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Anger Management, The Best Way Is Not Always The Hard Way

Unlike other emotions, anger can cause negative effects on our health. When you get angry, your body displays physiological changes like sweating, increased heart beats and even increased temperature. If your body is not in good physical condition, anger could probably strain your heart and increase your blood pressure. Of course, everybody knows that people with heart conditions should avoid getting angry.

Learning how to control your anger is very difficult. It would take a lot of will power and discipline. You can always look for a method or technique which effectively controls your anger. The key is finding one that you feel comfortable with.

Relaxation Techniques

If you feel that you can control your anger on your own, you can try several relaxation techniques. Whenever you feel that you are getting angry, you should take deep breaths. Deep breathing would slow down your heart rate and take your focus away from your anger. Another effective method is by counting numbers until your anger subsides. This exercise will also help you focus on other things besides your angry emotions.


When your anger has become uncontrollable and is affecting your work and relationships, it is time to seek professional help. The most qualified professional to help you would be a psychiatrist. You will have to undergo psychotherapy which includes counseling, group sessions and even medication. Just be careful when taking these prescription drugs since they could be addictive. Your therapist would try to uncover the reason behind your anger and help you confront whatever issues you might have.


Although this method is relatively new in treating or controlling anger, hypnotherapy is considered to be very effective. The treatment involves hypnotism, wherein your subconscious will be targeted. The hypnotherapist would make suggestion while you are hypnotized and alter your anger behavior. The treatment could also uncover some clues from your past to help determine the cause of your anger.

Compared to psychotherapy, hypnotherapy is less expensive and provides faster results. Depending on your situation, you can undergo a single session to as many as three sessions before you can see the results. You should make sure that your hypnotherapist is qualified and have the necessary experience.

Controlling your anger is very important since it shows a level of emotional maturity. You would be able to have better relationships and you would see your efforts pay off since you will better all the time.

Take back your rights, live anger free, what is your anger management strategy? How about an anger management technique that enables you to relax and allow your anger to dissolve away.

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The Goal Setting Strategy That Always Works

There are lots of goal setting strategies such as being specific, writing your goals down, putting a date on them, turning goals into action plans, and the list goes on. However most people are missing the most important ingredient in their goal setting; an ingredient that will ensure your success.

If you are missing this essential ingredient then you are making it much harder to achieve your goal and even if you do achieve your goal you will probably find that it doesn’t make you happy.

The missing ingredient is WHY.

Most people set a goal without really taking the time to work out why this goal will make them happy. As a result they often end up with the wrong goal for them. Having the wrong goal makes it tough to develop the passion needed to achieve the goal and it turns the journey toward the goal into suffering rather than joy.

The first why to answer is why do you want to set goals at all?

You see, most goals that people set are “what” goals. They are goals that say what you want but not why you want it. Examples of “what” goals are “a new car”, “$10 million dollars”, “a particular job”, “a particular romantic partner”, ” a certain lifestyle” and so on.

The underlying “why” here is that somehow these goals are going to make you happy; but are they really? Why should a car or an amount of money or a job or anything else miraculously make you happy? If you can become more specific about why you want to set goals in the first place then you will be able to set a goal that helps you achieve that end.

Here is an example of one possible answer to why set goals. “I want to have a sense of fulfillment in my life and the freedom to choose how I will gain that sense of fulfillment.”

The important two components in this particular answer is the sense of fulfillment and freedom to choose. The sense of fulfillment implies that you will be involved in some activity that is emotionally rewarding for you and the freedom to choose implies that you will have a strong financial foundation either from your own resources or from a sponsor who funds your activities.

Now you are in a position to set a goal that will be a stepping stone to achieving the underlying reason. This goal may be to pursue a particular course of study that will lead to fulfilling work, or it may be to achieve a certain level of wealth that will allow you to pursue fulfilling activities, or it may be that you could achieve wealth by following fulfilling activities now. The possibilities are endless.

Discovering the why will lead you to the what. Because you know why you are chasing that particular “what” you will be willing to do what it takes because you are clear on what the personal rewards will be to you.

From the “what” you can determine the “how”, in other words the strategy that you will follow in order to achieve the goal. The how leads to the achievement of the what and the what satisfies the why. Now you have a goal that will actually enhance your life in some meaningful way.

So now it’s time for you to re-examine your own goals to see if you have a really clear picture of why you are chasing that goal. What is the underlying benefit that will enhance your life in some major, meaningful way? If you discover a good reason then you can use that to fuel your energy and passion for achieving the goal.

If can’t find a clearly defined reason for pursuing your current goal then you would be better served by answering the why set goals at all question and then set a new, empowering goal to follow.

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