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Personal Development For Success. What Are The Alternatives?

Individual growth as a young person is what I mean by Personal Development. It includes developing one’s character, and acquiring skills and know-how. Also it covers how we all mature educationally, in our careers, and in our private lives.

Understandably, the influence we receive from our parents, socially, at school and in later education, all has a significant impact on Personal Development. The bottom line however is self effort. A swimmer can be provided with the best coaches, but races will not be won until they have trained long and hard, and are self motivated to take the gold medal.

Individual growth in terms of one’s character, and in terms of one’s skills, represent two important components of Personal Development. And the third is about the growth of self inspiration to achieve. Most of us when we are young, develop personally in a Conventional manner.

Developing personally in a Conventional manner means quite normal early and later education. It also means experiencing pastimes and activities outside of academic education. I found in my study of 100 people who are world famous and successful, that 52% of them were Conventional in their Personal Development as youngsters.

Other young people develop personally in more of a Specialized manner. We may have been a great guitar player, or an outstanding athlete. Our family may have been prepared, and inspired us to grow our talent in a focused way, also meaning that we left formal academic education early.

Other Specialized forms of personal development include pursuing vocations, apprenticeships or trades while still young. So developing personally in a Specialized manner, can embrace many alternatives. In researching the patterns of success behind famous people in the world, I found 24% of them were Specialized, as youngsters.

But Personal Development does not stop at just being Conventional or Specialized. It can also include Broad Life Experience when young. This again means we leave the more normal form of education, early.

So this allows us to follow our own desires, whatever they are. And in so doing, youngsters acquire know-how and abilities by being direct participants in different activities. This can also be accomplished through direct observation of activities and of the happenings in other people’s lives.

So this is very hands on and focuses on reality, rather than on life discovery from a book. May call this reality university, although others may regret they did not complete advanced academic study. Of the successful people I studied, 24% engaged in Personal Development as young people, through Broad Life Experience.

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