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Where you Live and Work Affects your Self-esteem

How you live is a picture you paint of yourself for not only the rest of the world but for you. Many people fail to realize that their immediate surroundings greatly affect their ability to feel good about themselves. Interior designers have known this for years and make their living off of designing spaces to affect the psychology of the people who will inhabit their designs.

In commercial applications, realize that it is no mistake that fast food restaurants are brightly colored and well lit. The goal is to get you in and out as quickly as possible and vivid colors and bright lighting make people uncomfortable other than for short periods of time. Contrast that with an expensive restaurant with rich colors, mood lighting and a staff who’s main goal is to get you to stay as long as possible to order more off the menu.

If you are interested in self improvement and want to begin on the easiest of base levels, consider the space that you live in. What does it say about you? Does it support positive feelings and reinforce the ideals that you hold for yourself? Or is it neglected, unkept and lacking in personal details?

As an interior designer for 22 years, I love to see what redesigning of personal spaces does for someone’s self esteem. People who don’t feel good about themselves rarely take an interest in where they live. When they do nurture their spaces they are nurturing themselves and I’ve seen people blossom in other areas of their lives when their homes remind them that they are important. It does not cost a lot to make the effort and it is often more supportive than the latest self-help books.

If you do not feel confident enough to get started on a self improvement program beginning with your home, consider contacting a professional designer who can help you with the mechanics of going from here to there successfully. Visit my website at www.barbaraenglishdesigns.com for more information about how you can be important to you, beginning with your home.

Barbara English is a professional interior designer in Atlanta, Georgia and has worked with thousands of residential and commercial clients throughout the United States for over 22 years.

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    How Your Self Esteem Affects Your Weight

    This is a weight loss article, right? Surely I should be offering you some practical tips about how to lose weight; that makes perfect sense. You know; drink more water, do a cardio workout 3 times a week, that sort of thing. So then you’re probably thinking ‘why on EARTH is this woman rabbiting on about self esteem? After all, if you wanted to know how to love yourself you’d go and visit one of those namby-pamby self-help websites, wouldn’t you? Well I’m here to tell you that my philosophy on weight loss is a little different from the others.

    For example, you will never read about the latest ‘diets’ in any of my blog entries. This is because I don’t believe in diets. Or pills or potions. Or the latest ‘you betcha’ sure thing quick fix out there on the market. When you go on a diet, your subconscious mind immediately says: ‘when are we coming OFF the diet?’ Diets don’t change your attitude towards food. Self awareness does. No folks, there is no such thing as a ‘quick fix’ where weight management is concerned and I’m not about to tell you otherwise. What I WILL tell you though, is that the state of your physical health (including your weight) is by and large connected to the state of your emotions. To cut a long story short, if you feel good in your mind this will translate to feeling good in your body.

    Many of my weight loss clients come to me feeling disempowered, anxious and depressed. They are on a rollercoaster of self-punishment and failure. They hate everything about themselves, and they feel powerless to change. So often I find myself treating not only the symptoms (overeating, lack of motivation to exercise), but also the underlying cause. Guess what the most common answer is to the question ‘What do you want?’ The answer most of my clients give me is ‘To be happy’. Well that’s kind of obvious isn’t it? We all want to be happy.

    But what exactly is happiness to you? Is it an absence of fear? How do you think you will feel when you are happy, and what do you need to be, do or have in order to feel these feelings? Many people just want to worry less. My client ‘Anna’ was sure that her overeating was directly related to the amount of stress in her life. She was quite capable of ‘being good’ on those days when things were going smoothly; but the moment something went wrong, she would head straight to the fridge for a ‘therapy’ session with Baskin and Robbins. So we worked together to help her firstly, define her stress triggers, and secondly, establish some coping strategies for the stress.

    We can always find things to worry about can’t we? Two of the biggest fears around are not having enough (money) and not being enough (self esteem). Low self esteem manifests itself in lots of ways, but it often takes the form of worrying about what other people think. Does he think I’m too short; does she think I’m too fat? Most people assume that when they walk into a room full of people, everybody will be looking at them and making judgments. But the truth is those people aren’t thinking about you at all; they are too busy worrying about what you think of them!!

    Do you think you will feel better about yourself if you lose weight? This is highly unlikely unless you work on yourself from the inside. Nobody can give you approval except you. And that won’t happen just because you drop a few kilos. Assuming you do finally get down to your goal weight, if you have low self esteem you will almost surely find something else about yourself to dislike. Self esteem is the key to everything. Success in every area of your life depends on how you see yourself. When you truly believe in yourself, you feel calmer, more centred and more focused. Because of this your metabolism starts working properly. Your brain chemistry balances out. You don’t need to reach for food to stuff down your emotions.

    So if you really are serious about losing weight and keeping it off, invest time in the pursuit of high self esteem. Read. Study. Meditate. Make a commitment to watch what you say to yourself and about yourself. Refuse to engage in negative self-talk, and above all, never EVER give up. As you begin to respect yourself, you will learn to respect your body. And that, my friends, is what I mean by weight loss from the inside out.

    Sonia Devine is one of Australia’s leading experts in weight loss hypnotherapy. Want to learn more about how to achieve high self esteem and lose weight at the same time? Claim Your FREE weight loss e-book available at =>

    Positive Self Development For Free Will In The Affects Of Sport And Life For Self Development

    Free will plays a crucial role in self development as it affects human behavior and actions. It refers to the conviction that a person’s behavior is a matter of his own choice, how he shapes it and not influenced by external factors only. These choices are influenced by the objective and aim of a person irrespective of the outside world. Usually, those who do not believe in free will look to mystic power, monetary reason, and fate as the concluding factors of human behavior. Free will also generally relates to moral behavior and responsibilities of an individual. This free will is actually a power of mind or soul, which cannot be understood by any rational reason or the principal laws of the world.

    The free will is directly related to self development. A strong free will always guides us to follow our dreams and aims in life without deviating from it. It makes us strong enough to believe in what we do. But, a negative free will not let us pursue our goals. However, it is not possible to have a strong free will distinguished from self-control. They both exist together. Only if one can exercise control over their senses, this is how he can exercise a strong will power. This will further make him a better person by disciplining himself. We all believe that our rational self helps us in our decision making and taking actions. Actually, it is our sense of self that makes us does all these things. Thus, to be aware of this sense of self is of topmost concern. Listening to our inner voice that can be done only when we have a calm and tranquil mind can attain this. Practices like meditation that purifies the thoughts in mind leads us to a higher inner self and aids in developing ourselves.

    It all depends on an individual’s free will how he sets his priorities in life. It is entirely up to him if he wants to let negative thoughts like hatred, jealousy, sloth, theft, dishonesty and lust dominate his mind. Or if he wants positive thought such as love, respect, compassion, brotherhood and kindness to guide his life leading to the development of his own self.

    A positive attitude will make you look good and reduce the aging affect on a person. On the other hand, negative thoughts may make you look lethargic and ugly than others of the same age. Practicing some of the selfless activities such as charity, helping the needy, teaching poor people and serving old age homes, will make you feel good within. This also gives a sense of contentment, happiness and tranquility to a person. The person experiences a sense of inner peace and happiness after performing selfless activities. However, a person may be prejudiced about certain things and cannot act according to the free-will and his actions be prejudiced by his personal beliefs. This may make him take some wrong decisions in life and hamper his overall development. A healthy mind will make an individual face such situations confidently and not to think above these worldly ways of life.

    The guide to self development lies in eradicating all negative thoughts from the mind and seeks satisfaction in the trivialities of life, understanding little joys and sorrows as part of life and not to get depressed by negative comments. So, free will is a basic and important factor that is essential for development of one’s own self. The practice of free will imparts enthusiasm and leads an individual to work towards achieve his or her dreams.