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2012 Government Secret

Many ancient cultures, including the Mayans, predicted global disasters in the year 2012. Some of the predictions have pin pointed the exact date of the climax of these catastrophic events, December 21, 2012. It is believed that the world as we know it will end through natural disasters. It is also believed that this is one of the biggest 2012 government secrets ever kept silent. There are supposed to be secret bunkers put in place by those that govern the countries of the world to save people that have been chosen to survive if this happens. If so, this is a big 2012 government secret.

The Mayans were a very astrological society. They were very aware of the effects that the heavens have on the planet we live on. Some say their calendar has been correct about predicting historical events, and that calendar ends on December 21, 2012. That day is said to be the day of catastrophic events, possibly the end of life on earth. Of course there are many that belief this is a hoax, and that nothing dramatic is going to happen.

A theory that has been found on the World Wide Web that these events are going to be caused by the newly discovered Planet X. Planet X is the tenth planet in our solar system.

It is believed that when the Planet X comes close to earth, the earth’s crust will be torn and natural disasters will kill all but a small percentage of people. These people are thought to have already been chosen and the government is supposed to protect them.

Some people have stated that the governments of most countries know about this event and are keeping it quiet while preparing to save mankind. There are bunkers built to help preserve mankind by being able to support life for years. Some are saying that the government has already chosen who is to be safeguarded with these bunkers.

The bunkers are not only built for human use, they are being stocked with food, water and other necessities, especially medicines. Other important items would be batteries and fuel.

One of the most valuable assets that will be stored in the bunkers, besides the people, will be the seed for growing fruits and vegetables. Seed will be the start of returning to life, feeding many families of the future. Some say it will be years before the soil is able to sustain life, if it ever returns to that state. If this is the case, hydroponics could be a solution.

Many are saying that the government knows about this very important global event and is keeping it a secret. Some rumors state that some country’s government are preparing for the events of 2012 by storing food, water and other items necessary for survival. Secret bunkers are being built to store these items and some are ready for supporting life.