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Have you Met Onstage Actors and Comedians With No Self Esteem?

Self Esteem is a word that is used numerous times by many people in the world. But the most shocking part is that an astonishing part of people don’t know the exact meaning of the word. Self esteem is related to psychology and hence the psychological field has defined self esteem as a person self appraisal and their own worth in their own minds. Self esteem consists of both belief and emotions. Self esteem is always reflected in your behavior.

Most people think that self esteem is mostly based on the confidence of the person, but a staggering amount of people don’t know that there are people that have the highest level of confidence in them but have the lowest possible amount of self confidence. The most vulnerable to the low self esteem are the onstage actors and comedians. With excellent performances on stage they may be in a very high confidence by are at their lowest in the self esteem. They may be feeling desperately insecure off stage. There are individuals that are extremely attractive on stage and be best known in the world but they find it hard to give value to themselves. The most famous example of this is Merilyn Monroe.

The people having low or no self esteem have a tendency to fall for the smallest thing said to them. A person who has very low or no self esteem feels easily hurt by the criticism he has. He cannot take the criticism in the right track and improve himself. The person feels very shy for any social appearances. The person may be very aggressive when some things are considered. Most of the victims of the low self esteem try to hide their feeling from the other and even try to avoid certain relationships for the fear of rejection and disappointment. Most of the times the victims blame themselves for the break up of any personal relationship or for practically everything that goes wrong. The person starts feeling insecure because he thinks that he is inferior that the others. They don’t not look at the good qualities that they themselves possess but tend to look to others for the appraisal of their own qualities. They don not feel that they have anything to offer anything to anybody. They try as much as possible to avoid experiences.

They tend to depend more on their luck than to work hard to achieve their goals. They tend to rejoice when others fail but don not even try to appreciate the hard work the other person has put in. these type of people fear failure. They keep on going again and again over their failures and keep despising them but don’t try to improve them.

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