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How Do You Learn What Its Really Means To Be In A Motorcycle Club!

[I:http://kevinbauer.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/LJJames8.jpg] I want to address a question I have gotten a lot recently. (I am sure it has a lot to do with the hit show Sons of Anarchy) It is from people who want to start new Motorcycle Clubs. They want to know if they should go to the predominate MCs in their area to talk about starting a new MC first. Many have said to me they do not understand the reason why they should go talk to them! Some have even gone as far as to say that if they have to go to the predominate MC in their area and ask permission that just proves that MC is a Criminal Gang! Not sure how they came to that conclusion but they are some very strong words sent over the computer.

I want everyone to remember I am writing this info as a guideline to those who are looking to get into the MC world and individual results may vary. This maybe some new fad to you but to true Motorcycle Club Members this world is everything!

For my answer to this Question I am going to put aside any statements of having to ask permission of the MCs in your area first. I am going to instead ask why would you not speak to the MCs in your area and get their Blessing first before starting a new Motorcycle Club. Many say it’s because they are going to start a different type of Motorcycle Club. They may even be calling themselves something different like a Riding Club or a Motorcycle Association. Are your Members going to ride Motorcycles and have patches on their vests? If the answer is yes, Then again why not go speak to those who have come before you and paved the roads you now wish to ride down!

For many I know the reason they don’t want to ask is simple fear! Fear of what they do not know or what they think they do know. If it is fear, then it is because you do not know the real Motorcycle Club world! Now every Motorcycle Club in the world is different. But most Motorcycle Clubs don’t mind helping to get a new MC started and teach them what it really means to be in a Motorcycle Club, I can guarantee you it is something you will not learn on TV no matter how many episodes you may watch!

Now if you have decided that what you really want is to start up a new Motorcycle Club, One thing I want to make sure you know is something every Father should have taught his Son as a Child and that is “Do not lie and Always do what you say you are going to do” One fact I will also give you is the MC world is all about Respect! If you just start up a new MC without talking to the other clubs in your area that will most likely be seen as disrespectful!

Let’s think about some other reasons you would want to talk to the MCs in your area first. You are going to want to make sure your new Patch or MC name is not similar to another Motorcycle Club. Many MCs have worked hard over the years to create a name and image for themselves. They will not like the idea of you either using a name close to theirs or wearing a patch that looks like theirs. The reason being is a simple one, They do not want you being mistaken for them doing anything that would make them look bad. You also could be seen as trying to ride on their coat tails by using the reputation they have worked hard for. You may not understand it now but the MC world is a Brotherhood and if you are fortunate enough to be welcomed into it, You will understand after years of working hard creating a name for your MC. The bottom line is meeting with the MCs in your area and talking with them before starting a new MC is the right thing to do!

Another fear many have is they wrongly believe they will be forced to do things for these other MC’s. The only thing most Clubs may ask of you is to come to a few of their events each year have fun and again to show Respect!!!

Now I have heard complaints from many that there are areas where the MCs have decided they do not want any more new MCs! Well all I can do is guess why that might be! The reason I would think that Motorcycle Clubs would say no more Clubs in an area is that there are already a lot of different MCs in that area and they all get along real well. These MCs would not want anything new coming in and messing up the harmony they have created.

Now like I said before the reason most say they want to start a new MC is because they want to start something different then what is in that area. Well often that is not the truth. The real reason People usually want to start a new MC is because they do not want to have to Prospect! If the only reason you want to start a new MC is because you are not willing to prospect, My best advice to you is to stay an independent rider because you will not last long in the Motorcycle Club world anyway!

I am Your Bro LJ James AmericanBikerX.com [I:http://kevinbauer.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/LJJames0.jpg]

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A Brief Bio On LJ James American Biker X

[I:http://kevinbauer.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/LJJames2.jpg] I have been active in the Motorcycle Community for many years. I’ve stood up for Biker’s Rights. As a freelance writer, I’ve written about Clubs, the Community, and the Brotherhood of the Biker World. I’ve also been involved in many Biker related events either as a DJ or MC.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to combine all of this into a Biker Style Radio Show. A show where I could present and discuss topics that are important to Bikers as well as educate the outside world about the Biker Lifestyle and what it means to be a part of the Biker Community.

I knew it was going to be tough. I spoke with some local radio stations about my idea but, they either wanted a lot of money or they weren’t interested. They claim that the “Biker Market” is a niche market and Radio Stations want shows that appeal to everyone.

In the summer of 2008, a guy from Florida called the Paisan, sent me an email stating he had read some of my articles and would like to interview me on his internet radio show, Sunday’s Sauce Pot. I gave him a call and after speaking to him, I agreed to be on the show.

I did the show with Paisan and his partner Danny Dawg. It was an unforgettable show and I had a great time. I kept in touch with them and we soon became friends. I told them how I had been thinking about doing my own show. They were only too happy to explain to me how I could have my own internet radio show.

Since the show would be broadcast over the internet, I was a little skeptical. After doing some research, I realized that Internet Radio is an up and coming medium. Even now, some radio manufactures are making radios devoted to broadcasting Internet Radio.

I quickly realized that Internet Radio is more suited to what I wanted to present than traditional Radio due to the fact that I could broadcast my show to all over the world instead of being limited like I would be if I broadcast out of a local station.

The other thing that appealed to me was the fact that people could listen to my show any time they wanted to. Bikers like to travel. With Internet Radio, it doesn’t matter where you are as long as you have access to an Internet Radio or Computer and WI-FI or broadband, you can catch the show. The fact that you didn’t need a lot of money to start up was also very appealing. With a little help from my friends, I went to work. Finally, after 10 years of dreaming, I was On the Air. The Biker Lowdown Show was born.

The road to success was a little bumpy at first. With the addition of Chuck (Alphabiker.com) as my co-host, the road got a little smoother. With both of us researching information, we are able to share much more with our ever increasing audience. The addition of a website to compliment the show adds to the experience. The hard work of my webmaster Bjorn has resulted in a website that offers Articles, Video’s, a Motorcycle Forum, and more.

I am sometimes amazed by the success of the show. Our Audience continues to increase each week. The Biker Lowdown Chat Room gets busier each week, letting listeners know they are really part of the show. Although we’ve come a long way, we’re still working hard at making the show even more entertaining and informative for all those who ride or dream of riding. We plan on hitting the road so that we can meet and talk with people and reward our listeners with T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers, and more.

Of course we couldn’t do it without the support of our listeners and sponsors whose donations make the show possible. To them, THANK YOU!

I invite everyone to check out the show at www.bikerlowdown.com, and let me know what you think and what topics you’d like to hear discussed.

I am your Bro, LJ James AmericanBikerx.com [I:http://kevinbauer.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/LJJames0.jpg]

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MC Means Motorcycle Club

[I:http://kevinbauer.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/LJJames1.jpg] Think about the words Motorcycle Club! Why is it that when those words are heard together many think Crime or Criminal Organization? Say you are having an event and you are looking for a place to have it. You can have a book club and everyone will welcome you in! A cooking club and everyone really loves you. You say Motorcycle Club and right away its, Sorry we are busy on that day!

Motorcycle Clubs are even turned away from bars where they want to have events by Independent Bikers, Why is that? We need to let the world know that Bikers independent or in a Motorcycle Club can be good people! We can not show people that Motorcycle Club Members are not all bad if we are not allowed in a Bar because we are wearing Colors, Its the same thing if you are an independent biker and some one will not let you in some sports bar because you are wearing a leather jacket! I hope when an independent Biker who has turned away Motorcycle Clubs from his bar and is then turned away from a bar he wants to go in Understands the irony!

Some Motorcycle Clubs have even gone so far as to changed their name, they call themselves Riding Clubs, Motorcycle associations or some other type of group so they can leave out the words Motorcycle Club! and try to avoid the problems that come with being part of a Motorcycle Club! They say they are different from a Motorcycle Club ! They look and dress and act just like a motorcycle Club but they just call themselves something different! I say a rose by any other name !!!

These Clubs are just trying to get around all the prejudice associated with the words Motorcycle Club ! They are not part of the solution but are part of the problem! This is America and You can call your Club what ever you want, But the thing that unites you and your Club is the same thing that unites all who Ride! It is the Motorcycle! How can anyone leave out the word Motorcycle? It is the heart of what you are!

If You are a Motorcycle Club be proud of it and don’t try to get around any problems by playing word games and calling yourself something else by using different words!!! This is just my opinion I would like to know what others think, Please email me at AmericanBikerX@Yahoo.com

Your Bro LJ James AmericanBikerX. com

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Pappy And LJ James 20 Years Father And Son A Life Time As Biker Bro’s

Many of you out there probably do not know that I L.J. James am the Son of Pappy (Freelance writer on the Biker Lifestyle) ! Hell I didn’t know till 1986,Well I knew I just didn’t know him! Pappy an my Mother got separated when I was young and I didn’t see Pappy from around 76 till 86. When I met him he wasn’t even known as Pappy yet! That came later.

I had lived with my Mother an step-Father on Long Island in NY till the Summer of 86. I had always been into Bikes and the life style. Many times after getting into some kind of trouble I would hear the saying “He is just like his Father”. Little did I know at the time just how true it really was! After getting into some more teenage trouble (you know the deal Drinking,Staying out late, getting brought home by the cops 2 or 3 times). My Mother figured it was time for me to meet my Father. So in the Summer of 86 at the age of 15, I found myself flying up to Rochester NY to meet my Father! [I:http://kevinbauer.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/LJJames5.jpg]

When I first met Pappy He owned a large House and He rented out rooms in the house to College kids and other Bikers. Almost as soon as I got there Pappy started teaching me to Ride a Motorcycle and probably just as important if not more, what the words Respect, Honesty , Loyalty and Brotherhood mean in the Biker World. I still remember clearly one time at a John Fogarty Concert. Me, Pappy and a few other Bikers where in the parking lot looking at Motorcycles. I saw this really cool bike with this paint job that was just unbelievable, I went to touch it and Pappy grabbed my hand looked at me in the eyes and told me “Never touch another mans Bike without his permission” and till this day I never have.

The House Pappy owend was well known by many of the Bikers in the area and was the place many large party’s where held, It was not uncommon to find a bunch of Bikers sleeping in the living room any given morning. These Bikers where family to me and when they said “He is just like his Father” it gave me a feeling of over whelming pride! I have always loved hearing the stories these true Brothers of the biker world would tell me. I feel the old Biker stories need to be saved and told over and over again.

New Motorcycle Riders are learning about Biker history from old 1960’s Biker Gang movies that have no historic truth to them. Just like with any culture if you lose your true history you lose what you really are! I feel the only way to return the Biker world to its true origin is to keep the old stories alive ! Too many “Bikers” complain that the younger Motorcycle Riders of today have no idea what it means to be a Biker! Well I think maybe the problem is that some of the older Bikers never really knew what it meant to be a Biker, Because if they did they would know its their job to teach the next generation! A new Motorcycle Rider must know what the Spirit of Biker Brotherhood is before he can truly feel it and become a part of it. (Maybe that’s part of why I became a writer?)

I said at the Beginning of this story Pappy was not yet known as Pappy and I would tell you how that came to be. Well if you remember the Summer of 86 you will remember the Karate Kid Movie was a Big Hit and was on HBO like 10 times a day,Well as far as I could remember I had never called anyone Dad or Father or anything like that. In the Karate Kid they called each other miyagi san and Daniel san! Well thinking I was clever I started calling my Father “Pappy san”, He in turn started calling me Son of Pappy and soon after everyone started calling Him Pappy!

Now many of You maybe wondering why the Hell am I telling you all this. Well like I have said there are many Motorcycle riders these days that have no clue what Biker Brotherhood really is. I think it is important that they know this is not something you buy into, But something you grow into. Too many buy a Motorcycle and then do nothing but talk, They are only there for you if you have something to offer them. There are very few true Bikers left, Bikers are being replaced by Motorcycle enthusiasts and part of it is our own fault! I write this story in hopes it will help spread the word that only the true old School bikers can teach the younger generation the true meaning of Biker Brotherhood. [I:http://kevinbauer.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/LJJames6.jpg]

rue Biker who feels the Brotherhood Spirit always has some older Biker to thank for passing that Spirit onto him! I thank my Father Pappy, My Uncle Trey and all the other Bikers Who helped to raise me to be the Biker I am, I am very glad to have been raised by them and I am very Proud to have grown up to be one of them !

I am Your Bro, Son of Pappy L.J. James

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MCs The Brotherhood Mentality Vs

[I:http://kevinbauer.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/LJJames2.jpg] This Month I want to talk about the Brotherhood mentality verses the gang mentality in the Motorcycle Club world . Now for those of you who may be asking what is the difference? I will set up a scene to help give you an idea! At a small Bar a member of a Motorcycle Club walks in he sees four Bikers playing pool, He can tell they are a bit nervous, They see his patches and they know who he is with. Now how does he act? Does he walk over to the pool table knock the 8 ball in the pocket say games over and tell one of them to buy him a beer or does he walk over introduce himself and let them know when they are done shooting pool they are welcome to stop over at the bar and have a beer and talk with him! One is the gang way of thinking the other is the Brotherhood way of thinking! I really don’t think I need to tell you which is which!

Now one thing everyone needs to remember is all of the original Motorcycle Clubs Started out with the idea of being a tight nit group of Brothers and just about all of these Motorcycle Clubs got along. Don’t forget many of the men who started the first MCs where returning home after serving their country during times of war. They where looking for that feeling of Brotherhood here at home that they had been left behind. These where good men seeking adventure, looking to ride their Motorcycles and have a good time with others like themselves. Today most Motorcycle Clubs have gone back to that way of Club thinking, There are very few Clubs that still have the Gang Mentality that was seen mostly during the 70’s threw 90’s. During the late 90’s things had just gotten too far out of hand and most Motorcycle Clubs began to realize the Gang Mentality was not the way it was meant to be and it was not the way they wanted it to be anymore, This was not what the Clubs where started for ! Many Clubs who had been friends where now fighting with each other. No one wanted to wear club support gear and things where just not fun anymore. These MC’s had all started their Clubs with the same ideals and ways of thinking, How and why had they grown so far apart that they now hated each other!

Well the answer to how is during the 50’s and 60’s the golden age of the Brotherhood years of Motorcycling the Motorcycle Clubs where really huge. During this great time many of the Biker Movies that came out showed Motorcycle Club Members as Bullies and thugs. The Bikers in these movies would pick on those weaker then them, take over small towns and the Clubs in these Movies all fought each other just like the street gangs of the time! So of course over time many new Bikers came to believe that this was the way it was. So when New Clubs started this was how they would act and the Original Motorcycle Clubs now had members who where young kids looking to prove how tough they where by starting fights with each other. The Original Motorcycle Club Members had been threw wars together and they where as hard as nails they had nothing to prove to no one, But these younger members felt that they did and would imitate the Biker Clubs from the Movies they had scene and soon it was Biker against Biker, Brother against Brother, MC against MC. This began the Dark age of the Motorcycle Gang Mentality years.

Now for the question Why did this Happen? Well When something Changes the way of thinking and being of Groups like the Motorcycle Clubs so far from their original ideals, You have to ask was it just an accident these movies did this? Or is there more to it? Was there a plan behind it? Is there someone or some group out there that would benefit from having these large groups of Motorcycle Clubs who are run in a very military fashion and are made up of many ex-Military Members fighting against each other? If these Clubs all got along and worked together the world could be a very Different place! Are there people out there who are afraid of this happening?

Today there are very few Clubs left that have the Gang Mentality most have gone back to the Brotherhood way and the word Gang in the Motorcycle Club world has become almost the equivalent of a racial slur. Now as Motorcycle Clubs are beginning to go back to the way it was at the start and trying to put the past behind them, I am noticing that there are more and more Biker movies and TV shows Coming out. Will these shows show MC’s in a good way? Will they go out of their way to stir up the quarrels of the past? Will they show us as mindless Bullies much as the Movie Wild Hogs did? Most Important will we let them influence how we really are? Or have we learned from our past? If all continues to go well we could soon be making are way into the second Gold age of Motorcycle Club Brotherhood back to where it all began!!!

Are you part of the Problem? or part of the Solution? I am Your Bro, L.J. James AmericanBikerX.com [I:http://kevinbauer.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/LJJames0.jpg]

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