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Creating Abundance Wealth And Money And The Secret To The Secret

Lately there has been a lot of publicity generated around the phrase ‘the law of attraction’ and about how people can learn to bring abundance into their lives. Many books are now available on these topics, movies have been made and talk shows have featured self-help gurus spreading the word. This isn’t a new concept. Philosophers have for thousands of years taught that one creates his own reality by the nature of his thoughts. For many, this means having more abundance wealth and money.

Like attracts like. Here’s an experiment you can easily perform to prove that fact. All you need is a guitar and a tuning fork. An A-440 tuning fork will be best, since the fifth string of a properly tuned guitar vibrates in the pitch of A. Simply strike the tuning fork to set it in motion and then move it over close to the sound hole of the guitar. You will notice that the A-string of the guitar will also then start to vibrate, seemingly on its own.

You can also demonstrate the same phenomenon with two tuning forks of the same pitch. Simply strike one and hold it close to the other and you’ll find that the second fork will start to vibrate too, seemingly of its own volition. This is an example of sympathetic vibration. Like attracts like.

As you may have learned in school or in your own studies, the Universe is in a constant state of vibration, down to the smallest subatomic particle. Nothing is static. Everything is moving. Even a rock lying on the ground, which may appear inert to the naked eye, is composed of particles constantly in flux. Vibration is the nature of reality.

You can achieve sympathy with any vibration by tuning into it, similar to the tuning forks mentioned earlier. Radios and TV sets are designed to tune into certain vibrations to produce pictures and sounds. When you change the station or the channel, you’re tuning into a different vibration so you get a different sound or picture. Your life is very much like this example. You create your reality by the nature of the vibrations into which you’re constantly tuning.

Thousands of people have applied the teachings of some of the many programs available for creating your reality to reflect abundance, and they have been successful. One particular publication, called ‘The Secret’, has opened many people’s hearts and minds to the possibilities that are achievable by understanding the law of attraction. But for everyone who has succeeded, there are many more who have not. And, in their failure to significantly improve their lot in life, have come away discouraged and wondering if it’s all just a pipe dream. Or, they’ve wondered, if it works for some, why not for others?

To understand why, it’s important to realize that there’s a secret to the secret. Thinking about acquiring something, even with strong desire and persistence is not enough. Unless your subconscious mind is also on-board, it won’t happen. Your subconscious mind, in a manner of speaking, is responsible for ‘giving you permission’ to achieve the things you desire.

It’s easy enough to direct the subconscious to do what you want, but first it must be reprogrammed in certain ways. This is not difficult, especially with the new technology available to aid in this task. Once you’ve done this, and your subconscious mind says it’s okay, you will be able to create all the abundance wealth and money you desire and deserve.

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