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Enhance Your Creativity and Problem Solving Abilities Easily and Naturally

Do you make decisions in the heat of the moment when under the influence of emotions, only to later regret those decisions?  Do you ever feel like you lack creativity?  Most of us can answer “yes” to both of those questions at one point or another in our lives.  But many of us go through periods where this is the predominant mode, and we start having a tough time of things because of it, without realizing the root cause.  Creative people tend to be more emotional, but generally we should create based on inspiration, not raw emotion.

Now there is a series of self-hypnosis recordings that address these issues and help us get back on a solid footing for enhanced decision making and creativity.  They were created by The Unbelievable Store, and they use a relatively new technology called binaural beats to help you make better decisions, and be more creative at the same time.

To understand how these recordings can help you, you must understand that our brains control every facet of our lives, and our brains emit brainwaves, and they operate under the influence of these brainwaves.  Scientists have identified five major brainwave patterns, and have also learned that we can change our behavior and shift into different “moods’ by shifting our brain wave patterns.  That is where binaural beat self-hypnosis recordings come in.  They are effective because they help us shift our brainwave patterns just by listening to sound.  This activates certain regions of the brain.  In this case, we want to activate the creativity side while downplaying the raw emotional states.  They also provide positive suggestions and mental ideas that reinforce and activate our problem solving, decision making, and creative portions of our brains.

This series of 4 recordings is being called the most powerful creativity enhancer around!  It consists of four (4) MP3 recordings, including:

The Creativity Balancer The Problem Solver The Creativity Free Flow               The Creative Visualization

Each one is slightly different in the sound frequencies it uses to accomplish the goal, but what all of them have in common is that they are highly effective if you listen to one per day, particularly when you are getting ready to fall asleep at night, or first thing in the morning, or both. Studies and anecdotal evidence both show that people who listen to these recordings are more inspired, more creative, less emotional, and feel more “in control” than before listening.

You can download one or all, and all of the recordings are engineered to the same exacting standards and come with a full money back guarantee.  Click HERE to discover them for yourself and put them to use in your life to be more creative!

Tanveer Al Razee : http://betterlifewithhypnosis.com/binaural_beat.html