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Can an Answering Service Save My Business Money in 2010? It Sure Can.

Think technology has absolved your business from needing an answering service? Think again — today’s answering services are more sophisticated than ever, and the best of them have evolved into perfect, simplified solutions that solve your telephone answering headaches easier than ever before. We’ve put together 5 reasons your business needs an answering service this year.

#5: It’s All About Simplicity.

As the technology advanced, it became clear that the real strength in using an answering service was in how simple it could make answering basic, low-level questions. Since then, thousands of companies have discovered how easy it is to let someone else simply handle that side of the business, so they can focus on what matters.

#4: This is Outsourcing Done Right.

The best answer services don’t pretend they can take over every aspect of your business’s phone service — it’s not realistic. What they do promise, however, is to outsource the kind of questions that every company faces daily, the basic, simple things that an FAQ or a newer employee could probably answer without problems. There’s nothing wrong in using a great answer service to respond to those.

#3: Computers Have Changed Everything.

Thanks to the rapid scaling down of hardware, it’s really not important to have a room (or an entire floor) of your corporate HQ dedicated completely to responding to telephone calls. Thanks to modern servers, it doesn’t even have to be in the same area as you.

#2: It’s Much Less of a Hassle Than It Was.

Also, thanks to technology, you can receive notifications about answering service-received calls with more speed and convenience than ever before. Whether via email, SMS, or several other methods, getting recordings or transcriptions of the phone information your business requires has never been simpler.

#1: You Know Exactly What You Spend.

Because everything is digital, there’s no issue about keeping track of your costs and savings. It’s extremely easy to know where your company is spending money on its answering service, and where things can be improved. You’ll get in-depth reporting that simply wasn’t possible, even 10 years ago.

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