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Hatha Yoga- Could This Ancient Wisdom Be The Perfect Modern Day Stress Management Technique

There are a myriad of different styles of yoga classes available to us today. From Bikram and Ashtanga to Hot Yoga. A good starting place is Hatha Yoga which incorporates all aspects of the practice from breathing and meditation to Yoga poses. Hatha yoga is a very effective stress management tool that can help the practitioner relax deeply.

Yoga, like many other practices on earth seems to evolve over time with different peoples adapting a particular style that befits them. Originating from ancient India, Yoga has spread its wings far and wide and today it has followers all over the world. The west for example abound with people who practice it. The westerners seem to prefer a style of Yoga known as Hatha Yoga. This term of course originates from the Sanskrit language and is a composite of two words. Ha- sun and Tha – moon. This suggests that the practice of this form of Yoga is a union between the sun and the moon. The suggestion we get here is a union of opposites for the common good. The mind and the body come together and the result is peace of mind, strength and vitality.

The practice of this class of Yoga is mainly concerned with the physical aspects of yoga and a lot of emphasis is laid on learning and practicing postures, learning breathing techniques and the practice of meditation. There are different energy flows in the body and this practice aims at teaching individuals on how to attain a perfect balance of these. You get to learn on different postures that will be an outcome of knowing how to control movements, conscious breathing, deep concentration together with flexibility. It is estimated that there are over 200 different kinds of postures that can be learned for practice.

When practiced optimally, Yoga exercises are able to help reduce stress by easing your tense muscles, tone up your bodies internal organs and can even improve the flexibility of your body’s many joints. You get to learn to perform each posture slowly and carefully and they range from the simple to the complex, but you move progressively. Learning the movements may take a little time but the results you gat are actually worth the patience you must practice. There usually are no violent movements that could easily lead to the build up of lactic acid.

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