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Live The American Dream By Goal Setting

What is the essence of the American Dream? Is it still valid? And what has goal setting got to do with the American Dream? The American Dream stands for something, an important principle, and one which we will take a look at in this article.

The American Dream, personified by the statue of Liberty. But, what is that American Dream? It stands for freedom, but what kind of freedom, and how do we find it?

In today’s society, we find that freedom, and liberty can be words that seem foreign to us. We have relative freedom; we have a car, a home, etc. However, we can easily lose sight of just how much – even kings and queens would have valued some of what we have today.

So, is that American Dream dead? Not at all, because, even in today’s western society, we can find ourselves lacking a certain level of freedom. We have desires, and want things. We want to do, be, and have things. These in themselves are goals. And here is where goal setting and that big dream come to play.

America houses great opportunity and that opportunity has spread all around the world. Here the dream begins, because today, though the element of freedom is pretty much commonplace in the US and other countries, we still can find ourselves in a position where we are thirsty for more out of life.

Even though money is not everything, we can only do things in society with money, and possessions. To have a goal to get a good education, this goal alone is not possible without the adequate money.

Now, here is where things get interesting, because we can see that goal setting and that big American Dream go hand in hand. For hundreds of years, the US has been a place where people could go to, to find opportunity, seize them, and reach their goals.

Goal setting is an important principle, as it allows us to focus on what we want. We think about what we want, and go about achieving them. For example, the car would not be there, as it is today, if Henry Ford did not set goals, and go forward to there achievement. Likewise that education people seek, would not be possible, if the founders of that place of learning was not built.

Goals are what build societies, and as more people partake in them, we have richer societies. As people set goals, there is no need to be stuck in the dead end job, because people can go forward to reach there goals. And there is nothing like setting your own destination.

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