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What Is The Real Secret To Attracting Abundance?

Most of us know what we desire out of life, yet so few of us seem to actually get it. Instead of having the expensive cars, fabulous mansions, dream jobs, and perfect families we want, we seem to be constantly struggling, trying, and failing. The problem is not that we do not have the skills or abilities that separate winners from everyone else – we just do not know the secrets of attracting abundance.

What does it mean when we say ‘attracting abundance’? It means that you attract what you want and need into your life for your subconscious and conscious mind. In short, you let the universe know that you are worth your dreams, and you’re worth having them come true. Once we know this for ourselves and once we realize the power of the universe, this abundance can’t help but come to us. We will truly be blessed beyond measure.

Thoughts have power, and reflect our needs and desires, self-esteem, everything; they directly influence what we attract into our lives. If you’re self-loathing and don’t believe in your own abilities, how easy do you think attracting abundance will be? However, if you think positively and learn to be confident, your life can overflow with abundance.

What is it about attracting abundance that some people seem to get and others don’t? In fact, no one is special and everyone can do this. It can work well for you, no matter who you are, as long as you harness your thoughts and ask the universe for guidance. Figure out why you want the things you want, and use meditation and self-reflection to help discover just exactly what that is.

To start attracting abundance, use note cards or a journal to record your daily thoughts. When you catch yourself making negative thoughts, write them down on a note card. Look at what you have written and write down a positive response. For example, writing ‘I hate my job.’ does not help you focus on your goal of getting a better paying job.

You could replace this negative draining thought by writing down ‘I deserve to work in a position I love.’ You can also choose to make the statement more detailed if desired. Using the note card to write down the specific field you are interested in, the ideal salary, and the exact position. Constantly look at these note cards and mentally picture yourself getting what you want.

Make a box that you can keep your goals in, and put note cards with those goals written on them, pictures that support those positive goals, and anything else in that box that will support your desires. For example, brochures from travel agencies to places you want to go to, pictures of houses you want to own, and so on.

Fantasizing is an important step involved in attracting abundance. When we daydream, sleep and meditate we let our imagination and creativity off a leash. Since our relaxed minds are more open, we can fantasize without any negative thoughts interrupting. To take advantage of this, try to fall asleep while focusing on what you desire from the universe.

One of the easiest ways to meditate is to do so in front of the picture that shows what you want to get, or in front of something that represents the goals you want to achieve. Within this mirror every day and say something positive about yourself that you really mean, so that you can increase your confidence.

One thing you should know is that the universe tends to act very quickly. You shouldn’t be surprised if, once you believe attracting abundance is truly possible, that it comes very quickly. You’ll see obstacles and stumbling blocks simply disappear.

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Creating Abundance Wealth And Money And The Secret To The Secret

Lately there has been a lot of publicity generated around the phrase ‘the law of attraction’ and about how people can learn to bring abundance into their lives. Many books are now available on these topics, movies have been made and talk shows have featured self-help gurus spreading the word. This isn’t a new concept. Philosophers have for thousands of years taught that one creates his own reality by the nature of his thoughts. For many, this means having more abundance wealth and money.

Like attracts like. Here’s an experiment you can easily perform to prove that fact. All you need is a guitar and a tuning fork. An A-440 tuning fork will be best, since the fifth string of a properly tuned guitar vibrates in the pitch of A. Simply strike the tuning fork to set it in motion and then move it over close to the sound hole of the guitar. You will notice that the A-string of the guitar will also then start to vibrate, seemingly on its own.

You can also demonstrate the same phenomenon with two tuning forks of the same pitch. Simply strike one and hold it close to the other and you’ll find that the second fork will start to vibrate too, seemingly of its own volition. This is an example of sympathetic vibration. Like attracts like.

As you may have learned in school or in your own studies, the Universe is in a constant state of vibration, down to the smallest subatomic particle. Nothing is static. Everything is moving. Even a rock lying on the ground, which may appear inert to the naked eye, is composed of particles constantly in flux. Vibration is the nature of reality.

You can achieve sympathy with any vibration by tuning into it, similar to the tuning forks mentioned earlier. Radios and TV sets are designed to tune into certain vibrations to produce pictures and sounds. When you change the station or the channel, you’re tuning into a different vibration so you get a different sound or picture. Your life is very much like this example. You create your reality by the nature of the vibrations into which you’re constantly tuning.

Thousands of people have applied the teachings of some of the many programs available for creating your reality to reflect abundance, and they have been successful. One particular publication, called ‘The Secret’, has opened many people’s hearts and minds to the possibilities that are achievable by understanding the law of attraction. But for everyone who has succeeded, there are many more who have not. And, in their failure to significantly improve their lot in life, have come away discouraged and wondering if it’s all just a pipe dream. Or, they’ve wondered, if it works for some, why not for others?

To understand why, it’s important to realize that there’s a secret to the secret. Thinking about acquiring something, even with strong desire and persistence is not enough. Unless your subconscious mind is also on-board, it won’t happen. Your subconscious mind, in a manner of speaking, is responsible for ‘giving you permission’ to achieve the things you desire.

It’s easy enough to direct the subconscious to do what you want, but first it must be reprogrammed in certain ways. This is not difficult, especially with the new technology available to aid in this task. Once you’ve done this, and your subconscious mind says it’s okay, you will be able to create all the abundance wealth and money you desire and deserve.

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What You Need To Know About Gratitude Abundance

What have you got to be grateful for today. Gratitude abundance will teach you to be grateful for many little things so that you can obtain those bigger things you need.

Gratitude is an attitude of being thankful. While you may not think you have much to be grateful for, if you stop and think, you probably have more than you think.

One thing that many people can be grateful for is their health. If you are not healthy, you may realize how grateful you should have been when you did have health. If you have health, even if you were to lose everything else, it is often possible to start all over again and regain all that was lost.

Most of the persons reading this article have a warm shelter in which they reside, yet around the world today millions of persons would be grateful if they had the smallest of rooms of our homes for their entire family to spend the night protected from the rain, heat of cold that they will be sleeping in tonight.

Persons reading this article have electricity, computers and power. For millions around the world these luxuries simply do not exist.

Have you stopped to be grateful for the food you have in your home. Tonight millions of children will go to bed hungry. These children are not just in third world countries, but may be just around the block from your own home. They could be down the street or even next door. Yet we find ourselves not wanting what we have but something else, so we head out to dinner without a second thought.

Are you grateful for your job. Recently the economy has been very harsh and many people have lost long term jobs as well as homes. Even after losing a job, many are provided for with unemployment compensation. Until they are able to find another job they may bring home a large percentage of the take home pay that they had when working a full time job.

When was the last time you stopped to be grateful for your family of origin. When you were a baby and a child unable to care for yourself, they offered nurture and love. Tonight, thousands of children will go to bed in the home of a foster family and could by moved by the courts tomorrow. Thousands more continue to live in abusive homes and will go to bed in fear tonight, hoping that their fears do not become a reality.

Even with so many things to be grateful for, there are many people that live their lives focusing only on the negative things of life. They focus on what they do not have rather on those things that they do have and should be showing gratitude for. As a result of their negative thinking, they are forcing away the very things that they say they want to have.

Gratitude abundance teaches you how to be thankful for the little things. This will change your way of thinking so that you can use the power of positive thinking to get the things that you really want.

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The Growing Trend Of Intention Manifestation

Years ago, the idea of creating one’s dreams by using the power of intention manifestation was reserved for religious intellectuals and folks on the New Age fringe. Nowadays, the idea of taking charge and creating a full and rich life by tapping the power of the unconscious is becoming a possibility in wider circles. The once opposing worlds of physics and metaphysics are finding some common ground, or at least both sides seem to be realizing that the more truth that is discovered, the more mystery it creates.

Being open to the idea that our reality is our own creation is powerful. The simplicity of performing daily tasks, whether it be cooking a meal or running an errand, can be seen as part of our mental picture before it reaches the physical world. Expanding that concept to include creating more of what we want in our lives, seen in this way, is not a huge stretch.

When Napoleon Hill wrote “Think and Grow Rich” in 1937, he had studied the lives of hundreds of successful people and found that the shared thread of their riches involved exercises in affirmations and attitude that have been rewritten in many different ways since. From Shakti Gawain’s “Creative Visualization”, to the more recent explosive success of “The Secret, ” these works share the common theme of achieving one’s goals through developing a winning attitude.

This can sound overly simple, and perhaps it it. But for many, the act of taking responsibility for the results in their lives has led to personal empowerment. They have a feeling of success, however they define it. For many, it has nothing to do with material wealth; success is defined as having a full life on their own terms. Taking charge and achieving what one wants from life can be a scary idea, but when it works, it is a positive concept.

For so many more, taking responsibility for their lives seems daunting. They feel no control in their lives and no power to change them. The ways to turn this attitude around could fill a book store, and if it were easy, we would all be living the lives or our dreams. There doesn’t seem to be a magic trick to all of this, as each person’s life unfolds in a unique way.

Perhaps the idea of destiny, karma, soul lessons all play a part. Perhaps the idea that this is all a random roll of the dice and we are all in the game of life for no deeper meaning is the real truth. No one knows, but to create a happy life in spite of life’s ups and downs is something everyone seems to be searching for.

Possibly it is our own intuition that can lead the way. Some suggest that our internal guidance system has more power than we have been taught to understand. If nothing else, developing an inner calm can make external situations more bearable.

Whatever the trick, mastering the art of intention manifestation is an appealing goal. Even if it teaches us nothing more than to feel better about life under any circumstance, that is a positive thing.

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Your Own Powers Of Manifestation Are Real!

Manifestation refers to the ability to ‘make things happen.’ This is a relatively simplistic explanation but one that we can all work with. Manifestation is a power that we all have to one degree or another. Tapping into the power that we currently have and being able to harness it more directly is something that we can work at and become much more adept at.

Sometimes this is because we are told outright that we have no control and other times it is because life’s weight bears down on us from a very young age and we just don’t realize that we have more power than we know. Yet, even under the various matters that weighs down our minds we still have the power of manifestation and anyone who wants to start tapping into it can do so with discipline.

As very young children, we had very powerful minds. As we grew we were told repeatedly that we had to give up the power we found in our minds. It was childish, according to the grown ups we were surrounded with, and so little by little we allowed our minds to falter in their own abilities. Fortunately, we can take back that power if we want to.

How many times have you been told that healing your ill body is just as much in your mind as it is in your body? How many times have you been told that focusing on what you really want will get you there? These are mild forms of manifestation. These are the natural and intuitive senses that we already have and use regularly. The main reason why so many of us fail to use them and reap their rewards on a regular basis is that our mind is also clogged up with a lot of useless information.

Yet we have so much more inside of us if we choose to develop it. We can take the garbage that clogs our minds and remove it and allow our brain to tap into our life. We can turn over our power directly to our senses and develop the idea that our mind can literally control the outcome of many different aspects of our life. We have this power if we want it.

For instance, if we spend all of our spare time gaming, we are feeding our minds the material for the game. We are clogging it with game information instead of tapping into its ability to help us focus and learn how to tap into our own abilities. Yet if we spend our time reading and learning and practicing, we are feeding our minds information that will help us with our manifestation skills. It’s all relative. The more aware of the skill you are the more apt you are to focus on it. The more you focus on it the more apt you are to tap into its power. The more you are able to tap into its power the more you will continue to develop it.

However, if we take the time to develop our ability to clear our mind and tap into our own sense and ability we will find that we become literally much more focused and capable of completing what we are looking for.

Manifestation is possible for anyone who becomes disciplined when it comes to mastering the abilities that are already there. Once you master the ability that is natural to you, developing the abilities further is much easier.

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