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Smart Goal Acronym – The Smart Goal Setting Guide

Smart Goal Acronym

The start of the New Year has already passed and some of us may now be failing on our vitality resolutions. Sometimes though failing can be important. It can be seen as an opportunity to pick yourself coming back up and get began again. Also, it may be that the resolutions you constructed got unrealistic or not some enough. If you simply informed yourself overly you could exercise more in the coming year without specifying where, when, how, etc., as opposed to you may suffer at this moment set yourself up for cataclysm before you’d even begun. Smart Goal Acronym

There are however ways to improve your chances of keeping to your goals. Making sure that they are smart goals can be the most important first step. SMART is an acronym used to help people think about how they set their goals. Smart goals should therefore be: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. So taking exercise as our example, in making a goal to do with this, following the above suggestions will help you reach your fitness goals.

So let’s start with getting specific. If you want to exercise more, than you need to ask yourself how you are going to make this happen. Thinking about this is a very important factor in realizing your goals. So how will you exercise more? How will you fit this into your busy schedule? Is there a time that you can have someone watch your kids? Can you go after work or before work? All of these questions are important to ensuring you know how to accomplish this goal. Smart Goal Acronym

Another component of getting specific with the goals are involves the ‘what’ and ‘why’ aspects. What exercise are you going to be doing, specifically? Will you be going to a gym or exercising outside? Will you be joining a class or sports team? Will you be exercising with a buddy or going it alone? With regards to the ‘why’ aspect this can be a bit trickier, but it is essential to remember why you want to achieve this specific goal. For instance, you might want to write out a list of reasons for why you want to get more fit. Perhaps, you want to be able to climb that flight of stairs without huffing and puffing; perhaps you want to fit into that gorgeous dress you bought last year; or perhaps you simply want to feel stronger and healthier. Whatever it is making sure that you think about your reasons for this specific goal will help you remember why you’re spending that extra twenty minutes on the Stairmaster. Smart Goal Acronym

Next in our five part goal setting steps, is the M, which stands for measurable. You need to make sure that your goal is measurable and this is what will make it manageable and achievable. So, instead of just resolving to ‘exercise more’, you should think of what this means. How will you know when you’ve achieved your goal? Perhaps, it might be when you can pump that extra ten pounds. Perhaps, it will be once you fit into your old jeans without bursting out at the seams. Whatever it is, make sure that you can measure it. Otherwise you will perpetually feel disappointed. It’s not that you’ll reach this goal and then stop achieving things, but rather you’ll reach this goal, feel inspired by your success and start planning your next one. Always want to have a successful life? Kick the LOSER out of your life by getting the Internet #1 Smart Goal Acronym  Now!

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Goal Setting Acronym – Goal Setting For Self Improvement

Goal Setting Acronym

Over 95% of the populace do not understand objective setting and the insured impact in can hold of their individualized success yet properties say properties do not require motivation Goal Setting Acronym

Let us be clear all successful people set CLEAR, SPECIFIC GOALS and that is the foundation of goal setting whether you use the acronym SMART or any other it all boils down to this. Many people set vague or confused goals and wonder why they never come to fruition, in fact I would go as far as to say that unsuccessful people either do not set goals or they may set unspecific goals…. “I wart to be happy”….”I want to be rich”.

Some people find that an acronym helps them when setting goals, the most famous is SMART which stands for Specific; Measurable; Attainable; Realistic and Timely

Looking at each section in part can we build a foundation for successful goal setting?

SPECIFIC: In order to develop a specific goal I am sorry you cannot do so on a whim in an instant, it does require that awful word WORK! I suggest you find some time when you can sit down in a quiet place and write down everything that comes into your mind that you may want, at this stage I do not care if it is an Aston Martin or a 60 foot cabin cruiser that you write down whatever comes into your mind goes onto the paper. Only when you have exhausted your mind, if you are like me you will now have over 100 items, do you go through and cross out according to SMART that is the ones that at this stage are not attainable or realistic. Keep going until you are down to two or three left then taking each in turn write out the goal in as great a detail as possible see yourself attaining the goal and write out details of the impact it will make on your life. You will probably find that only one of the goals you write out in detail meet the criteria of the SMART process – this is your major definite purpose your specific goal. Goal Setting Acronym

MEASURABLE:- It does not matter what sort of goal you have targeted as your specific goal it must be measurable. Now that you know where you are going (which puts you in the top 5% of the population) you need to be able to measure your progress as these steps will be your motivation.Example my goal last year was to drive from the UK (my home) to Xativa in Spain, 1580 miles. I knew when I was leaving, I knew when I wanted to get there so it was an easy step to calculate the number of miles I had to cover each day. Goal Setting Acronym

If you goal is not easily measurable simply ask yourself “How will I know when it is accomplished” and take that as your final step and work back to where you are now so that you have a map to measure your progress. Everything is measurable. Always want to have a successful life? Kick the LOSER out of your life by getting the Internet #1 Goal Setting Acronym  Now!

Don’t be a loser anymore.

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