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Construction Worker: An Overview Of The Career

A career as a construction worker is an excellent position for those who have no desire to go through extensive educational schooling beyond the high school level. For a job at a construction site, the worker may just need to show up. Other positions need a high school diploma or specialized trade classes. Apprenticeships are a common way to get advanced experience and special skills that translate into better positions.

A construction site often has need of common laborers to do the more menial tasks. A small percentage of these construction jobs (14%) require joining a union. Union membership may require additional qualifications.

Workers are needed in every type of building site. They build houses and commercial buildings. Workers participate in building highways, bridges, tunnels and residential sites. High rise building construction is a totally different experience than building a spec house in a suburb, but workers are needed in both types of building.

Entry level jobs will vary depending on the type of construction site involved. A laborer may load or unload construction supplies and equipment. Site cleaning or preparation may be a part of the general duties. Tasks are usually low skill level, but may be physically demanding. In order to qualify for higher paying jobs, the worker needs to complete extra training. This is sometimes funded by the employer. Examples of employers include Toronto contractors and Toronto associations.

Weather conditions can have a big impact on the building site worker. Since projects can require indoor or outdoor work, the entry level laborer must be prepared to work in hot or cold weather. Really bad weather might mean losing some work time with resulting loss of pay. Benefits such as health insurance depend upon the employer. There are few paid holidays. A forty hour work week is the norm. Occasionally construction jobs require overnight travel. Highway construction is one example.

Attending a trade school or completing an apprenticeship is a great may to advance into higher positions. Experience or training will allow you to operate construction tools such as jackhammers, power tools and other examples. If you plan to work in demolition or to work with hazardous materials need advanced certification. Those workers who do jobs underground may also require additional training.

Wage expectations for construction personnel are related to the seniority or experience on the job and for the skill level required. In 2008, median wage levels were just under $14 per hour. Supervisory positions earn approximately twice as much on the average. Overtime work is not typical, but long hours may be needed if a project must be finished in a short time.

The job outlook for an entry level construction worker is better than average for the next decade. A combination of federally funded projects during attempts at economic recovery spending and green project jobs mean that about a twenty percent increase in jobs is projected. For the individual willing and able to do hard physical labor in all types of weather, this industry provides excellent opportunities.

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