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Ultimate Prescription for Success

While some people sit around wishing for a better life, there are a few who will go out and create exactly what they want. Success isn’t a magical or mystical experience. Success is created by applying specific principles that have worked for thousands of years and still apply today.

If you’re looking for the “Secret,” give up your search. If you’re looking for a magical word, phrase, or thought, give up your search. If you’re looking for a good luck charm, give up your search. If you’re looking for a process to increase your success and overall prosperity-read on.

You may be looking for a process which will increase your prosperity and success. Read on.

If you’ve studied success to the degree I have (over 1,500 self made millionaires and over 1,000 historical successful people) you’d agree, all of these people knew what I’m about to share with you.

Success in life is based upon sound principles and guidelines. If followed, these processes will work for EVERYONE! If you don’t follow them, no matter what you do, you won’t succeed past your current level of life, business, or career.

To succeed at anything in life, a person must do the following:

1. Decide on what they want.

2. Get a clear understanding of why they want it.

3. Undertake a learning process to acquire the necessary knowledge. There is always a learning process for greater success.

4. Speak to as many people as possible who have succeeded at what you want.

5. Create a plan of action based upon all of the above.

6. Make a clear distinction of the results you want to achieve, acquire, or possess when you accomplish it.

7. Have the courage to continuously exhaust everything within your current capabilities to move you closer to your results-daily. Even if you don’t have the means to complete your full plan of action, do whatever you can with whatever you’ve got.

8. Become obsessed with your intention.

That’s it.

If you carefully reread the instructions above, savoring each word, you will realize the power to achieve anything you desire.

If anyone can show me a different way to succeed, please write to me, I’ll pay you large sums of money, write a book, programs, and seminars to share your information with the masses. Unfortunately, nothing else exists. Well, almost nothing else

You need to have a set pattern for getting things done. That’s where my articles come in handy. Also, all the books, programs, and trainings I wrote are set patterns to take you on the shortest route for success.

If you do not have what you desire in life, it is due to you not knowing what to do. It has nothing to do with luck or intellect. Many good hearted people will die never learning what to do. What about you? What are you going to do?

My suggestion is to use the exercise I shared with you today. Learn from my work (books, programs, and trainings) or other works, but get into a learning process-Do It Now!

Too many people complain today. They are always “planning” to do something about tomorrow, but never actually get around to it. Do you want to know what the difference is between a successful person and an unsuccessful person? The successful person makes a decision about what they want and take action to make it happen. The average person ponders their life away in “thinking” about doing something better.

Do not concern yourself about the economy. I encourage you to get the success energy moving in your life. Remember, more millionaires were created between 1930 and 1940 than any other decade in history in the U.S.

Do not sit on the shore waiting for your ship to come in. Swim for it! Champions do not waste time. Be like a champion-get your life, business, and career moving. All successful people will tell you that “luck had nothing to do with it.”

In Service,

Dr. Michael J. Duckett

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