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What Personal Goal Setting tip increases your chance of achieving your goals by over 1,000%?

Personal goal setting is a major component of any personal development program and indeed for anyone wanting to succeed in any or all areas of their life.

Why set personal goals?

By setting personal goals on a routine basis you decide what you want to achieve, and then move step-by-step towards the achievement of these goals. The process of personal goal setting allows you to choose where you want to go in life. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know what you have to concentrate on to do it.
Personal goal setting is a procedure used by successful business people, top level sports women and men and achievers in all fields. It gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation.

By setting clearly defined goals using a goal setting worksheet, you can take pride in the achievement of those goals. You see progress in what might otherwise seem a long pointless struggle. With personal goal setting, you will also raise your self-confidence as you recognize your ability and competence in achieving the goals that you have set. The process of achieving those goals and seeing this achievement, gives you confidence that you will be able to achieve higher and more difficult goals.

How should you set your goals?

When personal goal setting, take yourself off somewhere where you feel totally in tune with yourself. I have a favorite café that plays the right kind of music and early in the morning there are few other people around. I sit in the sun with my coffee and the thoughts, ideas and pen just flow. Be as descriptive as possible and notice your emotions whilst you are writing. If you can, close your eyes and visualize yourself experiencing and having everything right now! This can add huge weight to having your achieve these personal goals. Do this as often as you can.

The first step in setting personal goals is to consider what you want to achieve in your lifetime, as setting Lifetime goals gives you the overall perspective that shapes all other aspects of your decision making.

In order to find out what personal goals you want to set, you need to ask yourself some pertinent questions and could include to the following:
What will your life look like when you have what you want?
What is the ideal career/job/business?
How much money do you want to make?
What things do you want to experience?
Where do you want to go?
What does the ideal relationship look like?
How do you feel when you have everything you want?

These questions may relate to Personal, Relationships, Financial, Business/Career, Health & Fitness etc

Once you have the questions answered, make each goal as specific and clear as possible and start breaking things down so you have clear timeframes around each objective. Personal goal setting usually includes and a series of lower level goals culminating in a daily to-do list.
By setting up this structure of plans you can break even the biggest life goal down into a number of small tasks that you need to do each day to reach the bigger personal goals. Write down your goals – make up and use a goal setting worksheet.

…and the answer to the question above?

Did you know that the single act of writing your goals down increases the chances of achieving them by 1,100%? Amazing, isn’t it! You can increase your chances of reaching your goals by 11 times just by writing them down.

A major newspaper did a significant survey and asked people if they had achieved their goals from the previous year. 46% of those who had written down their goals did achieve them. And only 4% of those who didn’t have written goals achieved them. That’s 11 times the difference!

Want to catapult your way to achieving your goals?

Make sure you increase your chances by over 1,000% by writing dowm your goals and read them every day!

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