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Basic Acne Cure Treatment In Your Own Home Is Easy Basic Really Does The Job

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Acne is one of those frustrating skin ailments that can be painful, embarrassing, and just a nuisance to prevent and treat. The problem is that everyone’s dermal layers are different and react differently to various potions and skin regimens. That said, there are some that have been proven to be beneficial, and it may be worth your time to test each option and see what works best for you. Five popular acne cure treatment methods are outlined below to stave off and conquer those zits.

1. Always cleanse before bed.

This advice seems almost too simple, but think about the times that you’ve come home late from work or a party and just made the decision to fall into bed. Think about the day’s worth of dirt and make-up on your face. This will only help trap excess oil and bacteria on your skin, making it the perfect nest for acne. Even when you feel like being lazy, make your way to the sink and wash your face.

2. Pop the pimple when it’s asking for it.

This doesn’t mean digging into a fresh zit (or deep embedded cyst) and squeezing it relentlessly. Only opt for this method when the pimple has formed a formidable white surface that you can prick lightly with a sanitized needle. Sometime releasing the pressure and pus can help aid the overall healing process, but as with anything else, don’t overdo it or force it.

3. Salt water toner.

Some people cite that a beach vacation has often helped clear up their skin. Where’s the connection? It’s in the sea water that you’ve been splashing around in. Salt is anti-bacterial and will help heal your skin. At home, you can make a salty solution yourself and apply it as a daily toner to keep your skin clean and clear.

4. Aspirin mask.

You can take aspirin the regular way (in pill form with a glass of water) and it will help reduce the inflammation of your pimple, but you can also use it as a face mask. The beta hydroxy acids will help clear things right up. Crush the aspirin with some water to form a paste and smooth onto your face. Used a couple times a week, you should start to see a difference as a treatment and as a preventative measure.

5. Ice cubes.

Nothing is cheaper than frozen water out of your refrigerator. This is particularly effective when you cool down a pimple as soon as you feel it emerging. It will bring down swelling, reduce any redness, and as long as you keep doing this on a regular basis, it ought to reduce the severity of the acne, or might keep it from blooming altogether.

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