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Goal Setting Article – 7 Steps To Effective Goal Setting For 2010

Goal Setting Article

As we all know, successful businesses put themselves through an annual exercise of setting goals and plans for the year ahead. Yet few households do their for themselves. Fewer at that time one per cent of adults suffer without a doubt stated goals – and individuals who do earn as much as ten times more money than those who don’t! Goal Setting Article

Effective Goal Setting is really a series of several activities strung together. To insure success, you must create your 12-month vision, choose SMART goals that correlate with your vision, make a plan of action, manage your time well, review your goals daily, visualize your goals continually and lastly, have an accountability partner.

Let’s take these 7 steps one at a time:

Create Your 12-Month Vision: What do you want life to look like on December 31, 2009? How much money did you earn? What vacations did you take? How many new tenant rep assignments did you land? Any investment sales? How about growing your own portfolio? Did you keep your health in check? Did your family get enough of your time? Did you honor your spiritual side? Be very specific with what your ideal life is like in 12-months from now so that when you choose your goals they correlate to something real and meaningful!

Choose SMART Goals: Earning more money is not a SMART goal (earning just $100 more means you met this goal). Earning $550,000 is better. But earning $550,000 net to me is even better — it’s SMART. SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Action Oriented, Reachable, and Timed. Choose a handful of goals that will support your 12-month vision. Make sure they are measurable so that you have a means to track them. This way, you will know if you are headed in the right direction. Goal Setting Article

Make a Plan of Action: OK, you have a vision and SMART goals to support your vision. Now you need a plan for achieving your goals. Try breaking your goals down into monthly, weekly and even daily bite-sized pieces. This requires a time commitment on your end. You must dedicate time each morning to planning. Plan what action steps are required to attain those goals and then IMPLEMENT. Planning without implementation will not serve you well. Goal Setting Article

Manage Your Time Well: Ah, here comes the catch-22. You will not accomplish your goals if you do not block time in your schedule to work on them. Daily, weekly, monthly. Try grading yourself on your progress every 30 days or so, so you will be alerted if there are any danger signs. Again, you must set time aside to work on your goals — it’s essential. Always want to have a successful life? Kick the LOSER out of your life by getting the Internet #1 Goal Setting Article Now!

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Article marketing that helps others will help your website. Internet users seek solutions and advice. If your article marketing strategy provides for solution-oriented content, your marketing strategy will turn into a strategy for success.

Article marketing has the potential to help others. Writing article content that provides a solution to a problem is a classic article marketing strategy – and with good reason. The majority of internet users made the initial choice to go online for personal reasons, such as socializing, solving problems, and receiving help and a significant portion of internet users switched from dial-up to broadband to find the solutions to their problems faster. An article marketing strategy that includes problem-solving article content is highly likely to become sought-after content and build up your website traffic.

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