went unnoticed will also come back to you. This self imposed time off will help you figure out whether you wish to continue with the relationship and reconnect with your partner.

Before you forgive someone, you must 1st relieve yourself of the agony and sorrow by crying. The luxury of crying could help relieve any hurt you feel and allow you to let go off the feelings suppressed within you. Crying, may also help ease out any emotional turmoil which you might be suffering from.

However, a word of caution to those who’re suffering from skin conditions such as zits: crying can aggravate your issue. Merely rub or wipe away the tears that may exacerbate the skin problem and use effective treatment like Exposed Skincare System to remedy the same.

Leave the past behind. This is an significant step to forgiveness. While you may not be able to erase the hurt entirely, you must try and let those feelings of bitterness go. Without doing so, it might be much more difficult for you to forgive your partner.

Dealing with such an emotionally taxing circumstance could take a toll on your physical and mental wellbeing. You could end up deviating from your diet as a result of all the stress. However, with Nutritional supplements like Dietrine Carb Blocker, you should be able to achieve your weight loss goals sans trouble.

It may not be extremely simple to forgive your partner. However, if you want life and your relationship to move on, then adhering to the golden principle of forgiveness is a must.

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Anger Management Techniques – How to Deal With Anxiety For Preserving Your Long Love Life

“Anxiety” can be expressed naturally by aggressive emotion which can has side effects to the lover’s relationship. Generally, when people are in the anxiety stage, they can lose control of themselves under the extremely emotional degree. As a result, the reaction from that certain stage of emotion can perform a perfect killer to harm your long love relationship.

In recent world that everybody has to be busy and stress with their feelings about the children, work, and money, most people tend to avoid themselves of no conversation about pregnancy, marriage and desire sex with their partners. However, physiologists found that couples can reduce their stress by sharing or talking each other about their tension feelings regarding their work, economic status, political issue and so on.

How anxiety destroys long love relationship?

Not all anxiety between lovers is instantly noticeable, even though it can still be destructive in the long term relationship. Passive aggression can become routine particularly when someone is always occupied with the no other way out feeling to let go of it.

No matter how hard you tried to nurture them or hide them under your burred loving life, the anxiety will never leave you until you can let it go positively and correctly. If you are in a relationship with someone who has a lot of anxiety, then you are driving yourself in a rocky road. It can quickly devastate the entire thing you beautifully build up together.

How to deal with it?

When you consider yourself is becoming angry, try this following tips:

Tip 1 :

Perform a master of your thoughts and disable it to control what you are obsessed with. Keep beating your thought and controlling that anxiety. Remember anxiety gains momentum when you are holding more and more negative attentions.

Tip 2 :

Practice self-control and manage over your feelings. Anxiety is like taking a ride on a rollercoaster. Once you start obsessing with negative thoughts and fears, they will generate themselves emotional tension and reaction.

Try distracting and diverting your thoughts by going out and talk to someone you trust and feel freely with at that moment. It is good for you to have someone to share your aggressive facts and problem.

Tip 3 :

Keep yourself and don’t allow yourself to have idle moments. Volunteer to clean up a whole house for a whole day. Probably, choose one of your favorite hobbies such as reading magazines, doing exercise, or meditation to shut down yourself from anxiety.

Tip 4 :

Take a look at a dog when it’s resting. Consider its body that is free of tension and switch off your brain by lying down and flying into the peaceful mode. Turn on some relaxation music to calm your anxiety. This perfectly helps to manage your body and mind recovered from everyday Stress and Anger.

There are plenty methods to Control Anxiety which you can learn and take to apply with your life. Find Out Now how to deal with the anxiety perfectly.

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How To Teach Self-Confidence And High Self-Esteem To Your Love Ones

If your life is packed with hatred for self and low self-esteem, know that there is no necessity for that to continue to to take over your life. Take the bull by the horn by managing your thoughts and the way you perceive yourself. Starting today and notice whatever you do that summon low self-esteem into your life. Eventually these thoughts should no longer be part of your daily thought mechanisms. Teaching confidence and self-esteem to love ones and to others will become easier after reading this article.

Most counsellors will tell you that self-esteem is significant aspect in anybody’s life. With all the unforeseen events of life, self-esteem is like a big element that help us go through life. In all truthfulness, it is near impossible to have a meaningful life with a low degree of self-esteem. For you to value your life, you need to award yourself with the adulation that comes with a high level of self-esteem. So to speak, this
is how you’ll gauge yourself, how you test yourself in the world based on feeling and opinions. In fact, depending on the day, your self-esteem will change between high, healthy, low or very low.

Do you realize that a person with low self esteem will be looking for negativity in almost anything. Be it an event, a conversation, or some form of entertainment. Since their anticipation of an event tends to be to the negative, if necessary, they will readily invent one or determine on the outcome of an event as being negative. Life is full of such example, for example, you may have in mind to pull on a friends arm to avert him/her from being hit by an speeding car while they may interpret it as a sign of aggression. Indeed, the person with low self-esteem may see the sudden move as an attack because in their mind that is what they must expect from you. The final
consequence may result in them being hit by the car anyway since they were
already susceptible to explain what you did in their own way. To be self assured is a way to prevent this kind of circumstances.

So What Is Self-Esteem?

Your self-esteem is not only how you perceive yourself today but it is how you
examine yourself in the long run. If you are a person with low self esteem, regular events can have a big influence on your feelings. Look at this, a polite gesture from a friend or a good day at work can make you feel fine for a little while then it will only take a horrible day to bring you to feeling extremely low, even depressed. Realistically most days are uneventful and unpleasant, so living with low self esteem can be a fight in the long run! What is the basic of a healthy self-esteem? It is accepting yourself for who you are. That doesn’t signify you can’t change and become better however. But
you will always be glad and fortunate for being yourself.

Someone who has success in business will right away come through as someone who is productive and wealthy and has high self esteem. Well, that may not be true. Technically speaking their success maybe a way of compensating for low self esteem, saying, look at me now!. Those who try to conquer feeling of inferiority will at times attempt for superiority, and when they accomplish it, it is a sign that show their self-esteem. High self-esteem often is hard to evaluate. A student who gets straight A’s all the time, can do it of being the best, can be afraid of being seen as inconsistent for not keeping up or may just like to compete?

Your Environment Is Essential To Improving Self-esteem And
keeping It

To be surrounded by friendly, loving people is a tremendous factor in self-esteem. It is not always possible to find the loving neighbor, sincere friend or even a good decent family but for the little love that you can get, you must be vigilant and make sure to be accepted for who you are and accept others for who they are. Once you understand that there are differences between people, building relationship will be much more easier. Try and stay near the people you see and interact with everyday simply by talking, showing respect, being attentive, being supportive and also being honest. To be loved and to love is a big boost to the self-esteem!

Pablo Castrel has written many articles on different topics. This one is about self-esteem and self-confidence, how to keep a high self-esteem every day of your life. To get more information, please visit:

Sexual Self-esteem: Inide-out Love Making

If you see yourself to be about as sexy as one of Cinderella’s uglier sisters, then you’re not alone.  Sexual self-esteem reflects how you feel about your physical form and today the reality is that women who loathe their bodies way outnumber those who think they are the bee’s-knees. Not only does poor body-image impact upon your wellbeing, it also has serious implications for your sex life. 


Standing naked in front of the looking glass usually sets off the ‘sermon of the mirror’ and, in no time this tirade can make you feel more like Medusa than Sedusa.  Just a glimpse of your reflected image is enough to unleash invective from the ogre in your head; the one that delights in drawing attention to each of your physical flaws, and then some. 


After years of hearing the same old sermon you may have convinced yourself that the mirror’s view is accurate when in fact it has nothing to do with you at all. 


Consider that every part of the female form has some product that will ‘fix’, beautify or conceal it and it’s easy to appreciate that the monster in your head is the forked tongue of shrewd marketers commandeering your voice much like a ventriloquist uses a puppet. 


The more marketers can get you to spew venom at your wobbly bottom or sagging breasts the more willing you’ll be to empty your purse for the latest miraculous potion making the same old dubious claims.  


Not so long ago Oprah Winfrey revealed that each picture on her magazine cover requires the services of 28 professional people and almost as many hours to achieve.  Even though most women know better, a costly little jar can still mesmerise some into believing that it will miraculously produce the two-dozen or so genies who will provide that cover-girl look.     


Every day urban women are exposed to some 400 images dictating the unattainable ideal the beauty industry would have us strive for.  This has convinced many to believe that sexual desirability now means having to scrub, moisturise, tone, wax, shave, braid, tint (top), dye (bottom), deodorise, exfoliate, mask, manicure, pedicure, Botox, fill, shade, conceal, paint, powder, glitter, gloss, perfume, decorate and style.  And that’s just on the outside. 


What too of the hours spent pounding the treadmill, the pavement or the malls and we shouldn’t ignore the energy lost in attempting to starve yourself to death nor the torturous hours on the Pilates machine. 


But if all this prep is just the curtain-raiser to sex, you’d have to be SuperWoman on Steroids to have sufficient energy to play the starring role of vixen by the time you get to the main act in bed.


More absurd is that all this unnecessary kerfuffle is now known as ‘me-time’.  Me-time suggests that fussing with your body is a frivolous indulgence to be enjoyed.  But given the options I’d rather rest on my voluptuous laurels than spend hours having my zits poked and prodded by a brutal beautician. 


Only a masochist would think that waxing or having your cellulite pounded with a rubberised jack-hammer is a fun way to spend a few hours; but for the rest of us this time-wasting toil is just torment.


Me-time also suggests that you should feel better afterwards, and do you?  The mere fact that you’re attempting to change what nature gave you will have the opposite effect.  Trying to correct your imperfections makes you focus on your shortcomings and this is why most women who are preoccupied with their looks start feeling more and more judgemental about themselves.


For the sake of our species’ survival it’s a good thing that picture perfection is not genetically imprinted on the male psyche.  If men were only turned on by cover girl looks then no one would be having sex and humans would soon be listed as ‘endangered’.    


Although many women believe that incessant fussing is necessary to retain their allure few appreciate that most males don’t give a damn.  Men are so focused on getting their end away that the detail of your preparation is irrelevant.  How many men even notice when you change something as obvious as your hairstyle?


Only you view yourself as a series of body parts needing a fix, so you assume he does too.  But your imperfections pale into insignificance compared to a man’s obsession with the performance of his member.  Initially a heads-up pre-occupies him and once erect he shifts to concerns about it being too enthusiastic.


Although you may have had a fault-finding ex who picked on your flaws as a put-down fortunately men such as this are in the minority.  Generally, males don’t focus on your wrinkles or the blackheads on your nose; they view you as a whole person. 


Test this hypothesis by quitting your regime for a month and see if he even notices.  You’ll soon find out whether the week-old stubble on your legs interferes with his erection or inhibits your ability to have an orgasm? 


So consistently is the link made between appearance and sexual attraction that we’ve lost touch with what turns men and women on.  One thing that the sexperts agree on is that the primary organ for attraction is the mind.  So it’s your personality that turns him on not your freshly manicured fingernails. 


Of course this link was made because the initial split-second attraction involves looks but thereafter a spunky plain Jane is as likely to get laid as is a beautiful bore.


Instead of dealing with your body as a succession of defective wobbly bits a far healthier sexual self-esteem can be achieved by turning your attention to the mind.  Everything begins in the mind.  It creates our self-image which dictates our moods, actions and feelings, especially those involved in igniting libido.


If you are thinking your way through sex then you are using the weakest form of power to fire up this all-important sensory organ.  Sex is about feeling rather than thinking and great sex requires the temporary insanity of ultimately losing your mind. 


Sex is about your insides rather than your outside and by focusing exclusively on the bliss your body is experiencing you can lose yourself in the pleasurable sensations.  The intensity of these feelings will also override the castigatory opinions of the image-police residing in your thinking mind.


If you can’t face what the mirror says about your physical form, start valuing your body for what it does.  If year in and year out someone lambasted, starved and abused you, would you be keen to continue willingly serving them?  Defend your faithful trooper of a body against the ogre’s attack and slowly you’ll start feeling better about yourself.


Marketing may con you into believing that a new lipstick or a pair of stilettos will make you feel sexier but, from past shopping extravagances, you know that material things don’t have the power to make you feel good longer-term.


The reality is that many men just get aggravated by the time you take to do alo that preening.  Instead, drive him wild by swapping shopping for some sensational shagging and his desire for you will make your sexual self-esteem flourish. The benefits are plenty.  Safe sex is far cheaper than anything at the mall and it’s the only worldly pleasure that neither kills nor fattens.

Stephanie Vermeulen of The Effective Training Corporation runs practical training programmes on Applied EQ in both business and public forums as well as being an inspiring conference speaker and personal coach. Her books, “Kill the Princess: Why Women Still Aren’t Free From the Quest for a Fairytale Life’ (USA edition)/’Stitched-up: Who Fashions Women’s Lives?’ (SA edition)and ‘EQ: Emotional Intelligence for Everyone’ are available from all leading bookstores and online from Amazon.com and Kalahari.net. She can be contacted on e-mail: steph@eqsa.co.za website: www.eqsa.co.za.

Could Your Love Life Benefit From Kaizen?

What is Kaizen? A drug, an herb, or a hot, new sexual technique? None of the above, yet it can change how you handle your love life. Kaizen is a concept used in Japan’s most successful companies, and it involves the philosophy of making small changes continuously. And then watching attentively to discover which of these changes create positive difference, and which do not. Changes are made slowly and carefully, and adjusted as you go, usually one at a time.

So what does his have to do with romance and sex? Be patient. You’ll soon know.

Business people who implement Kaizen-based changes are not expecting fast change. They are looking for incremental differences that bring some, possibly small, improvements. They are not in a hurry to make everything all better in a flash. Patience lets them test carefully and choose the best changes of the best, and then improve on them further.

The deliberate process helps them know which changes were useful and important, and which were incidental. I want to emphasize that this is not change for the sake of change. It’s about genuine, lasting, and ongoing improvement.

Now here comes the amazing connection to the art of love: Have you ever used the “throwing out the baby with the bath water” method of managing romance? I mean have you ever broken up with a great person because one thing didn’t meet your pictures of how dating or love should be? Too close to his mother? Too into her friends? Not a VP+ at the company? Not sexy enough? Too sexy? Uh-huh, that kind of stuff.

Or have you ever dissed yourself because something about you didn’t jibe with your current date/mate, and tried to change yourself to fit his or her notions, without thinking how it might affect the rest of your life? Yup.

On the other hand, have you ever avoided making even a teeny-tiny concession because you believe your date or mate should worship you exactly and precisely the way you are? Oh man.

Now consider, in your last coupling, which small, careful change you could have made as an experiment: Might you have tried a sport your date loved that you felt uncomfortable with? At least watched it, then gotten a bit of instruction in it?

Might you have attended a religious service different from your own? Considered a new sexual position that your lover was interested in? Or perhaps watched a scene of lovers using that position and imagined yourself partaking?

Could you have tried a small appetizer at a restaurant he loved but made you nervous, then gone to your usual place to eat the main meal?

Trying something different creates new possibilities, chances to explore together, and a chance to say “I really want to get to know you.” It develops rapport and, later, trust.

And it lets you confer a wonderful compliment: Getting to know you is worth stepping outside my comfort zone.

How far outside you step is up to you. Naturally, the newer the relationship, the more safety you may require. These small, gradual, and continuous changes can be the best way into a fully developed and matured relationship, or they may help you discover quickly what are your must-have’s, would-like’s and no-way’s in a love connection.

So experiment with this philosophy of small, continuous changes, with plenty of time to sense, feel, and evaluate in between. Next time you meet someone who seems to have potential, remember the concept of Kaizen and try it for yourself. Copyright 2007 by Wendy Lapidus-Saltz. All rights reserved.

Wendy Lapidus-Saltz, principal of Jaguar Mind LLC, is a mind coach certified in hypnotherapy, NLP and other disciplines. She created the Hypno-Attraction