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How to Manage Teenager Angst

Teenagers tend to act violently when confronted by various emotional and psychological issues. They may hurt themselves, curl invectives, yell, scream, and even push people around when they experience stress and other problems. These are some of the behavioral issues that they may have to go through, and that parents will have to deal with in the process.

One of the best ways to deal with teenage angst is to have a trusted friend or relative listen to the teenager and then have a hearty, open talk on the issue. Having this set up allows the teenager to air his side and take out negative emotions bugging him.

Teenagers should be taught of the repercussions of their actions. It should be explained to them properly that their violent actions can bring about negative results. They will also be given alternatives on how they should deal with their actions, and bring more positive effects then.

Prayers and meditation can also comprise an effective anger management program. Through prayers and meditation, a teenager is given the opportunity to release negative thoughts and have the pressures of teenage life washed away.

It is also good if teenagers are allowed to write down their negative thoughts in a diary. This way they will be able to release the tension, and also it gives them the opportunity to evaluate what the causes of their anger were.

A good anger management plan succeeds only when teenagers realize responsibility for their action, and institute changes within themselves.

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