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Goal Setting for Administrative Professionals

As administrative assistants / executive assistants, you and I have a choice when it comes to our success: Will we actively participate in advancing our career and our company, or will we sit by idly and watch others go for (and achieve) the gold?

I’ve never been one to watch from the sidelines. I am where I am today because I set goals, developed strategies to meet those goals and then followed through on those strategies.

If you do the same, I guarantee your hard work will pay off. You’ll have a better job and, ultimately, a better life.

In this two-part series, I want to give you three basic principles for setting goals:

Goals should be realistic and attainable. Aim high, but don’t aim beyond what you can realistically achieve.

Goals should improve your company. Goals that improve your life or career will ultimately benefit your company as well. If your corporate environment is hostile to your progress, though, it’s time to find another company to work for.

Goals must be planned. Deciding that you’d like a promotion to Executive Assistant is fine, but if you can’t identify the steps to get there, you’re wasting your time. You have to be able to set strategies and develop a road map for your goals.

Now that we’ve discussed some basic principles to consider when setting goals. I’d like want to share with you the six steps of goal-setting that I’ve used for years:

Imagine a vision. Create a realistic picture of your career and your life. Picture the life and career you want down the road. This exercise is more creative and abstract, but it does help you set your goals clearly in your mind.

Create specific goals based on your vision. Do you want a bigger house? Set a goal of increased income. Do you want to advance in your company? Set goals that match your desires. Create goals that match your vision and get you where you need to go.

Design objectives that help you meet your goals. For every goal, answer the question, “How do I get there? What do I have to do?”



List tasks you need to do to hit your objectives. Help fulfill objectives with specific tasks that accomplish them such as “arrive to work five minutes earlier” or “answer the phone within three rings.”

Develop timelines. Map out specific milestones along the path to your goals, and try to plan when you should reach these milestones.

Follow up on your goals. Regularly evaluate where you are and adjust your goals, objectives, tasks and timeline as needed.

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