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Top Five Techniques For A Annoyance Free Marriage

At the beginning of a marriage your spouse can do no wrong. They practically walk on water and everything is perfect. The day to day issues slowly begin to creep in and it is easy to become annoyed at the little things that your spouse does. Over time these slight annoyances can mount and actually cause problems in your marriage.

The following are some tips that can help you cool things off a bit so that tiny annoyances don’t build into insurmountable problems.

1. Adjust Your Sights On Reality- You are well aware that nobody is perfect. Then why do you expect your spouse to be? Instead of focuses on the little things, put your focus on all the ways that your spouse makes your life better.

2. Take A Breather- Sometimes it is difficult to think positively while you are heated mad. Instead of speaking right away, which will only come out as a nagging yell, take a breath. Remove yourself for the situation if you have to and take a few deep breaths. You will be surprised at how this will help you bring things into perspective.

3. Discuss, Don’t Fight- If there is an annoyance in your marriage that you just can not take anymore and you feel may get out of control if you keep silent any longer as your spouse if you can sit and discuss it. When you sit with your spouse you want to make sure that you do not get petty and most of all you do not scream or yell. Talk calmly and rationally until you can come to a solution that will suit both of you.

4. Do Things To Build Your Relationship- Many people don’t realize the value of taking time out of the day to to bond with each other. Participate in a shared interest, go to dinner, or plan a romantic getaway. You will find that your spouse annoys you less when you feel attached to them.

5. Laugh- Laughter is truly the best medicine. As long as you are not making fun of your spouse, or becoming an annoyance yourself sometimes the best thing to do is make a joke about the annoyance. If you are bothered that you are always tripping over their shoes (when you have an obvious place that all the shoes go), play a game of hot and cold with them. Hide them in a spot and make your spouse find them, by only using the hints hot and cold. You will find that instead of fighting about how you tripped over the shoes again. You will be laughing at how hard your spouse is working to find them. This is a great way to turn your angry into something fun.

It is important to remember that living with anyone day after day can be stressful, but that dealing with the humanness of each other is the key to a healthy and happy marriage.

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