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3G Mobile Broadband Wireless Router

Designed by NetGear, the 3G wireless router is your chance to get Internet connection regardless of where you go. Besides the 3G wireless router, you will also need a broadband data plan and an activate 3G USB modem in order to create WiFi locations in home offices, campsites and various other locations. The setup is very easy, the router includes a double firewall for advanced network security and a power saving mode when you shut down the WiFi signal.

The 3G wireless router is lightweight, compact and comfortable to travel with. Nevertheless, you need to get a power inverter for conventional AC adapting, and you’ll be able to maintain a good connection on the go. This will even enable you to use the 3G wireless router for your laptop in the car, without drops in the signal. This device is truly rewarding for whenever you have to keep the network functional while remaining mobile and flexible.

A compact 3G wireless router can help one create very good networks, although lots of users consider such a device lower in quality than a DSL router. The problem seems to be the fact that the 3G wireless router depends on ongoing support from the manufacturer, and it could pose difficulties when using a 3G USB modem too. The connection manager usually pre-sets the modem when installing it on the PC, but this may not always be the case.

As for the installation of the 3G wireless router, it takes very little and poses no challenges at all. You just need to plug in the USB modem, press the on button, and you’ll get the connection running almost instantaneously. If you use the WiFi to connect your computer to the network you’ll need to create a password, a router name and carry on with several other details. Even with all these, and it will only take a few minutes before you’re locked. One less strong point for 3G wireless router is the speed.

We should once again emphasize the fact that with 3G wireless router designs, it is flexibility and mobility that sell, not speed. If you purchase a 3G wireless router, then you probably need a network connection while you are away. Let’s say that if you connect two computers and three phones, the speed will be a bit sluggish but it will work. Plus, the connection is not difficult to maintain. The device actually works as it is supposed to, no surprise about that.

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