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How to Achieve Anything You Want Using Goal Setting

If there is one thing that can help you to achieve whatever you want in your life, it is goal setting. In fact, success is about goal setting. When you want something so vividly in your mind, you will do whatever it takes to achieve it. And that is just a form of goal setting. When you put your dreams into written words, they become objectives and goals for you.

Almost every successful person uses goal setting to achieve amazing results in their life. Therefore if you want to create the same amazing results, you must then follow their footstep of setting goals. Below are the steps that you need in order to set and achieve anything that you want in your life…

1. Find out what you really want in your life. Many people live a mediocre life because they do not know what they really want to achieve in their life. If you don’t know what you want, you will be just like a lost sheep dangling in nowhere. So find out what you really want to achieve in your life today.

2. Set your goals by writing what you want in a piece of paper and carry that paper with you all the time. Make sure that all the goals you have written down are as specific as possible and have deadlines.

3. Take action that will lead you toward your goals each and everyday. This is where most people fail because they are not doing anything after setting their goals. They thought that all they just need to do is to write down what they want and they will come true. You know it very well that if you are not doing anything, nothing is going to happen. Success is about getting things done, so take the first step now and move closer toward your goals.

As you can see now, to achieve anything you want in your life is not a complicated process. As long as you are willing to do whatever it takes, you will eventually achieve all your goals.

If you are serious in achieving what you really want in your life, goal setting is the right tool for you. I’m going to share with you the 3 phases of Goal Setting Activities, you are about to discover the real and guaranteed strategies how to achieve your goals.

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The Miraculous Way to Achieve Anything, Goal Setting©

Forever we have heard that goal setting is the most effective way to achieve our fondest dreams. Just about every motivational speaker in the history of the world has said this at some time.

Ironically, it is true. Sadly, most of us don’t use this simple yet dramatically effective tool.

One reason I have found is that it is hard to set specific goals. I know I want success, I want to have enough money to pay for the things I want for my family. But those aren’t goals, they are dreams. I just don’t take the time to get specific.

Another reason is that when we look at what we want, we don’t really believe in our heart of hearts that we can achieve it, so we start doubting right away which kills the process.

A final reason why we don’t set goals is that we see our goal as unachievable. That is because we look at only the end, not the beginning. Simply put, if I want to lose 75 pounds I see that as a mountain I can’t climb. But if I were to say, I just need to lose 1 pound then do that 75 times, that is much more doable.

There are some absolutes when it comes to goal setting:

• First, you must be specific. If you want to earn $15,000/month, then that is your goal.

• Second, you must believe that you can accomplish that goal and keep the positive mental attitude that you will. (More on this important subject in future articles.)

• Third, you must write down your goals on paper. You don’t have to show them to anyone, but you must write them down. This is much harder than it seems since we must be specific and detailed.

• Fourth, we have to start where we are. This is hard because we like to say things like,“when I get…” or “if only this happens then I can…” Sorry, we all have to start where we are and move forward from there. That means today, right now!

When it comes to goal setting, I designed a model that helps me and may be of benefit to you, it follows the acronym GPS.

We all know that GPS can stand for Global Positioning Satellite. That GPS is a tool that is used by pilots, seaman, campers, the military and others to guide them in their travels. It lets the traveler know where they are and how to get to their destination.

Well my GPS stands for Goals, Plans, and Steps and it can guide you in your “travels to your goals.” It is pretty simple. Establish you Goal or Goals, decide on a Plan of action that will allow you to accomplish the Goal, and then begin the action Steps that will get you there.

It is pretty simple, but is hard emotionally for most of us.

But when I start writing down those action Steps and see what I need to do now, then next, and next after that, I realize this isn’t that hard.

I have written a very simple one page worksheet for goal setting that you may find useful. If you would like a copy, simply e-mail me and I will send it to you. Make as many copies as you like and start setting and achieving your goals.

Perhaps some of your goals include increasing your Prospecting efforts. Maybe we can help in that regard also.

Sell Well and Often,

Bill Truax


Copyright 2007 WJ Truax

Bill Truax is a sales training consultant from Cleveland, Oh. He specializes in teaching face to face Prospecting and Making Cold Calls for sales professionals who are in the field. He has 3 books, 2 CD’s, seminars, and workshops on the subject. Visit www.BlitzCall.com for product and contact information.