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Before Learning How To Control Your Anger: You Must Learn Why You Are Angry

Having an anger problem is not only detrimental to your health but others are at risk as well. The art of knowing how to control your anger will prove beneficial for your overall behavior. Our anger is simply an emotion brought on through an outside interference. Though the situation may be out of your control, how you handle the anger is in your control.

It is appropriate to become angry when we are feeling threatened; it is, however, not appropriate to act on the anger. If you speed up to cut off the person who cut you off on the highway, it is inappropriate behavior to the anger. Feelings of anger can push your emotions into overdrive resulting in harmful behavior. Learning coping skills can be beneficial in producing a positive outcome to your behavior.

Realizing you are overcome with anger, is extremely important in preventing a negative response. Excusing yourself for time to cool off may be, as simple as leaving the room. Stepping away from anger provoking circumstances will eliminate inappropriate behavior. Using the above driving situation as an example, instead of trying to catch up to the individual who cut you off, pull over and rethink the outcome before resuming your traveling. Pulling over will allow you to relax and continue with a positive reaction.

Using a breathing technique will help relax you if you are in a situation and unable to leave. Learning to relax is a main factor in avoiding a negative reaction to anger. An excellent breathing technique to relax yourself is to inhale deeply through your nose, count to five and deeply exhale out of your mouth. Continue until you feel yourself starting to relax before going back into the situation.

Everybody gets angry, but not everyone reacts with a harmful outcome. If you find yourself continuously feeling angry or you have a lot of anger that has built up, try to express it through a journal. Many times we can get more accomplished when it is visible. Each night write your entire days activities in a journal. Remember to read what you have written, compare it to previous days and see if there are any similarities to your behavior.

Hitting a wall or worse, someone else is a sign the anger is completely out of control. If you are angry everyday for no apparent reason, you will need guidance on how to control the anger. Controlling anger is extremely important; however, finding the source of anger is also important. A therapist trained in anger management will be able to give you coping skills for controlling the anger, as well as, help figure out why you are so angry to begin with.

Find more help with how to control your anger with these great anger management tips.

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Many incorrectly advocate, says science, that anger is healthy ~it is feeling fear or pressure and often a cry for affection or in helplessness -it is not one’s own fault.. it is easy to overcome.

Anger results when in an achievement-oriented task one feels inadequate, or when motive is low but pressure or need high, or when one feels one is denied the acclaim-attention-love due, or is helpless over irrecoverable loss not come to terms with ~then on those lines automatically chemical changes take place in one’s body which irritate the nerve ends in the stomach (why the sick in the stomach, nauseous, feeling too) and cause parathyroid secretions (an extrinsic cause of back-ache which sometimes follows) and adrenal glands to reduce oxygen to brain (why when feeling so one can not think straight) and proportionately to the importance of the matter and the duration of concern the conflicting stimuli to result in alternating states of perception (why sometimes one later thinks that perhaps one over-reacted and feels rather guilty).

Fallacy, says science, it is that expressing anger is good for one -many’s belief is incorrect that unexpressed anger might cause hypertension or blood-pressure or depression or become pathological as passive-aggression by indirect confrontation or might develop into a perpetually hostile or cynical personality, for so to do causes aggression to escalate.

It is also a fallacy that anger is so short-term a response as can be rid of by e.g., as traditionally is suggested, ‘counting to ten’ -once an emotion causes readiness to act it continues for at least twenty minutes, usually almost an hour, if intense many hours, even a few days (why anger is quicker if already upset).

Control of anger is not of course to bottle it up inside ~and that does not mean that one need brood or fume for hours -but it need not be expressed aggressively -it can be, inaggressively.

One only needs to see an example of how easy it is to control it ~here is one: you are trying to park your car in the parking lot, and another cuts across and parks in the space you were trying to; you are, understandably, annoyed, furious; you get out of the car and walk toward the other car to give that driver a piece of your mind -suddenly you realize that that driver is an acquaintance! So, instead you take a deep breath and say “Oh, hello.. long time no see.. how are you -and the family..?” You have controlled your anger there -and it was so easy to do.

You are feeling angry ~are upset already -another is..? It happens ~but you are a rational being and anger is not rational.

Take a deep breath ~from the stomach -it sends oxygen to brain ~say ‘I am rather upset now -can discuss it later’ -will calm by then. Remember the example above ~it is so easy -and you can.

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Anger Management Courses – Reasons An Angry Person Must Enroll

There are only a few people who can honestly say they have their anger under control. Most of us do fly into rages when the right strings are pulled by other people or by situations that come up every now and again. You do not have to have made a crucial mistake to register yourself in an anger management course. You need to do so before that happens. As it is wisely said, a stitch in time saves nine, and that is only too true with anger management. Take control of your anger before you cause some serious damage.

Employers often arrange seminars and guest lectures on anger management, because they know that when tempers are under control, there will prevail a better work environment in the company. This is especially true with jobs where deadlines are tight. Non Government Organizations also arrange anger management courses every now and again, most of which are free for all to attend. That’s a great place to start if you are looking to get that anger under control.

Finding the right anger management course:
The internet is a great place to begin looking for the right course in anger management. You will also find a number of e-books and articles on the subject, many of which would be free to download. Most organizations will have their advertisements published online, and you could well find an anger management course in your city simply by looking online. If that doesn’t work, try the yellow pages. The right anger management course could be just a phone call away.

Why you would want to enroll in such a course:
Well, the foremost reason is that it is going to help you live a better life. However, some people would not want to accept that they need help, and the worst cases usually fall into this category, It would be great for a trusted friend or family member to intervene as counselor to such people. Chronic abusers and recovering drug addicts are people who definitely need help with anger management. This is however not so easy at times. It is a difficult task to convince someone they need help when they do not want to accept the fact. It is better to leave the counseling to the trained professional psychologists and counselors. It is enough if you as family member or friend, could convince the person in question, to meet with a professional.

Once a person is enrolled in an anger management course, that’s half the battle won right there. In just a few sessions he or she realizes they are getting in control of their emotions and therefore in control of their lives, and that’s not a feeling that anyone dislikes.

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Anger Management Certification Programs – How They Help Angry Employees

It is an unavoidable truth that the present age of cutthroat competition in every business sector is the breeding ground of high stress levels. Every second matters and everyone is running around for their share of fame, power and wealth. Anger is one such manifestation of high stress levels.

Such Anger when flares up in its full strength can easily consume relationships, friendships, jobs, social standing, self-respect etc. quite easily. Several unintended words and gestures may be passed in the heat of the moment, only to be regretted later. It is not rare to read about the so very prevalent social evil called road-rage existing almost everywhere in the world. It is a direct result of anger only.

Any type of job that involves deadlines or pre-set expectation levels, which is very common in today’s business scenario, results in high stress. Thus, in order to make the business prosper on a macro level, it is important to target such kind of stress at the micro level. This is where the many de-stressing workshops or anger management workshops come into picture.

If such high stress or anger levels are not countered at the right time, it is very possible to witness several bosses in the industry firing several employees on the same very day, thus jeopardizing a complete industry on the macro level. There may be further implications on stock exchanges, GDP and economy as a whole, which are out of scope of this article, but affects the overall health of the society.

It is also obvious that a person suffering from the symptoms of high stress or anger levels cannot give the same level of productivity as compared to a normal individual. This affects the overall productivity of the business. A best way to counter it is by introducing anger management certifications that certify the individual of having undergone an anger management program and holding much better emotional stress levels. The business may also restrict the involvement of employees to certain sensitive projects only if they are anger management certified.

An anger management certification program normally entails special valuable tips that enable the individuals to get their anger under control within moments. For such individuals and for many other who have not encountered such program as yet, we are sharing some useful tips on anger management as follows:

Removing the problem itself – This is applicable in the cases where the individual sees the constant rise in stress levels due to a certain kind of job, relationship etc. The idea is to target the problem first and the stress will be taken care of its own. People are encouraged to find new ways and means to get rid of the problem like finding a new job, altering one’s lifestyle and many more.

Just Ignore it – This method of anger management involves the individual getting used to the idea of avoiding the problem altogether. If one is not thinking about it, one will never be consumed by it. It is another way of saying that if you can’t beat it, you just avoid it.

Go for Counseling – This activity is actually the source of bread and butter for many new age anger management counselors all over the world. Sometimes all that a stressed out individual needs is someone who can hear him/her out patiently. All they need is some channel to vent out their emotions and feel lighter.

Today’s corporate culture places unforgiving demands on employees at all levels. Considering the neck-to-neck competition, it becomes imperative for everyone to stay clear of anger resulting from high stress levels. To achieve optimum performance, it also becomes necessary for organizations to have psychologists, counselors and doctors in place for conducting regular anger management certification programs for its employees. Its not only an obligation that the big companies have towards their employees and shareholders but also towards the society as a whole.

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Children’s Anger Management Worksheets – Tips To Manage An Angry Kid Easily

A child is not always the easiest person to manage and it is far more challenging to manage their anger. For this, one needs to have lots of imagination. A child is simply not meant to deal with extreme feelings of anger. They just do not know how to exhibit their feelings of anger and they do it by showing through actions like throwing tantrums. Children not knowing what is causing them to be angry just refuse to share their anger emotions. That’s why it is important to look for good programs and resources which would be beneficial when it comes to treating a child who has anger problems.

Any anger management program which is being designed keeping children in mind should include exercises and activities which would keep them occupied. If you take your child to meet a psychiatrist or enroll them into a support group program, you will find that it is in no way going to help the child. This is because the children themselves are unable to understand why they are getting angry in the first place, so they will not be able to talk about it either. Worksheets and activities which have been specially designed to cater to their anger problems will instead benefit them much more.

Most children are quite familiar with puzzles, coloring pages and worksheets as these are very common as part of their school work. So it is only wise that lessons in anger management are cleverly incorporated in worksheets to make them extremely fun and interesting to the child. These anger management worksheets should contain strategies and techniques which will help control anger and something which the child also understands and gives positive responses. The coloring pages should contain familiar situations while the puzzles can have words which are connected to the child’s anger issues.

Other than worksheets, games and fun activities can also be used for anger management as children love to play games. Children get angry because of traits like jealousy and competition. Therefore games should be so structured that children are taught to interact with other children in a healthy way and that there is no need for them to feel any jealousy. Children should be encouraged to play games and taught that it is okay if they did not to win. This will surely help the child to look at losing a game with positive feelings. Children should be taught to play different roles so that they are made to realize that they most certainly cannot be the center of attention all the time. Activities for children to manage their anger should be designed to help them become highly productive while keeping them enjoyable and interesting.

Some of children will show signs of being upset and angry all the time. For such children the worksheets must be used to find out what is actually bothering them. One way is to list the causes of their anger and have them identify them so that the same can be used to help treat them. Here simple sentences are written on the worksheets which contain the problems relating to the child’s anger. While the children work on the worksheets they would hardly be aware that they are giving out information that would be necessary to address their anger issues. Anyone who is preparing worksheets for anger management for children should keep the child in mind while doing so. It is important to know how a child’s mind would work before designing a good program to treat their anger issues

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